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Whats Your New Directive? Your Key to Success with Saturn in Scorpio

by Terry Lamb October 31, 2012 04:58 PM EST
ON OCTOBER 5 2012, SATURN ENTERED SCORPIO. This commenced a period of three years when we will take on a mission or directive that carries a Scorpio theme. Saturn is about dealing with what blocks us, about commitments and responsibilities. Scorpio is about passion, willpower, and meaning.

Think about where you are now, your responsibilities and others’ expectations of you. Write a few notes about that, what’s on your mind, and what you hope to change, maintain, transform, and build. Saturn in Scorpio takes us on a journey of deconstruction and rebuilding, especially in our emotional nature and ways of expressing meaning — in relationships, family, work, fulfilling our purpose. Loyalty is at the heart of Scorpio. Scorpio is loathe to commit itself, but once it does it adheres to its commitment no matter what.

With Saturn, we have to do our work. With Saturn, consistent effort produces results over time. Avoidance is futile and gets us stuck in patterns where we could be free to build something new. Like paying our bills, with Saturn if we keep up with what presents itself, we prevent those cosmic late fees for lessons avoided. It’s okay if we haven’t learned them yet — we just have to face them and do the best we can.

Saturn Basics
Saturn travels once around the Zodiac in almost 30 years (29.7 on average), with sub-cycles of about seven years (the “seven-year itch”). It stays in a sign for roughly 2½ years, but since it (like all the planets) retrogrades, it may wander back and forth into the sign, making it a three-year process.

In this case, once Saturn enters Scorpio, it is there to stay until December 23 2014 when it enters Sagittarius. However, Saturn goes back into Scorpio June 15 – September 18 2015, giving us three years to reach our goals for this part of the journey.

We can see the challenges that come to us through Saturn by looking at the periods of 7 years over our lifetime; but we can also see the rewards of our efforts by looking at it a different way: in 10-year periods. This may be particularly useful in this Saturn cycle, because this cycle taps into the ten-year periods via connections with other planets.

Think back 10 years ago, to 2002-03. What were you working on then? What were your goals? Look back at notes, financial records, journals, and diaries to jog your memory. Then think back 20 years. What was going on then? Do you see a tie-in? What can you build now that uses these periods as a foundation?

How Can We Make the Most of Saturn’s Energy?

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Saturn has “best-use” rules, just like the other planets. It helps us by showing us our greatest points of weakness. As uncomfortable and unpopular as that may be, it is indispensable! How can we go forward with strength if we are being constantly undermined by a weakness? What’s more, the things we want the most are usually blocked by what Saturn reveals. If we take on the task that Saturn presents to us, we may just get what we want — we will certainly be on the journey toward it.

This is where it helps to have a picture of Saturn’s directive, our unique mission or mandate. Having a vision of where we’re headed is what will get us through the tough times when we experience doubt, fear, or pain.

To use Saturn to the max:
• Face your weaknesses.
• Go toward your obstacles. Get curious (not upset) when you feel stuck, trapped, or blocked.
• Don’t give up on the overall goal. You may need to modify your direction or approach, but the original goal based on your directive comes from your core and carries the lessons you need to learn.
• Don’t focus on it all the time, but work with it. Put it on the back burner but check the kettle from time to time. Make sure the flame is not too high nor too low. Stir it up to keep stuff from sticking to the bottom and getting burnt.
• Depression is common with Saturn but meant to be surmounted. It is a sign of a feeling of helplessness. Where does that come from? When was the last time you felt like that, and the time before? See if you can trace back to the first time you felt that way. This is the work of Saturn (and all the planets beyond).
• Remember that what you are feeling is not You, unless it is joy-love-peace-buoyancy. • Take the long view. There’s something about this that will take three years to complete, but it will be constantly progressing.
• Seek support from your circle of friends, who will have their own experiences to share. By reflection, you can help each other through. If you don’t have this type of support, this is the right time to develop it.

When we are in Saturn’s flow, we are constructively creative and productive. We have good boundaries that communicate to others without conflict (although conflict may sometimes arise). We feel strong and energized, and see the humor in what comes our way.

Find time to enjoy life, because that is what we’re here for. Saturn is meant to bring results over time, not to get you down. Do the work, get the results — it’s guaranteed where Saturn is involved.
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