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What Makes Your Man Unique?

by Fern Feto Spring July 15, 2010 12:42 AM EST
What Makes Your Man Unique?
Want to know what inspires your guy ... and why he acts the way he does? Explore how the stars influence your man's approach to life!

The Aries man is a man to the max. You might even call this guy a bit macho, as he loves to show off his strength, courage and leadership skills. As a Fire sign, he has a passionate nature and a hair-trigger temper. But give him time and space to cool down and he'll be back to the usual fun and games in no time.

Calm and stable, the Taurus man loves nothing more than to stick to a routine. His earthy nature makes him a lover of sensuality, so he'll appreciate your efforts when you make him a home-cooked meal. This traditional guy doesn't like to make too many changes at once, but if he can move at his own pace, he can be convinced to change his mind.

Chatty and communicative, the Gemini man loves to talk -- a lot! He's extremely curious and always eager to learn something new, so he appreciates a woman who can give him food for thought. As an Air sign, he has a hard time sitting still, so rather than try to pin him down, just join him as he flits from place to place.

The Cancer man has a deep connection to his feminine side. This nurturing guy loves to make you feel at home and will probably enjoy cooking for you as well. He shares his feelings easily and has an imaginative approach to life. Though moody, if he takes time to process his emotions, he'll move through them quickly.

If you're looking for a good time, look no further than the Leo male. This guy loves to party and is known for his fun approach to life and love. Deeply romantic, the Leo man will likely shower you with his affection. He can demand all your attention, wanting to remain in your spotlight no matter what. Set limits with him right from the beginning so he knows when to give it a rest.


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This service-oriented guy aims to please. He'll help you take care of all the practical concerns of life, and he knows just what to do to make almost anything better. The Virgo guy loves cleanliness, so you can bet he'll pick up his own socks and keep the toilet seat down without too much of a fuss. He can be a little critical at times, so help him relax and he'll snap out of it.

Relationship-oriented, the Libra man knows what it takes to keep things running smoothly. As a romantic, the Libra male will always make you feel beautiful and special, and appreciates your efforts to do the same for him. His conflict-avoiding nature can sometimes make it hard to know what he's really feeling, so give him plenty of room to express his thoughts to avoid future surprises.

The Scorpio man brings smoldering intensity to his relationships and seeks to understand his lover's hidden depths. He is passionate about life and likes to delve far beneath the surface to explore mysteries in the undercurrents. He has an inclination towards jealousy, but if you show patience he can usually get around it without too many repercussions.

Fun and carefree, the Sagittarius man knows how to enjoy life. His sense of humor is legendary and he will do anything to make you laugh. This guy thrives on adventure, so don't be surprised if you spend plenty of time with him traveling to unknown destinations. Though he shies away from commitment, if given plenty of freedom he can find pleasure in a stable relationship.

The Capricorn man is stable and commitment-oriented. This guy likes to plan for the future and always has a goal in mind. An excellent provider, he thrives on making you feel safe and secure. The Capricorn male usually says exactly what he means, so don't expect any surprises from this straight shooter. He can sometimes be too serious, so try to lighten his load with plenty of laughter and good times.

The quirky Aquarius man is always experimenting with life. As a humanitarian, he's interested in everyone and loves to spend time with friends and acquaintances. He can be exciting and interesting to be around, as he usually has something completely unique to share. Try not to feel too hurt if he seems distracted from time to time, though -- he's probably just cooking up another invention!

Sweet and dreamy, the Pisces male possesses a compassionate and imaginative nature. This special guy is sensitive to your feelings and would do almost anything to make you feel better when you're down. His artistic nature is inspiring to be around as he always has a creative approach to life. Though he can sometimes be a bit spacey, your frequent reminders can help keep him grounded.
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