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Weekly Horoscopes March 10-16

by Chani Nicholas March 10, 2014 07:52 PM EST
Weekly Horoscopes March 10-16 Getty Images
I try to live what I consider a "poetic existence." That means I take responsibility for the air I breathe and the space I take up. I try to be immediate, to be totally present for all my work.

-- Maya Angelou

Aries & Aries Rising
Saturday’s full Moon occurs in your Sixth House of Goddess is in the details. It behooves you, oh rambunctious Ram, to tend to them. Sometimes taking care of our most essential needs are the most difficult things to do. When this is done in a consistent way, it’s the most radical declaration of self-love. This is especially so if you grew up with inconsistent or unavailable parents. Nothing is achieved -- nothing that ever really lasts -- is achieved through rash action only. The most powerful and lasting transformations are through retracing your steps over and over, and creating the groove that you want. This week is about doing just that, just one step, and then another; staying in this day and living it to the best of your ability. There is plenty of whipped-up hyperactivity coming around the bend -- if not already here, thanks to your ruling planet, Mars, being retrograde. We can serve our life well by meeting it with the centeredness of a master. There are too many tricks to fall for when Chicken Little starts to ring the alarm. Get wise while you can. Full Moon Mantra: The most spiritual thing that I can do is to take care of the things that are in front of me to take care of. Especially important are eating, sleeping, washing and stopping to ask myself what I need when I am agitated or upset. I am the person that is in charge of knowing my needs and making sure that they are met. I do so willingly.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
This Saturday’s full Moon occurs in your Fifth House of The Pleasure Principle. This means that the week will be about how to get some, but also how to live some. There is something unmistakable about the fact that the truer you are to yourself and the more you feel in integrity in your relationships, the more pleasure you will actually be able to feel. We miss out on a lot, don’t we? We miss a lot when we're young and caught up in our fascinating machinations about what should be, could be or will be. We miss the now of right now -- the only time and space that we’ll ever get to experience any joy whatsoever. There's something very grounded about this Moon. For one, it’s in an Earth sign and for two, it’s connected to Saturn, the most grounded of the grounded. Saturn has been stomping its way through your Seventh House of relationships, testing your terms and conditions. With this in mind, here's a little homework for you. In all of your relationships -- but especially in all of your disagreements -- repeat this one very important phrase: you could be right (of course not if someone is talking harmfully towards you or another, always use your own judgments with these suggestions). Especially when you know that you are right. It's calming to realize you don't want to be right. What we really want is to be heard. Once we felt heard, we're able to move on to more constructive conversations. This astrology wants to bring some order. It wants to bring boundaries. Most of all, the current astrology wants you to highlight lessons about respecting the people that you are with. Full Moon Mantra: I don’t know what I don’t know. May I remember that and be open to another person’s point of view. Boundaries bring me a great deal of pleasure. When they are present, I can relax since I know that it’s not my job to solve everything, fix everything or be right about anything. I can simply relax into my experience and be present to the whole thing, wise yet youthful.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
While the details of the day may frustrate and consume you, Saturday’s full Moon highlights the reasons why you do what you do. Not in a reactive think-pain kind of way. It’s okay to stop and cool down, Gemini. It’s okay to get grounded and come back to earth after being the hot-air balloon that is you some days. For you, this week is about being connected to the meaning that your outer movements have, connecting your inner experience to all the outer things that you do in a day. The next bend of astrology is bound to be bananas. It’s worth it to practice your pause now. Nothing is helped by rushing to conclusions. Nothing is helped by frantically trying to make sense of something. Everything is helped when we take the time to pause, listen, feel and consider. This Moon is angling to connect you to your inner life. The chances of this are only increased if we take the time to do so. Full Moon Mantra: I take the time because it is mine to take. I stop and pause to check in with how this person, place or thing makes me feel. I know that there is no pressure (besides the pressure that I put on myself) to do anything quickly. When I pause, I am creating space for something else to enter. Maybe that is the Divine, maybe it’s creativity or maybe it’s just the genius that is waiting inside of each moment of silence. I won’t know it unless I make space for it, so I do so, now.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
Do you get it yet, Cancer? Do you get that people like and/or love the heck out of you when you're just being yourself? Do you get that home is wherever and whenever you allow yourself to take up the space you have been afforded? Do you get that you need to give yourself space in the form of a pause every time those old feelings of unworthiness rise to the surface? Do you get that you aren’t ever going to feel at home until you've given yourself full permission to be yourself because that is where real safety is? Imagine a girl who didn’t have parents growing up, not in any real sense of the word. She was funny, charming, intelligent and inventive and really needy. She spent most of her adult life wandering around form place to place on some sort of mission to see if other people (surrogate parents) would catch her. She was lucky. No, she was blessed because they always did. And then one day it struck her, when was she going to accept that she was worthy of love. Even though folks did for her what her parents never could, it was time to move on from this old paradigm. Instead of testing the world to see if it would catch her, why not just catch herself? The game had grown old, far too old and so had she. It was time for her to live as if she deserved to, as if it was her right to. And so she did. She took it upon herself to get sturdy. She took it upon herself to speak her mind. She took it upon herself to stop asking everyone to like her and take care of her. She knew now in every conscious bone in her body that it was her job to do. Full Moon Mantra: I write down my needs. I hold no secrets back from myself. I write down my needs so that I may get to know myself better and hold myself accountable for my own self-care. Every time my mind wanders off into blaming others or shaming myself I say, “Thank you, but no thank you. Love and light, goodbye.”

