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What's in the Stars for Valentine's Day?

by Dabney Oliver February 01, 2010 03:41 PM EST
What's in the Stars for Valentine's Day?
Whether you are hitched, recently ditched, playing the field or in love -- Valentine’s Day can be special or a big old bust. Don’t give into the temptations to overhype the holiday, and take care of yourself and a loved one by sign.

Aries like activity. Work up a sweat on Valentine’s Day this year. If you are partnered, then you can think of some fun ways to get sweaty together. And if you're single, then lace up your Nikes and join the local running club to meet someone new this February 14.

Help your man -- come right out and tell him what you want this Valentine’s Day. Taurus women love gifts so much that the pressure can be unbearable for men on this holiday. Try to set realistic expectations for the opposite sex and don’t just drop hints -- come out and ask for what you want. Single? Treat yourself well this February 14. Buy yourself the prettiest flowers you can find and head off to the spa for the day.

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year -- perfect to plan a day trip for you and a loved one. Get out of your environment and have a mini adventure together. Check out a diner or some unexpected little hideaway. Unattached Twins, treat yourself to a new book or pack up your laptop and head out to the local coffee shop. Park your pretty self on a couch and see who you meet.


For Cancers, the way to the heart is through the stomach. That's right -- it might be cliche but a good, old-fashioned, home-cooked meal always says "love". Light candles, break out the negligee and feel the romance. In between sweeties? No matter -- cook yourself your favorite meal and rent a sappy '80s flick.

Leos are all about romance. They can’t live without it. This doesn't mean that romance for the Lion comes in a traditional box of chocolates or a home delivery of flowers. Leos want a gesture that speaks to how truly special they are. Help your loved one know what you need to make you feel appreciated. Single Leos, sign up for an art class or go out and take some tango lessons on February 14.

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Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Sunday. This is great news for Virgos; they should be treated to a luxurious breakfast in bed by a loved one. For the Virgin, it's not about the splashy gift or the usual trappings -- it's about doing nice things for one another to express love. For that matter -- all unattached Virgos will find giving to others on February 14 a fulfilling gesture of love.

You are the sweetest of Valentines in the zodiac -- you're built for this day. You know how to make those around you feel loved. Remember, if you have an expectation to receive in kind, you may need to communicate your needs ahead of time. Not everyone understands how to demonstrate the essence of this day like a Libra. Single Libras, gather up all your other single friends and have a fabulous dinner party.

Let’s be blunt here: Scorpios know how to be sexy. Out of any day of the year, this is the one to break out that lacy black thing (even if you have yet to figure out exactly how it goes on). Be sure to express your lusty desires to a loved one February 14. Not coupled? No worries. This is a great day to set intentions, collage and get specific about what you want to be doing and with whom you want to be a year from now.

On this day, express your adventurous nature by cooking an international feast for your lover. Think sensual foods and sensual cultures. Italian maybe, or Spanish. Do it up. As a Sagittarius, you'll be having so much fun dancing around your tapas with a rose in your teeth that you'll be irresistible to your loved one. If you are celebrating your freedom and independence this February 14, plan a weekend getaway.

Normally you can be a bit of a workaholic. On Valentine’s Day, don’t let work get in the way of expressing how you really feel about your loved one. If you think it might be too difficult to pull your mind away from the office, set expectations with your honey. Capricorns love getting flowers delivered to them at work the Friday before February 14. It's a way of infusing a little love into an environment that could use it. If you are not feeling the day on Sunday, focus on “working” on yourself and set some goals for where you would like to be a year from now.

This Valentine’s Day, do what feels uniquely right for you. Skip the Hallmark sentiment and go for creating a new tradition that speaks to your heart. Your loved one will appreciate how you've infused your own personality into the date. Not coupled? Of any sign in the zodiac, you are the one to care least about this holiday, believing that it was created for commercial purposes. Celebrate your freedom from the schmaltz this February 14!

You big sap! You love Valentine’s Day. That’s okay -- so do lots of others. Ask your loved one to plan something special. If your loved one is not so good at that, well, you may need to pull your head out of your dreamy haze for a couple hours to plan an indoor picnic or run down to the local video store and rent a romantic movie to set your imagination on fire. If you find yourself solo this February 14, make sure to call friends and have an alternative plan. Pisces need to be around love this day no matter if it's family, friends or lovers.
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