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What's the best baby gear for you?

by Dabney Oliver October 04, 2009 02:03 PM EST
What's the best baby gear for you?
Pick up any parenting magazine these days and you'll find endless things to lust after. My mom recently commented that when I was little, baby items were not the big business they are today -- only a fraction of today's fun baby gear existed in the '70s. Maybe it's because women were having fewer children then, or the growing feminist movement took the focus off of moms in favor of working women. Things have shifted dramatically, with mega stores dedicated to baby gear as well as cute little boutiques in every shopping district catering to mom and baby. It can be exceedingly fun at times and equally stressful at others. To embrace the current culture of fun items or to reject it all together is a choice only you can make. In the meantime. here’s a little tidbit on mommy-baby style.

ARIES: Think Sporty Spice
You are the kind of mom that needs the best baby jogger, as well as the sling that allows you the most freedom to stay active.

TAURUS: Think Bling
You are the mom who first discovered that Gucci made a diaper bag. Or on the end of the Taurus extreme, if you're not a fashionista, then you were the mom that discovered they actually make gear that makes camping easier with a little one.

GEMINI: Think Brainy Yet Fun
You love to stock up on books for yourself and your babe, but you also enjoy gear that reflects the natural whimsy of a Gemini. Maybe you have little onesies with references on them only an adult will get.

CANCER: Think Safe and Natural
You enjoy gear that allows you to express the natural mother you are. You are the first to run out and purchase the best breast pump or to make sure your baby is safe with the latest gadget to ensure his or her safety.

LEO: Think J-Lo Mom
You enjoy being the center of attention and want to make sure you and your baby have the latest and greatest everything. Hand-me-downs are no good for Leo moms. You want to make sure your child is given the gifts of royalty. Nothing less will do.

VIRGO: Think Practical and Prudent

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You like to keep it reserved and simple, and you're not attracted to all the bright, shiny objects on the market. But that doesn't mean you and your little one are not usually seen outfitted in the latest yoga outfits for your Mommy & Me yoga class. After all, you’re a Virgo and want to keep it healthy.

LIBRA: Think Bree on Desperate Housewives Mom
Your style is impeccable, and you spend more money on clothes for you and baby than you do on the latest gear. Your mantra is that it’s better to look good than feel good -- making you the envy of moms everywhere.

SCORPIO: Think Bad-Ass Mom
Your style tends a bit toward Angelina Jolie, and you have an intensity about you that is reflected in your style. You are not the mom with little ducks and pink roses on everything. You like your gear with a bit of an edge.

SAGITTARIUS: Think World Traveler Mom
You need gear that makes it easier for you to travel with your baby. You need a stroller designed for mobility, and you like slings and pouches that allow you to expose your child to cultures all over the world. You bond best when showing your baby the outside world.

CAPRICORN: Think Practical Mom
You are in line with dad. You know how to cost-comparison shop, you know how to look for quality and you know how to hold your own when your husband doesn't agree with your selected gear of choice. You take the time to read Consumer Reports, but once your mind is made up, you get what you want.

AQUARIUS: Think Rebel Mom
You are the mom who goes against the grain when it comes to gear, and you get what you think will work for you and your baby. You don't care much about what the magazines tell you to get. If you think you need a baby monitor for the kitchen, you will get one. If you don't -- no amount of marketing is going to convince you otherwise.

PISCES: Think Romantic Mom
You are easily distracted and you just want to spend time singing lullabies and reading fairy-tales to your young one. But since that won't always cut it, you like gear that helps keep you focused and reminds you where you put your keys, despite getting only three hours of sleep. Gear with cute flowers and little animals also tends to appeal to your gushy sensibility.
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