Leo & Leo Rising
I think that there is something to be said for respecting money as a symbol of your energy, not the actual bill itself. We live in a supremely broken system, one so backwards and flawed there's no winning in it, only a dismantling of it. However, we cannot disrespect ourselves or the heart, soul and ancestral work we put into our daily grind. If you're showing up with all you’ve got, doing honest work and honoring your contributions, then you should be paid accordingly! Lord knows that there are far too many lost vampire robots making a trillion times what the street angels of our cities make. All this to say: Be conscious of when money exchanges hands. What are you buying? How does it make you feel? Was it in part a gift to yourself or another? Did you make a personal connection with the one you exchanged your energy/money with? Full Moon Mantra: May every ounce of energy in the form of currency I give multiply in the hands of the one I give it to. May that be a blessing for them and their family, community and their life. May the exchange of money always be more to me than just a transaction. May it always be an opportunity to connect to the one I am paying, may it make me take pause and think about the folks who created the product I am receiving. May the exchange of money make me more mindful. May I see it as a symbol for the love I poured into my work today. Even if I don’t at all agree with it as a concept may it bring me closer to experiencing a kind of world that I do want, now.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising
This Sunday’s full Moon is all you, Virgo. With all the recent emphasis on partnerships, this may come as a nice reminder of what you need to do for yourself. Look back at your birthday new Moon (if you can remember, but seriously, who can remember these things?). Think about what intentions you planted back then, what you wanted for your year and take stock of how you’ve done. What adjustments can you make? Where have you steered off of the course you set? Your ruling planet, Mercury is making its last of three recent squares to Saturn, meaning that there's a boundary asking for attention in your daily routine. Commitment, structure and taking responsibility for our lives is everything this week. When we do all the things that we need to do in a day to keep ourselves sane, run our business and be a good community member, we have like five seconds to worry about what our lover is or isn’t doing. We're better when we're busy running our own life. In that hustle, we forget that we want to run yours too. You share a planet with the ever-curious Gemini, and therefore you have the same need for knowledge -- though yours is inherently more skill based. You two signs share the same curiosity. When we stay curious about life, we fail to become morose about it. When our neurosis grabs hold of us, our inquisitive nature diminishes, recedes and falters. This week is asking us to use our minds in the most practical of ways so that our flights-of-fancy do not get the better of us. Stick around to get the information. Stay curious when it’s being delivered. Worry only about what is your responsibility in the moment --staying true to yourself. Full Moon Mantra: I celebrate myself by doing all the things that I know I need to do to keep my life running smoothly. I value my needs, especially my physical needs. Therefore I don’t scrimp on exercise, good food or naps. May I be clear, concise and unapologetic when stating my needs.

