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Weekly Horoscopes April 7-13

by Chani Nicholas April 06, 2014 09:36 PM EST
Weekly Horoscopes April 7-13 Getty Images

Aries & Aries Rising

"We should take care so that we will lose none of the jewels of our soul. We must begin, now, to reject the either/or system of dividing the world into unnecessary conflict."

-- June Jordan

Fold it in, like batter enveloping more flour, fold it in and incorporate it. If you hear a litany of lunatics ranting in your head about feeling separate, simply listen to them and ask without a trace of about superiority or sarcasm “Really? Is that what I really want to believe? Is that what is really going on here?” Any amount of opposition is just an opportunity for integration. However, in moments of isolation some of us want to respond like an overly enthusiastic pyromaniac setting everything on fire. But perhaps our side isn’t the only side. This week will most likely run hot; but heat means that we are energized, that something is happening, something that can move us in a direction. You, dear Aries, do not need much to get you galloping off in any direction. I want you to spend time considering what direction that may be in especially when it comes to relationships. You have an opportunity this week to do something quite extraordinary (especially if it seems impossible): refuse to let your anger cut you off from your relationships. Refuse to rest there and refuse the thoughts that tell you your “right” when you know you are merely being defensive. Soften, sweet ram, soften. If you can in this astro drizzle you’ll be much more prepared for next week’s storm.  *Special Homework Bonus* When something has gone funky with another, ask them about it. Be curious, interested and open to gathering information about how you are being experienced as a partner.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

"Your ammunition is your imagination and your technique."

—Wynton Marsalis

While the buildings in the background catch fire, you need a moment and one is coming your way this weekend. I’m wondering if you can keep some eyes on the wreckage while dancing on the ash that has landed. Your ruling planet, Ms. Venus, is snuggling up to the ever idealistic Neptune this Saturday. While the combination is just begging for deluded divas to dive deep into tragic love affairs (something you will not do) it’s also calling for a reimagining of life. What better time than now, when all is being broken open anyways, to revision beauty? Venus affirms life through connection, Neptune expresses itself though having zero boundary (unsafe sex is more likely under these conditions so take care of yourselves) making the creative potential of the weekend limitless if not completely transcendental. This conjunction is happening in your Eleventh House of good fortune and beneficial fate. When we feel like we are doing, saying and living our lives how we want to it can’t but affect those around us in a positive way. I want you to meditate on the reciprocity in your life. Go to the places where you feel good doing what you do and do more of it this week. There are so many aspects of our lives that we readily disregard; disrespect and attempt to discard this is actually the very thing that will pull us through life’s inevitable signs of hopelessness and despair. The mind wants to distract us with worries, lies and fantasies that so often pull us away from what we need to tend to. Go towards what you know will affirm your creative connection to the world around you, but especially to the folks you so deeply need to share fortune with. They will give you life. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising

"We is terrific."

--The Supremes

While the pressure only increases this week, your ruling planet, Mercury, scampers into Aries. The sign of definitive action and daring decision, Aries waits for no one. Mercury is about to join in on the fun that the sun has been having with Uranus and the Grand Cross. This configuration has most astrologers in a twitter and a flutter and for good reason. Now is the time to act as if we absolutely don’t care about being humiliated, we are braver that way. We’ve been talking a lot lately about what this could mean for you in terms of your place in the community and the activities you do with your friends that create a bond and mutual happiness. In short; your role in this domain of your life needs to be re-imagined to truthfully reflect the reality of the place you hold. As the sun makes an opposition to Mars this Tuesday, (Mars is currently in your Fifth House of good times) it looks like you are being asked to get playful with your current situation. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a simple affair without tension or even an all out brawl. However on some level it feels like it is saying “At least there is contact!” I would like you to also consider what kind of connections you are making via love interests and fun forays into frolicking fiestas. If you are reading this, then chances are you don’t need me to tell you that our relationship models are mostly ridiculously boring and soul crushing. Maybe there are other ways to view coupling? Maybe there are other ways to see yourself in the scene? Maybe there are ways in which you can really, truly stop caring what others think of you and instead just concern yourself with enjoying where you are, who you are with and what you are doing? Maybe. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

"Life seems to love the liver of it."

