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Weekly Horoscopes May 5-11, 2014

by Chani Nicholas May 04, 2014 05:27 PM EST
Weekly Horoscopes May 5-11, 2014 Getty Images

Aries & Aries Rising

Cue hot seat! Put accelerated personal growth activation in full throttle! All systems go! Full steam ahead! Sort of. Your ruling planet is still retrograde demanding that you stay in review of relationship issues. There are more opportunities to grow in your understanding of how others receive you this week, coming to a head this weekend. There are very distinctive ways that you are being received right now. It’s tricky and complex to even try to put into words because I don’t want to give you an “out” for any of your usual BS responses. Plus, I don’t want you to stay in any situations that you’d be better off leaving. What I really want you to do is gather information. Just because someone gives you all kinds of reasons to dismiss them your actual spiritual growth depends on how deeply you are able to understand your part in the situation, how quickly you can respond to your own needs in the moment and how generous you can be with yourself. Your eyes should remain on you no matter what anyone else does. When in doubt, follow the golden rule of when you get the message hang up the phone. There is no need to stay somewhere that you aren’t welcome; in fact, it’s inappropriate of you to do so. It also breeds resentments and “justifiable reasons” to (in moments of unconsciousness) let it all out in an, “And another thing…” kind of finger wagging way. Gross, but if you find yourself doing so simply pause and take stock. Why do you need to make someone else wrong (again, I’m not saying that they aren’t but what part of you needs to be right about this and what if you weren’t?). I could be wrong … is another helpful slogan to put in your pocket this week along with I get curious instead of jumping to conclusions. Of course there is another way that this astrology can unfold for you and that would be to feel completely taken in by others, connected and unafraid (perhaps only to be sideswiped by irrational fears and adversity). These are also optimal learning opportunities and much less painful when we remember to not make other people everything

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Dear Bull, worship at the altar of Personal and Professional Boundaries this week. Every day. Watch for all the ways in which you begin to expect and assume how others should be showing up, how they oddly never do (especially when you don’t tell them. Why isn’t everyone a mind reader?) and how that makes you feel. Then get crystal clear on your desired outcomes in these relationships. From there you might see just how ridiculous or appropriate they are. Another key point to stay aware of is knowing why you may still want to remain unclear in a situation; how that might serve you and what you’d need to give up but also what you would gain if you did. How much of your energy is wrapped up in what if’s, if only’s and maybe one day’s? Turns out reality is actually way more magical a place to dwell than fantasy land. Magic is in part to infusion of energy into matter or the movement of matter because of an energetic intention or focus. This week wants to give you the matter to make magic with. Claim it without fear of being limited by such claims. Use it with great respect, humility and mindfulness. Get help with it, your chart is screaming for outside help at this moment. This doesn’t have to be an ongoing relationship but I highly recommend that you have someone to mentor you momentarily. Ask someone who will call you on your messy mess, demand your honesty and love you unconditionally; meaning that they hold no stake in your progress, just a desire to help you move along your path.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

You are a messenger for something this week. I am really rooting for you to learn how to be as clear and concise as possible because you are totally supported in that clarity. This week brings up a lot of material about relating for us all and begs the question how do we deal with conflict? Do we run from it? Do we blow it up out of proportion or do we face our fears of it and engage in it? There are ways in which your chart speaks to a certain kind of heartbreak, one that stems from misunderstanding or from finally understanding. To misquote Rumi and Leonard Cohen: heartbreak is where the light gets in. Heartbreak is a point of entry; heartbreak is a prerequisite for heart growth. Maybe. Heartbreak is certainly a prerequisite for living as a human on this planet; therefore it needs to be worked with as some sort of cruel but inescapable fate and perhaps even a medicine. Things could tend to run quite hot this weekend especially in your romantic affairs. This could be a time to realize just what kind of energy you burn when you are near to certain individuals and if that is actually what you want to spend your precious reserves on. It’s also a time that is absolutely jammin’ with the kind of fiery creative juice that is needed to create quick and dirty masterpieces. For those of you with offspring it’s a weekend of infinite lessons around how to play and when to draw the line with little ones. Demonstrating boundaries for reasons that are about fairness and personal responsibility is key. Limiting the little dudes because you are too tired to deal is understandable abut not advisable if at all possible. In terms of inner child work, this weekend may open you up to a place that felt it was unsafe to play, and this would be a perfect time to re-parent that part of you. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

I know it seems like all the attention should be going to your career and your public life. Although I strongly advise against dropping the ball in this area of your life, my eyes go elsewhere. My eyes, my gut and my feeling of your astrology for the coming week are to remember to put first things first. Cancer, you are a squishy creature. I’m not saying that you aren’t fierce (ever arm wrestle a crab?). I’m not saying that you aren’t Boss (Beyonce has it wrong, who runs the world? Mothers/caretakers/parents do.). I’m not saying that you aren’t fit to take on any worldly role you desire. What I am saying is that none of that is any good unless you are able to define your core values. What keeps you sane, what keeps you grounded and makes you happy? You know that money and fame can’t buy it but it’s so easy to forget and get lost in our lust for communal acceptance, praise and worldly recognition. But heed my words dear one: you will not be spiritually fulfilled if you do not put the focus there first. Know what your days revolve around. Know what you are serving. Challenge the desires of your ego and really question if they are in line with your soul’s calling and your sanity. If something doesn’t feel true, don’t engage with it or put very defined boundaries around it. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Know your end game and serve it, relentlessly. 

