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Chinese Astrology

This Week in Chinese Astrology: January 21-27, 2013

by Susan Levitt January 22, 2013 02:39 AM EST
This Week in Chinese Astrology: January 21-27, 2013 Getty Images
Monday, January 21, can be an easy and nice day to start your week. Today is the day of the Pig, and the Pig is the sweetheart of the Chinese zodiac. Pig has a good heart, is very generous and allows everyone to win. Don't be turned off by the word Pig! People born in Pig year are not slobs. They are usually tidy and well dressed. It's okay to clean up a bit today and get organized for your work week. The Moon is in a very harmonious trine with both the Sun and Mercury, so communication can be simple and clear. You can easily let others know your ideas and feelings. Tonight the Moon blends with giant Jupiter for a little extravagance, especially with food. Pig is a gourmand, appreciates good food and drink, and often the best chefs are Pigs. So tonight is ideal for a culinary treat or special reward. Luck is strongest for those born in Pig, Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep years and is strong during the hours of the Pig, 9pm to 11pm.

Tuesday, January 22, the energy shifts to be more practical, down to business and focused on goals. Today is the day of the Rat, and Rats are smart, intelligent and concerned about money. Time to balance your accounts and do some bookkeeping. At work, it's fortunate to talk to the boss, even request a raise, bonus or promotion. Adding to the good luck for business is that this is the month of the Ox, and Ox and Rat are highly compatible. On a Rat day in an Ox month you can dazzle and flatter with your speech like a Rat, yet stay down to earth and realistic like an Ox. Communication planet Mercury trines Jupiter and sextiles Uranus for new innovations and expansive ideas. Luck is strongest for those born in Rat, Ox, Dragon and Monkey years and during the hours of the Rat, 11pm to 1am.

Wednesday, January 23, is a special day because it is double-Ox -- an Ox day in an Ox month. Ox is hardworking, responsible and reliable. It's best to follow the rules and work within a structure, and it is important to be on time. Rewards come from making a solid contribution, pitching in and working without complaint. The Moon makes a very fortunate trine to both Mars and Neptune. The Mars influence brings strength and courage. The Neptune influence stimulates imagination to relieve boredom or add excitement to tedious tasks. Luck is strongest for those born in Ox, Rat, Snake and Rooster years, and during the hours of the Ox, 1am to 3am.

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Thursday, January 24, energy changes as Tiger pounces in, bringing new fresh and bright energy! Tiger loves freedom and independence, and is the champion of thinking outside the box. The Sun sextiles Uranus, so uniqueness is admired and no one wants to conform. You can be creative and able to change plans if you see a better path. But Moon squares Uranus and is opposite Pluto, so it could be easy to jump to the wrong conclusion. Or you can lose your temper, which is a trait of the hotheaded Tiger. Fortunately, the Moon trines Saturn, bringing stability so things don’t get out of hand. Luck is strongest for those born in Tiger, Dog, Horse and Pig years, and during the hours of the Tiger, 3am to 5am.

Friday, January 25, is a peaceful Rabbit day, when harmony and diplomacy are valued. Time to flow and adapt. You can smooth over difficulties in relationships by being very kind to others. The Sun trines Jupiter for optimism, and no one's feelings get hurt. The Moon is opposite Venus, so today is not a day for hard work. Instead it's great for a nice meal and a new pair of shoes! Mercury squares Saturn, so it is not very good for communicating your ideas or new innovations, so just flow and enjoy. It's good to be social tonight as energy builds to the full Moon tomorrow. Luck is strongest for those born in Rabbit, Sheep, Dog and Pig years, and during the hours of the Rabbit, 5am to 7am.

Saturday, January 26, is a very powerful double Dragon full Moon! It's a Dragon day in a Dragon year, and the final full Moon of this Dragon year. The next new Moon in two weeks begins the Year of the Snake. The volume is turned up today, and there is a strong sense of karma with others. The Moon trines Uranus for something different, and to break free from your routine. Plus the Moon sextiles Jupiter for luck in your endeavors. Whatever you touch can turn to gold. But the Sun is opposite the Moon (this occurs on every full Moon) so your head says one thing while your heart says another. Under the influence of the double Dragon, you must follow your heart! Luck is strongest for those born in Dragon, Rat, Snake and Monkey years, and during the hours of the Dragon, 7am to 9am.

Sunday. January 27, life can be much calmer and quieter on this day of the Snake. Snake is yin to Dragon's yang, so you can recoup and rest a bit today. You might feel a bit lonely or isolated because the Moon squares Saturn. But Snake is an introverted sign, so it's good to coil up with a good book, take care of yourself and value privacy. And try not to argue or negotiate, because the Moon is opposite Mercury. Instead of insisting on getting to the bottom of things, it's better to observe and not force a showdown. Luck is strongest for those born in the Snake, Ox, Monkey and Rooster years, and during the hours of the Snake, 9am to 11am.
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