—Maya Angelou

There is juice here so please don’t waste your tears on jerks and failures. There is wattage in these bulbs and someone just switched the lights on. It’s not sweet and it’s not saccharine; it’s business. Get professional, be accurate, feel the sweet sexiness of being on your game. Give up apologizing for what you want because no one’s interested in hearing it save bullies and vampiric entities. You have no room for such interactions. If I have failed to say so thus far I will say it now; take risks. Take risks especially when it comes to your chosen profession (kind of like your chosen family, not always what we have been given, but what we create).  Take risks that will expose you for the fragile human that you are. Take risks so that being yourself, revealing yourself and discovering yourself as you make mistakes doing so becomes second nature. Recreate your life like you really mean it; like you are really proud of it, like you really deserve to be celebrating it, claiming it, naming it and living it. You may have to uncover a few of the childhood beliefs that saved you from imploding when you were younger that now only get in the way of being fully realized as person who means business out in the world. You may have to challenge a few of those dragons to a duel. If so I want your first response to be, “Bring it.” You’re braver now even though your home may be unstable or your rambling fever may be at an all time high. You’re more willing to let the past go and cut the ties that only bind you to sentimental relics.  This is your life! Live it now with as much courage, force and spirit as you can muster. The pay off will be tremendous if you do. 

Leo & Leo Rising

"Telling the truth allows others to see who we really are, makes them treat us according to our declarations, and, therefore, places us in a position closer to our emotions. Telling the truth will open dialogues".

-- Walter Mosley

Your ruling planet, the sun, has been up to some devilish deviations lately. This week it will not disappoint by making its final aspect the perky and perverse players of the cardinal Grand Cross by opposing Mars on Tuesday (the day that belongs to Mars). Usually a sun/Mars opposition feels very, well, oppositional. This one will, but there is an interesting layer to this combination; the sun is in its exaltation in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. So we have an interesting combination that is both antagonistic and has an understanding. It’s kind of like when siblings tousle; they may hurt each other but mostly there is a whole lot of love or at least admiration underneath the aggression. I would think that more than anything this is helping to further your investigation into Truth. Listen, if by the end of April you haven’t changed your mind about quite a few things then you’re a formidable opponent to the forces that be. It’s not a good week to get into it with family members. It might be interesting as an exercise to refute all that your teachers have ever taught you, just to see what you think of the opposite side of whatever beliefs you have bought and paid for.  It’s good to question with curiosity, ponder the impossibilities and wonder about another way to wander. The week is a little less intense than last save this one aspect which is feisty and ready to rumble no matter if it’s all on its own. Bear in mind that while a harmless sparring session is good for the soul, this week’s temperament is one that can turn an innocent punch to the shoulder into an all out brawl. We are on our way to eclipse season (April 15th and 28th) so easy does it when you do it. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

"Vile habits acquired in a state of servitude are not easily thrown off."

-- Richard Allen

You may now be able to understand what you do that isn’t helpful when it comes to how you make money, collect money and ask for money. If you haven’t this is high time that you learn how to deal. Write a list of all the people that you owe money, stuff or property to and figure out what you can afford to pay or give them and then get in contact with them and work out a mutual agreement. Don’t hide in shame around your money issues. It’s not about the money; it’s never about the money. It’s about the agreements that we make and our ability to uphold them. Now, I’m not saying that this is a one way street, hell no. Whomever you are in agreement with around money borrowed or things exchanged holds the other piece (banks are mostly scumbag institutions that are pretending that they don’t steal our money when that’s their whole racket). You can only do what you can do for you. Your financial integrity is everything right now. Which is a ridiculous statement to state when we live in a suicide economy but if we don’t have integrity in a broken system then how are we any different? Earn your money honestly (the definition of honest is up to you, be honest about how and why you make it). Spend your money consciously and don’t take anything that isn't yours. Be clear about what you have agreed to share and what others haven’t. *Bonus Homework Assignment* Give things to people this week when you feel like you really want to with no expectations for a return and notice what it does to your state of mind.