Leo & Leo Rising

If what you are working on in the world is not tied down, not dampened by but supported by a very clear and grounded understanding of what you are doing, what you are doing with it you may quickly find yourself in hot water (or ice water as the case may be). The term frozen out comes to mind. Cold shoulders do too, which feels no good to someone that leads with so much heart. Therefore in preparation for this small yet significant juncture in your current career plans I beg of you to take the time this week to get very clear on why you want to do what you are saying you will do. No judgment with any of this; just clarity of purpose, intention, course of action and underlying motivation. For your ongoing financial abundance I also suggest that you get clear on how your future plans can support and sustain not only you but themselves. Reasons will vary and be as diverse as the folks who read this. Reasons only need to be right with you and clear in your being. The clearer you are the better chance your plans have to actually take root and take flight. This week is like a momentary and necessary pause that you need to take in order to make any minor and major adjustments as you lay out the course of the rest of this season. There is nothing wrong with slowing down momentarily. In fact it’s recommended especially as you may feel like rushing to draw conclusions, verbalize and express your thoughts and create unnecessary animosity. Take a breath, get clear on where you are coming from and proceed thoughtfully. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This week supports your speaking up in your career. By support I mean it’s less about being forced to do so and more about being guided to the perfect opportunity to do so.  This requires that you do those things that can be so hard to do: trust. Might I propose that even though your clarity of thought is crystal right now that you refrain from overthinking things? I would like you to instead just let it flow especially because your ideas are needed. If you rest in furious fretting about whether or not you are right you are likely to miss the moment. So instead of stating things as true facts, unequivocally true, instead (especially if dealing with opposition) frame your ideas in such ways that demonstrates the wisdom you hold instead of spelling it outright. Make it a game, a quiz, and hide and go seek of meaning. You may be sturdy in your understandings but others aren’t. Instead of annihilating them altogether with your wisdom, your astrology is asking that you take on a much bigger role than being correct. Your astrology is asking you to be a teacher. Some things are not yours to teach however and you’ll know them when you come across them (there mere thought of it exhausts you and/or it’s simply inappropriate for you to do so or to be asked to do so). A true teacher knows that top down education (I know all and you will passively sit and receive my amazing amass of knowledge) is archaic compared to a praxis model (education as transformation and transgressive to traditional top-down educational models). So when and where you can it’s important for you to show up as a wisdom holder (only you know what you know). At the same time be present as a humble student but never letting one outweigh the other. Most of you would be far too content sitting back and learning your whole life, or just until you had learned everything under the sun and had perfected it. Sadly the only way to really learn something is to teach it. Get your rulers ready. 

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Libra & Libra Rising

In hopes to prepare you (not in order to freak you out or have you manifest difficulty) I am going to caution against blowing fuses, escalating tempers and flying off handles this weekend. I am going to encourage you to nurture, nourish and navigate your emotional needs with great awareness and humility. Listen, anger is a necessary and very useful emotion, until it isn’t and your chart is set up to either really piss you off or really get you moving in the direction that you need to no matter what anyone else does, says or believes. There isn’t a lot of winning right now but there is a great need for balance. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of peace right now but there does seem to be a great need for understanding. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of room to wander around but it does seem like there is a great need to stay on track and not fade away in despair. Due to the week’s proposed exaggeration of emotions, it’s a perfect moment to allow your emotions to simply come and go and attach no real permanent meaning to any of them. All of this really is perfect timing though because in as May unfolds you have an opportunity to radically redefine your relationships. I would even dare to say that you have the ability to create them anew or at the very least re-invigorate the existing structures. Don’t keep yourself stuck in the perimeters of what it used to be like with so-and-so. They have changed, you have changed. It’s time for the combination of you and them to also change. Remember that you are still in the process of understanding self-regeneration and how to devote some of your energy to making sure that happens. 

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Sometimes it’s as if the whole universe is conspiring. Sometimes when the whole universe conspires we feel like we just might not be able to manage the tightrope of expectations, both ours and everyone else’s. Sometimes the path is so narrow that it leaves very little room for wiggle and even less for “mistakes.” Our attention is called on and held by the immediacy of the situation. The good part of this process is that we get to focus and when we are this focus we can command our energy in whichever way we choose. Don’t give all the responsibility for this focus to others and don’t make your focus myopically about others. They may be appearing as all bright and shiny right now. The real work for you this week is to make sure that you keep working away at rededicating yourself to the psychological work that you have been busy unearthing. Take time to notice where you go missing, when you lose yourself, when you forget about your land mines and set them off yourself. This weekend is simply loaded with his kind of work. Keep at the regimes that keep you sane, maintain the routines that keep you running smoothly. Let your therapist/healer/astrologer/energy worker push you into some deeper territory. Know when you are controlling the sitting to your own detriment. Let others in without losing your boundary and let yourself swim in deep waters without losing your line to your life raft.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