Libra & Libra Rising
Leave space for yourself this week, Libra. And I mean S P A C E. Sunday’s full Moon highlights a part of your chart that weaves tales of loss, grief, forgetting, neglecting and wandering out into the fields of Wonder and Awe. The more negative effects of this house is felt more readily when we betray our sincere need for ceiling therapy, navel gazing and marvelous meandering. If we don’t get lost constructively, then we get abducted by our unfulfilled need to let the edges fray and feel the fantastic feeling of free association. Make no mistake, letting yourself get loose is constructive. I suggest that you construct some time to do so. Make a pact with yourself to keep to that time; think of it as spirit retrieval. This week also has a way of putting some finishing touches on a longstanding situation that you have found yourself in with your child, lover, ex-lover or potential one. It might bring you another piece of that humble pie. Nothing can be solved until you first understand your part in it. Get good with that and you’ll actually get something out of the situation. When all else fails, take some space for yourself and come back to the situation a little more relaxed. Full Moon Mantra: I am very clear that I need time that is unstructured, time for myself; time to unravel the scrunchy bits. Time to come back into my skin; Time to discover what I like, what I don’t like. It is a time to be very giving and generous with myself. This is true especially if I come from folks that did not have this luxury and therefore could not teach it to me.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
It’s important that you have a group of people you feel like you can be completely yourself around. I think that it’s also really helpful to have a group of people that we work with in some therapeutic way. We aren’t there to impress them, please them, appease them or beguile them. I’m not talking about friends; I’m talking more about the folks who are willing to be in the trenches of personal growth and healing with you. In short, it’s really therapeutic to know that we can show up in a space and practice being ourselves, completely unfiltered (without of course harming anyone-group agreements are everything), unplugged, raw and honest. It’s important because if you are like 99 percent of the humans on this planet, you most likely think it’s your job to have everyone like you. Not even your Scorpio sorcery can get you an escape clause out of this paradigm. Having folks we can be ourselves with lets off steam. It releases pressure and gives us space to practice expressing our opinion without entering into a negative feedback loop of I should be nicer. Sunday’s full Moon becomes itself in your Eleventh House of Friends and the groups I choose to be a part of. The full Moon is connected to Saturn, planet of structure, boundary and the shape of things. This could be a great weekend to enjoy friends and create space for spontaneous social situations to erupt. However, considering the rest of the astrological landscape, it’s more likely that this full Moon will have you understanding more about your role in the group, your issues with it and what you might need in order to feel more at ease. If we have one place in our lives that we can be brutally honest in, chances are it will eventually bleed into all other areas of our lives. Full Moon Mantra: I know that all the socially unacceptable parts of myself are parts that I want to disown and turn away from, but it is these very aspects of myself that will teach me the most. I act like an adult and take myself to spaces where I know it is safe to be honest and to reveal what I am not always so proud of and I also cultivate a very deep and consistent practice of forgiving myself while becoming more conscious of how I operate.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Any and all amount of your diligent efforts at work should start to show some signs of growth this week. I suggest using every day of the week as a further commitment to all of the things that you love to do. Also important are those items you need to do and know that if you do not do, you’ll be unable to lay your head down at the end of the day without regret. This could perhaps be about harnessing some dream that you have been after for a while. It’s also about a very real good-bye to what is no longer offering itself to you. Make a clean break if you can at all; no regrets and no fears about the future. Sadness is obvious in some cases, but just because an emotion arises doesn't at all mean that it’s anything but that. This full Moon brings you closer towards a possibility in your career or clarity about what it is you are doing. It’s teaming up with Saturn, planet of responsibility and boundary. I say this to you: it matters not whether you like your work right now, it only matters that you show up there with as much integrity as you possibly can. Be clean, be prompt, be willing to be corrected and make corrections. Be the best you that you can be out there because all your hard work is noticed now. You can always party later. Full Moon Mantra: My spiritual practice is my work in the world. Showing up for all of my responsibilities is the most spiritual thing that I can do. I take it seriously and have fun doing it. I let go of the life I thought I was supposed to have. I embrace the one that is here because this life has the ability to take me where I need to go. My fantasies only get me one place -- nowhere, fast. Sometimes slowing down and saying no to projects is the best thing I can do for my career. Discernment is my friend.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