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Libra & Libra Rising

"Migration is the story of my body."

-- Victor Hernández Cruz

I had this really great interaction this week where one of my clients acted out his moon. It’s something that I often do for my clients (maybe I used to be an actor…), mostly to jog the imagination and to house the energy that runs through me when I am with a client. If I can give an accurate physical expression to what feels like an important aspect of someone’s life it can act as a supportive gesture; as if they aren’t the only one’s carrying the load. They may even feel understood for a moment. I encourage you to do something similar for yourself this week. When intense emotions arise, stand-off’s occur or disagreements take place, I encourage you to get physical about your feelings. There may be some situations where you can actually act it out in the moment with the other person, but other situations may call for a little privacy (ahem). What I really want is for you to feel supported because this week’s astrology is especially polarizing. Forcing only the mind and mouth to take on the burden of expressing this dynamic is too much. Plus it’s much more difficult to release tension without the body on board. The obvious quality to your chart this week is tension in your intimate relationships, but tension can be so useful and way sexy. Make mistakes, get called out, slapped, startled and schooled if that is what you need right now. If we don’t risk pissing people off we’ll never grow (*disclaimer* this is not a get out of jail free card to say stupid shit. Nor is it permission to be a dick and not take responsibility for your transgressions, not at all). You simply can’t keep the peace and move forward at this moment so stop worrying. Make amends where and when you need to and chalk the rest up to a little time in April’s saddle. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

"I speak with no authority; no assumption of age or rank; I hold no position. I have no wealth. One this alone I own and that is my own soul." 

-- W.E. B. Du Bois

Our soul’s life purpose is usually located in direct opposition to our ego’s illusions of grandeur. Not a problem if you are down with living in paradox and not serving your narcissistic self-interests, but a hell of a fight if you aren’t. This week’s astrology is rife with identity issues and has potential for revealing just how self-serving our world has become (Or rather how esteemed it’s become to indulge this aspect of self). While I am all for keeping the focus on ourselves, tending to our own needs and being an independent observer of the world, I am also all for silently devoting one’s life to selfless service. Being silently, anonymously useful without receiving praise. There is a secret in this formula that can only be revealed through the experience of practicing it. The secret is this; when we do good things and keep it to ourselves it collects a kind of compound spiritual interest. When we have a real and consistent experience of our inner life (without vomiting it all over the Twitterverse) and a continual conversation with our inner voice, higher self or the world around us we have the opportunity to opt out of the hysterical glorification of owning things. We don’t care about accumulation of material objects. We know that the real prize it getting to own ourselves, our thoughts, our identities and our lives. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Your power to create is in your clarity. Your power to create is your power to respond.”  

- Caroline Myss

Don’t pray to be happy. Don’t pray to be rich. Don’t pray for stuff or success. Stop being so greedy. Don’t drink the spiritual, colonial, capitalistic kool-aid. That nonsense is far too simplistic for such a wonderfully complicated experience such as life. This intricate organism we live on and in and the experiences that we are afforded through the vehicles of the material plane can be so rich, so spiritually fulfilling, so live-affirming. But all I see when I scroll through my inbox is invitations to workshops and retreats that will teach me how to use the powers of “The Goddess” to make me more money. Really?! Is that the best that we can come up with? Is that the best use of an archetype, a symbol, an energy? Are those the directions we receive when we gaze upon the image, say the prayer or do the meditation? Really?! Because if all we hear when we get quiet and go inside is how to make more, buy more and get more than I think that we are looking with the wrong eyes. Or we are looking for the wrong thing. Or we are repeating the past. Or we are becoming the worst version of what the “free-world” can create. Or we are living among or have become spiritual vampires that will prey on every insecurity we have ever had by promising some sort of new-age fast track to money. As if money was the thing we are missing in life. Stop giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks is praise worthy. Give hype the middle finger. Set yourself free and protect yourself from the insanity of others. I know we all get scared that there won’t be enough for us and I know many, too many live without enough right now. However, if you are reading this with a full belly, a place to sleep tonight and friends to call when you are lonely don’t settle for a cardboard cutout of your creative potential. Listen to your life and follow it. Be Upright, proud, broken, heart aching and willing to try this your own way. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

"It is better to concentrate on what can be done than to despair about what cannot be done."

