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What's Your Attitude Toward Money?

by June 17, 2012 07:57 PM EST
What's Your Attitude Toward Money? Getty Images
Your Sun sign can tell you much about your attitude toward money -- how you spend and save, as well as how likely you are to earn it. Read on to learn more about yourself and your financial habits.

Does the Ram seek fame and fortune? Definitely the former, not the latter. While Aries could hit it big and make a bundle (many are entrepreneurs), it's more than likely that any fortune attained will have been as a result of their incredible will to succeed, not a desire to get rich. Aries are daring and bold, the go-getters of the zodiac. They like to run the show -- and they like to win. This quality might get them in trouble every now and again where money is concerned, but invariably, they wriggle out of it. It's action and adventure the Ram craves, whatever the cost. With the world as their oyster, Aries will purr like a cat. The Rambo of the boardroom has arrived!

The slow and steady Bull is one of the zodiac's great providers. Those born under this sign are terrific with money, probably because they value it so much. They also love the good life, and that usually costs a pretty penny. Thankfully, the Bull doesn't mind working hard for the good things in life since comfort is worth its price. That's not to say that Taureans don't get a charge from a sunset, a juicy grapefruit, and a good book as well. It's just that shiny new cars are so pretty, and they run like a dream, too, which is exactly what the practical Bull wants. As an Earth sign, Taurus's also enjoy owning a piece of the Earth, so real estate makes for a particularly attractive investment for these folks. It's also a great way to take care of the ones they love. The Bull is a master at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned, which means that bills are paid on time and accounts are always in order. That old maxim, "neither a borrower nor a lender be," fits the strong and capable Bull to a Taurus T.

The chatty Twins might be considered the dealmakers of the zodiac, albeit guileless ones. A crowded cocktail party with its potential for new contacts and endless possibilities is heaven on earth to the fun-seeking Twins, who also have the delicious ability to charm their way into the pocketbooks of everyone they meet -- all aboveboard, of course. Changeable, unpredictable Geminis enjoy spending their pennies and rarely worry about where the next check will come from. Their charisma will surely lead to something! However, the Twins can't be bothered with the minutiae of balancing accounts, since there are so many more interesting things to do. It's the money-making journey that's all-important to Geminis, and there best be plenty of freedom and flexibility along the way!

Why do you think Crabs come equipped with a hard, protective shell? It's because security is of the utmost importance to these folks, and that means financial security as well. Cancers like having money and feel especially good when there's a pile of it in the bank. Instinctive as they are and quick to trust their gut, making money comes fairly easily to those born under this sign. The Crab is an excellent strategist and quite good at making a pincer movement to close a deal -- a natural strategy for one with sharp claws. Even so, the Crab won't resist retreating into that shell if there's a better time to do business. Cancerians enjoy budgeting and will always see to it that the fridge is full, the bills are paid, and that bank balances are healthy. They won't charge it if they can pay now, and they usually can.

The star of the zodiac has arrived! Leos enjoy standing center stage, playing to an adoring audience. They also love beauty and riches, and often seem to be pampered with both. When not in the limelight, it's easy to spot the Lion in a crowd: They're always the most magnetic presence in the room, cast in a near-golden glow. Leos enjoy taking a risk, but generally only if the odds are in their favor. It's not surprising for Las Vegas to beckon to the Lion who loves glamour and glitz along with some shiny new coins. The Lion's gambling streak can be a good thing, as long as ego doesn't get in the way and lead to bad business decisions. The Lion's secret to success, however, may be a very generous spirit. These folks would lend their last penny, and since what goes around comes around, they'll always find their way to a few more. Leo knows the cup is half full, and more often than not, their cup runneth over!


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The modest Virgin is not likely to get caught bouncing a check. Those born under this sign are blessed with common sense and self-reliance, and they manage their money (and that of others) very well. As befits their cautious and reflective nature, Virgos like to size up a situation first, something that makes them good business partners. These honest and trustworthy folks are also chronic worriers, so they'll definitely mind the store. The Virgin is also a budgeting magician, someone who knows how to live on little and still have fun. A regular paycheck is music to the Virgin's ears, and if it's paid weekly, even better. The vagaries of freelance work are quite unkind to the Virgo constitution, believing as they do that a bird in hand is worth a whole lot more. But the fun for Virgos isn't in spending money; it's in cultivating less tangible assets such as knowledge and friendship.