This full Moon is kind of your jam, Capricorn. Saturn, your ruling planet, is concerned with boundaries, rules, regulations, order, appropriateness and the structure of something. Saturn doesn’t suffer wishy-washy nincompoops who spout spiritual philosophy one moment and turn around and act like a douchebag the next. Saturn entertains no leaky cauldrons. We must have our act together when this Queen decides to roll through our town. If you want to be good at something Saturn says, be consistent! If you want to be the best at something Saturn says, be wisely consistent, but first consider what you are being consistent about! Saturn is cautious, calculating, estimating, controlling, confining and limiting. But I want to have it all! We whine and Saturn slaps us upside the head. You know not of what you speak. You are a young fool who will waste your youth trying to do nothing by doing everything. Pick a course, stick with it for a cycle of seasons before you allow yourself to make a judgment about whether it’s good for you or not. Commit or be damned! Saturday's full Moon is making a sweet sextile to Saturn. The Sun is making a trine and earlier in the week we will have the last of three squares from Mercury in Aquarius to Saturn in Scorpio. The full Moon is occurring in your Ninth House of I believe in … It’s the house that we find the laws that we want to live by in. It is the house that opens us up to life and possibility, the house that brings us closer to the meaning we make of our experiences. Because Saturn is so closely tied to all of this, we know that this week is about getting right with our responsibilities before we can get free. Integrity is Queen. Virgo is highly ritualistic and the Ninth House is no stranger to rites and rituals that elevate our consciousness. Get witchy on it. Full Moon Mantra: Through my committed practice of living each day to the best of my ability, I am able to consciously expand my understanding of the world and my place in it. I feel closer to living a meaningful life when I do what is required of me. Then I can relax and let myself ramble about.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
Tension abounds this week, as well as frustration. Astrology isn’t here to be our BFF or a mindless lover who idolizes us and desires our acceptance, though. Astrology wants to wake us up. The only way to truly be aroused out of the slumber of our comfort is to get uncomfortable. That being said, this isn’t the most uncomfortable of weeks that are in your near future. It is a week that contains a full Moon (tension of opposites) and Mercury in your sign making the last of three Squares (friction) to your ruling planet, Saturn. This could be a moment of discord between you and an authority figure. It could be a week of needing to come to terms with the deeper, darker feelings that you have around relationships with those in your chosen profession. Sunday’s full Moon is ripening in your Eighth House of Damn it! You mean I’m human and one day I will lose everything and die just like all living things around me do too? But I thought I was special! The Eighth House is where we get to come up against all of our existential fears; what’s the point if we just lose it all anyway? It’s also the house that rules our debts, loans and our partner’s money. It’s not easy to combine our lives with others. When we do we have to deal with their limitations, set back and stumbling blocks. So how then do we come to accept the limitations of others without going down with them if the ship is sinking? This week you are going to get to look at all of that, and then some. Full Moon Mantra: I see and accept the people that I am in partnership with, on every level. I see them clearly, yet I disentangle my energy from them when I can. I am considerate about who I go into partnership with. I am fully aware of my own value and do not need to tag along on someone else's plan. I cooperate for the good of the joint ventures that I am in and I take care of my own needs at the same time.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
It’s often the most unlikely of things that ground us, like the things we are the most resistant to doing. Discipline rides a fine line between showing up for our obligations and running the risk of completely numbing out because we are doing things by rote with little life left in them. This Sunday’s full Moon is making an appearance in your Seventh House of Nothing Compares to You. It isn’t the kind of configuration that has us wanting to throw it all away for our love, though. It does however have us asking how we may be able to commit to whatever is across from us. We don’t have to be in a traditional partnership to work out our commitment phobia. We do however need to make an effort to anchor into whatever we are in partnership with. It’s so easy to romanticize what a situation will be like until we get there. However when we stick it out and commit to something or someone, we give ourselves the chance to go deep. Modernity has all but whipped this knowledge from our current conversation. Staying power is what I’d like you to ponder this week. Lovers may ask you for this, business partners may as well, but most importantly your life is asking you for this. This Moon is aiming to ground us before the coming storms of April, so let it. What practices keep you sane? Which ones actually work and which ones allow you to grow, day-by-day and step-by-step? Do them. And then do them again. And then do them again! Full Moon Mantra: I value all the ways in which my intimate relationships are showing up. I do not romanticize, exoticize or sentimentalize the folks I am in partnership with. Instead, I see them for who they are: beautiful, complex, disappointing and surprising teachers. They are far more interesting than any fantasy I could ever make up. I commit to being fully present with all that I am in partnership with, knowing that when I am that present I always know what the right thing to do is.
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