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Whats This About 2012? Doomsday or Opportunity?

by Terry Lamb June 12, 2012 06:06 PM EST

Over thousands of years, the Mayan people observed the heavens and learned to understand the interweaving of the planets in their cycles. They figured out how they relate to each other and created what we now call the Mayan Calendar.

The current calendar stops on December 21, 2012, and this has been the source of all kinds of predictions, fears, and dreams of a future better than the way things are now. What did the Maya know that we don’t?

The Earth's Great Year Is Ending and Beginning Again.
All the hubbub about 2012 is really about where we are in the “Great Year” of the Earth’s wobble on its axis. One wobble takes 25,800 Earth years to complete. For the Maya its beginning occurs when the Sun lines up with the Galactic Center at the time of the Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere). This is when the astronomical new year begins each December. This was divided into 5 Creations, each lasting 5125 years. We are in the last Creation now.

A new Great Year is upon us by the Maya Long Count.
The Mayan Long Count is what was used to create the Calendar. The end of the current Long Count is what is being marked by the end of the Mayan Calendar — the end of the current Fifth Creation and Great Year. The current Calendar started in 3114 B.C.E., when humans were shifting to cultivated food sources. It was a gradual shift in human development, not a sudden death of the species nor great catastrophe.

The starting and ending point of one full Earth wobble occurs on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Long Count; however this crossing takes roughly a thousand years. Is this the source of a doomsday prophecy?

It seems unlikely. Were there any prophecies from the Maya about this time? A few years ago, an inscription was found at a Mayan site that spoke of the arrival of Bolon Yoke, a minor god in the Maya pantheon. This suggests good events and upliftment, not horror and suffering. They may have thought this meant that humanity is entering a new age of higher consciousness, just as many do now.

So, what IS going on?
What’s happening now, with the planet running out of resources and humanity adjusting to a new relationship with our planet, can more likely be associated with a powerful interaction between Uranus (planet of shock and awakening) and Pluto (planet of deep transformation). This is Stage 2 of a four-stage cycle that started in the mid-1960s, a time of revolution that brought changes to government and social systems around the world, which included the birth of the ecological movement.

Now we are taking what happened then and adjusting our direction as a species to fit our new reality, with a focus on living sustainable and helping all those in suffering, of all species.

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A Shift in Consciousness?
If there is a shift in consciousness at this time, it can be spurred by all these phenomena — and we need it. The fact is, we are dealing with forces that are much larger than ourselves, and it is natural to feel fear and hopelessness when confronted with such huge energies, but we don’t have to hold on to those feelings.

How can we cope?
There are many things we can do, and this will be the subject of the posts I create for this page during 2012 and beyond. The first thing we can do is to understand what’s happening. This demystifies our experience and shows us that there is an endpoint for all this intensity. Second, we need to identify with the part of ourselves that is eternal — the spirit or soul. How do we do that? By staying in the present moment as much as possible. When we live in the now, we are at peace and we have access to our eternal consciousness. Third, we can live more lightly on the planet. We can own/buy less, live as sustainably as possible, and develop social wealth — our web of relationships with others. When we know we can rely on each other, we feel stronger in the face of adversity.

What do you feel called to do from the depths of your being?
This is the call of this time, your own personal Mayan prophecy. Beyond that, we may find that as we leave the old system behind, we have more freedom than before. If you’ve lost a job, try doing something you love and have always wanted to do. What are you brilliant at? Do that.

By 2016, we’ll be in a much different place, through a major transition. There will be ripple-effect changes for many years, but these are all good. We will look back on the economic system that we are leaving behind as a recipe for disaster that led us to a more compassionate system.

The fantastic thing about all this is that we humans are endlessly creative. We can create all the innovations we need to survive the changes and live in harmony with our Earth. When we realize what we as humans are capable of being, experiencing, and expressing, we can see the potential for all of humanity and the power we have to change our direction away from disaster.

It’s time to dream a new world into being. How exciting is THAT?!

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