So if you are the type of person that might find yourself in an egg and sperm type of situation and you aren’t in the mood for an accidental pregnancy use extra, extra, extra latex. If you are trying to breed the next two weeks might be your moment. Of course wriggling balls of flesh, adorable and full of universal love as they may be, aren’t the only thing worth creating. You have a high voltage current of creative chaos whirling towards you and I’d love you to have as much fun with it as possible. However, this fun is tethered with consequence (hence baby warning) so choose what you want to actually deal with. Sometimes we can get away with a whole heck of a lot and not get caught. This isn’t really one of those times. Even though there is all of this wonderfully open and free flowing, if not altogether shacking, inventive and disturbing energy breaking through your consciousness, I want you to willingly and consciously accept the consequences that might accompany the experiences then choose accordingly. This isn’t free love, but no love is free. Love costs your awareness, attentiveness and presence. Love requires a place to land otherwise it just breezes right through us and onto a more appreciative partner. Love costs our willingness to participate otherwise it gets bored and stops knocking on our door. Love requires our acceptance of its consequence otherwise it looks us dead in the eye, shakes its head and saunters off without looking back. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Well, if you aren’t holding yourself accountable this week everyone else will. But really Capricorn, do you ever let yourself off the hook? I mean, of course some of you do, perhaps too easily in fact. Not that your sign is big on ease per say but there is a natural sternness that comes with your territory, mainly through your ruling planet, Saturn. Saturn is also however, ridiculously hilarious because it deals in real-time, truth and tangible relatable concepts. Tangibility can turn into morbidity right quick, also another endearing quality. I mean that in all seriousness. I think it’s hilarious, because it’s true even if a little underwhelmingly dramatic. For some of you this week will roll out as more drama on the home front, less security and more strife. For others this week will roll out as an out of the blue opportunity to change their living situation (although I’m going to reserve the right to use that sentence next week as well, it’s an aspect that is building or gathering steam). Saturn, your main squeeze is also petitioning for some of the performance time in the next seven days. What this means for you is nothing short of being even more (ugh) responsible for your romantic and creative movements. It’s time for you to rally some playful action and even a date or two but as the week demands, this must be done responsibly. Know the perimeters that you are playing in and there will be a lot less tension and a lot more exploration. Boundary begets you.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

I say take the lead, seize the day; go forth with your least inhibited thoughts, ideas and concepts. Do so with a sense of self-respect that demands all others to as well. Do not be afraid to be definitive, especially in your career. Do not be ashamed of being different than the herd, especially with your ideas and do not be thwarted by the thoughts and/or naysayers of impossibility. You are sitting on some rather ingenious, inventive and out of the ordinary ground that is simply begging you to cultivate it. But cultivation takes conviction and your life is awaiting yours. You are ahead of the crowd (again) and waiting for their validation will only slow you down. One important measure to remember during this flurry of frenetic wisdom and wondrous wizardry is not to lose sight of what grounds you, pulls you into your body and reminds you of your heart’s desires. For some of you this will be about who you consider to be your actual family or your physical house; more than that it is that concept we have been discussing lately about the nature and the meaning of “home.” This domain of your life/soul is about the ground of being that you rise from. When I say home I mean to stir up a longing for peace, for a place to release and for an internal structure that sturdies you. Keep your awareness orientated here so that everything that flows forth comes from a stream of deep, internal knowing. It’s connected to you and you are connected to it. Our reasons for doing things are as important as what we do-as above so below.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

It’s as if there are two full moons happening this weekend. The sun will oppose Saturn, Mars and the moon will oppose Venus and to a lesser degree, Uranus. Oppositions have the nature of full moons. You are apt to feel this tension. It still lies in the same areas of life that you and I have been talking about lately: money, your assets and how you feel about sharing them (and yourself). This week we are going to fold in to that mix: speaking your truth. It’s not always safe, realistic or appropriate to speak the complete truth, self-protection is always advised. However, when at all possible this week say what you can to keep your side of the street clean. This means that you have to be ok with risking losing something, someone or some deal that you have been working on. In the immediate present this might feel like a devastating blow, but it’s important that we remember that we never have the full picture. We are (mostly) only ever privy to the piece of road we are standing on. If we have integrity in this moment we set up the next piece of travel in a way that is more aligned with our soul’s intention. We’ve manifested into physical matter to learn some things about the nature of being which has so little to do with what our culture values. Every soul comes into the world to learn a specific set of things, imagine that, 7 billion different reasons to be here. And yet many of us are given this mono goal that we are all supposed to achieve; the capitalist dream of grabbing, having and winning with barely a mention of feeling, connecting and stewarding. My point is this: this week there is a chance for you to more clearly define your soul’s purpose. When that happens it’s much easier to know how to serve that precious light.

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