It should come as no surprise that the Scales like things to be in balance -- specifically, their checkbook and their lives. Librans revel in beauty and harmony and are often striving for perfection. This quest can lead to bouts of indecision, for although Libras love to please, they hate to make the wrong choice. Ever the conciliator (Libras are often diplomats), the Scales prefer to achieve a happy medium, whatever the "price." Making financial decisions is something the Scales would rather not do, since they consider it a bit tedious. Still, those born under this sign are attractive and charismatic, and as a result they're accustomed to having things come easily. This could make for a poor work ethic, but then again, Libras would rather work at creating a beautiful world for those around them!

When the chips are down, Scorpio's inner strength and nerves of steel keeps them calm amid crisis. Scorpions always command respect ... or is that fear? Whatever the case, don't cross a Scorpion in a business deal, because it could be a fatal move -- this is the sign, after all, which rules sex, death, and money (a holy trinity indeed!). Scorpios are, in a word, great where money is concerned. Many of them are self-made folks, although a surprising number of Scorpios inherit wealth. It's easy to see that Scorpios want money desperately, however it comes. Money buys them security, freedom, and, best of all, control. Scorpios are more than willing to make sacrifices for the grand prize, and when the going is good, Scorpios will be quick to support favorite charities and shower their friends with uncommon generosity.

Sagittarians love to spend, and they usually have plenty of money with which to do it -- after all, Sagittarius is considered the luckiest Sign of the zodiac. Then again, it can also be said that one makes their own luck, and this is something optimistic Sagittarians do very well. Luckily for all, the Archer is generous to a fault and eager to spread the wealth around. Sagittarians are fairly good at handling money, although they'd rather be working on the next big deal. Since the minutiae of money management bores them to tears, they are well advised to hire an accountant. The Archer loves to plan ahead, party hearty and span the globe, ever searching for and dreaming about the opportunity (or adventure) of a lifetime. The bottom line with Sags is that they love money and what it will buy -- mainly fun and freedom. Money will give the Archer the ability to do much, or much of nothing, but at least it's their choice!

The Goat is oh-so-careful where money is concerned. Disciplined and focused Capricorns love routine and actually enjoy the hard work involved in achieving financial success. It's the Goat's lot in life to slowly and steadily climb up the mountain, pausing every now and again for a gulp of fresh air before continuing, ever higher. Capricorns are among the shrewdest people around when it comes to making and keeping money -- these are the true money mavens of the zodiac. Money gives these folks a feeling of strength and accomplishment, as well as a delicious sense that they have arrived. Having money also means that Capricorns will be able to stay in the game, which is what these hard-working souls want. The Goat also needs to have a nest egg set aside for a rainy day, thanks to that lingering sense of gloom. Capricorns aren't exactly cheap, but they're not lavish, either: You can bet a Goat will know when filet is on sale and only then will it be the evening's meal!

Is the Water Bearer smart? They don't call Aquarians the geniuses of the zodiac for nothing. Possessed of a lightning-quick mind, these folks could make a bundle -- if they ever put their mind to it. It's likelier, though, that restless Aquarius will be more focused on their lofty new ideas or saving the world. Money, for better or for worse, is not at the top of the Water Bearer's list. Any bucks that come to these folks are more than likely to be pure happenstance, since there are many more important things to work on. To an Aquarius, money is a means to an end. Aquarius's also tend to experience great highs and lows where money is concerned: One day they'll sell a computer program for millions, yet the next day they're being hounded by the IRS. The Water Bearer enjoys being self-employed, although the erratic cash flow can wreak havoc on the budget -- if they've bothered to make one, that is. A bookkeeper could be an Aquarius's best friend.

Prone as Pisceans are to swimming in either direction, one never knows which Fish will splash onshore. Pisces can be exceedingly generous, something which can lead to ill-timed extravagance. Conversely, they can indulge in irrational fears about money which lead them to extreme practicality. Although the Fish may seem wishy-washy, they're actually quite good with money. It's not nearly a important to them, however, as their dreams. Many dreams, sadly, require money if they are to become a reality, so Pisces are often compelled to achieve financial success for the greater good. It's safe to say Pisces enjoy having money around, because it helps to fund their causes. Those Pisces who don't come across money by accident needn't worry, since they're blessed with mental gifts that can easily lead to a fortune of their own.
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