—Ella Baker

Tension at home, tension at work. Tension, tension, tension. However, you are a Capricorn and if anyone can put this astrology to good use, it’s you. Sure, life may be unsettling but we live in a state of heightened possibility when the pieces of our lives have yet to adhere to gravitational rules. So it is with you right now. Issues with your actual parents or historical traumas are more than likely to have been awoken in recent weeks and this one is no different. But hear me when I say this (make me your hypnotist if need be): you are getting better at being graceful under fire. That’s all this is, just an opportunity to become more graceful in the least likely of circumstances. April’s lioness has just begun to roar (it ate the lamb back in March) so there is still time to join in on the chorus. Yes, I want you to take an active part in the reconstruction of your life! We cannot wallow for too long in the deconstruction nor have it be the whole picture. This may be faltering but that is burgeoning. Go where the life is and don’t pick up the phone when your landlord/roommate/parent/boss calls if you know you are too agitated to remain amenable. Pause, breath, settle yourself and then move forward with a prayer in your pocket and some faith in your socks. Repeat to yourself like a kid in the 50’s playing the only single that they owned, “Everything works out for the best.”   

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

"Yesterday is gone, but we must hold on to it anyway. Its meaning is the sense of our lives. We must be careful not to fictionalize and romanticize our stories. We must look at the beauty and the failures of our history with equal love and understanding."

— Walter Mosley

Forget your story (especially the dirty, messy, shameful and extraordinary bits) just long enough to catch a glimpse of yourself without it. I’m not saying forget your family story (though some of you need to). I’m not saying to pretend that having parents that survived genocide, family histories not reconciled or that fact that your people are constantly affected by being colonized. All of these things shape our every movement; there is resiliency and extraordinary bravery, wisdom and courage in those tales and lived experience. Love those parts of your tale, hold them up, and create art out of them. Most importantly recreate them for the world to see so that you have left your imprint on the field around you. You say what your history means to you; you tell us from your point of view what the truth is about being in your shoes. However, what I want you to be weary of is reciting the pieces of your tale that keep you locked into a false identity. Sometime we live through some harrowing highs and lows and surviving them is an absolute miracle. The telling of the tale is a brilliant tribute to the capacity of the human spirit and there also comes a time when we need to just live from the here and now. We keep our heritage, our ways, our culture, our belongingness and brokenness and we step out of it just to see how it feels. We are that and it is sacred and we are not that and that is sacred. I encourage you to step in and out of both places this week simply as an experiment of understanding your story and your spirit. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

"One must view the world through the eye in one’s heart rather than just trust the eyes in one’s head."

—Mary Crow Dog

Ok, so two things: #financialissues and #romancerealness. One is most likely better than the other; or at least more fun. Yes, amidst all the cacophony there is a softer, subtler melody encouraging you to take off your bra, loosen your belt, rip off your fake eyelashes and get fully involved with it. Now, these energies are tricky because they can also distract us from what is really important, like staking a claim on the ground you stand on. In fact land has a lot to do with your astrology this month; we don’t all own some. While the ownership of our life source is a ridiculous notion, we are all affected by this false concept (it’s like saying you own your mothers right knee cap). In fact it’s the most insane notion that humans have ever come up with (not all humans, but at this point too many). So what do we do when we live in the paradox of knowing how beautiful, how rich, how different, complex and diverse life is yet we live in a pseudo monopoly game clutching our Lego pieces searching for the right groove to plug into. Fantasizing for a moment that we did live in world where we cared for the land under our feet and shared all of its resources equally there would still be a question that I sit with when I look at your astrology; what do you want to manifest? No matter what you are creating you have to be fully on board with the work that it takes for you to do so. Are you?

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