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What's Your Ideal Fashion Sense?

by Astrology.com October 02, 2009 08:38 PM EST
What's Your Ideal Fashion Sense?
Just as they have distinctive personality traits, goals and needs, each Sun sign has its own sense of fashion and style. Aries can usually be found in red, Scorpio is dressed to kill and Sagittarius doesn't much care what it wears, so long as their clothing gives them room to move. What you wear can say a lot about who you are and what you want out of life.

As a Ram, you want to be first in everything. This means you probably know, up to the minute, all about the current trends in fashion. One step ahead of the game, you're a trendsetter. Not afraid to try new things, as long as they appeal to your sense of fun and adventure, you'll wear the most daring of styles. As soon as you see a new item on the rack, you know it'll be the latest trend, and you're not afraid to spend your hard-earned cash to be the first to have 'the look.' In the eighties, you might have been the first to wear shoulder pads (and the first to rip them out toward the end of the decade); in the nineties, you were first in line for that eyebrow piercing. More conservative Aries turned on the television in the mid-nineties and went right out to get their Friends haircut.

True to your fiery Ram nature, you prefer black and red clothing. Not one to go for the tailored look, your closet resembles Noah's Ark — it’s full of all shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics. Rest assured, though, it all looks really good once it goes on your body. You know that flowers are out and solids are in. As far as makeup goes, dramatic eyes do you best, with bright red lipstick to match your fiery hair. Your Sign rules the head, so your best accessory is a hat and sparkling diamonds to adorn your neck and fingers.

Fave Label: Gucci
Would Look Good On: Sarah Jessica Parker

A pristine Bull, you would never be caught wearing anything off the rack. Face it, you're a label snob — the likes of which any designer would be proud. You would know exactly what to wear to dinner with royalty, and even your workout clothes are created by big-name designers. Only the finest of imported fabrics will do, and anything rough to the touch just wouldn't be civilized. Never willing to sacrifice quality, you are quite capable of spending your last dime to get that gorgeous suit tailored. Price is no object because you know that when you find that perfect garment, it will be yours forever. You believe that well-made clothes never go out of style, and that trends and fashion are not the most important part of your wardrobe.

Taurus’ best feature is often the neck, so classy chokers and necklaces look marvelous on you, while tying a scarf on appeals to the classiest part of your nature. You should wear your hair up and decorate it with emeralds. Bright colors and flashy glamour can be left for the plebians — you will stick to your browns, beiges and khakis. With your sense of fashion, you will never be underdressed for any occasion, and you will always look good.

Fave Label: Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton
Would Look Good On: Cate Blanchett

Every day is an adventure for the Twins. You probably open your closet in the morning to have a mountain of crumpled garments cascade onto your head. Once you dig through the mess, it’s only a question of figuring out what you feel like wearing that day. You follow trends halfheartedly since you become bored with them quickly. You're a bit conscious of your wallet when going clothing shopping, but if you find the fuzziest pair of slippers you've ever set your feet in, nothing will stop you from making them yours. You probably don't care about (or even look at) what the label on your new garment says, as long as you like the way it looks and feels.

You may do well in tank tops to show off your arms, and you can never go wrong with blue denim. If you think about putting on makeup in the morning, it's probably very light, perhaps only lip gloss to augment your natural shine. Arm bands and dangly bracelets are a must unless, like tight clothing, they're too constricting. Experimental Gemini is willing to try anything once, but your hair is usually fairly simple, with only twin braids to bring out your inner nature.

Fave Label: Alexander McQueen
Would Look Good On: Angelina Jolie

Happiness is a sweater that has been your friend for years. Since you’re almost as attached to clothing as you are to your loved ones, you've spent years trying to bring back parachute pants, nehru jackets and jumpsuits. Some of these things may still be in your wardrobe, as are the most comfortable styles from every trend that catches your eye. Even clad in the most traditional or comfortable of garb, you always keep an air of femininity about your wardrobe. Lace takes precedence over denim, and cargo pants are definitely out. One of the only things you spend haphazardly on is lingerie, from sports bras to sultry nighties. A favorite outfit might be a long, flowing skirt with a v-neck sweater and a raincoat. On warm days, beachwear and wraps with sandals are a must.

Long necklaces and pretty jewelry makes any outfit complete. Pearls are a favorite, and any shade of green is a pleasure to wear. You probably don't go much for makeup, unless it is soft and easy to manage. You might not even own a blow dryer, preferring to let your hair dry naturally and hang down over your shoulders. You prefer to dress for the comforts of home, but you also know how to look for the world outside.

Fave Label: Ralph Lauren
Would Look Good On: Liv Tyler

Being a Lion, you rule the roost and want the best of everything. If a garment is out of your budget, it still somehow must become yours. Price tags and labels rule what you buy, and if the fashion mags haven't heard of a designer, you drop them like a hot coal. You could never be seen in public wearing anything but top quality. Comfort comes last in your book. If the latest trend requires wobbly platform shoes and pants that cut off your circulation, that's exactly what you'll be stumbling about on and squeezing into. Anything daring with a bold display of colors is your cup of tea, as long as it makes you look good. Business suits are for the workplace, and you wear them well, but in your own time you prefer flowing, elegant garments, custom tailored to your shape. It's imperative that you look the part of royalty.

You excel at wearing flashy, pricey jewelry. Your Sign rules the back, so going backless or strapless to the right soiree is never out of place. Favorite colors are gold, bronze and orange, and whether you choose to wear these as an electric splash or a bold statement is your decision. You'll purr over anything that calls attention to the Lion's mane, whether is be handcrafted barrettes, colorful rubber bands or jeweled tiaras. One thing is for certain: Leo knows how to dress for success.

Fave Label: Versace
Would Look Good On: Madonna

Every night before bed, Virgo, armed with a can of starch, can be found dutifully slaving over the ironing board. You take good care of your clothes, and they return the favor. A minimalist by nature, you sniff at trends that require pants so big you need to hold them up; you also disdain any clothing you can't move around in, and even the thought of girdles makes you laugh outright. Price is important when you're picking out this season's wardrobe. You would never go to the sales rack to buy something under par, preferring instead to spend more for better quality. When you leave the house, you're wearing traditional styles with pleats ironed to a perfect angle, and there is not a speck of lint to be seen. The outfits you buy are simple, tailored to fit and will last a lifetime.

For fun, the normally conservative Virgo might give in and wear a crop top to display their firm belly. With hair in a bun, or pulled back in some other neat, out-of-the-way style, you fit in naturally with every season's trend, and there’s nothing but earth tones in your closet — natural colors and fabrics in browns and beiges fit you just fine. Not given to wearing much jewelry, you might try out a sardonyx (the earthier member of the onyx family) to add a bit of glamour without insulting your skin tone.

Fave Label: Calvin Klein

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Would Look Good On: Cameron Diaz

The Scales make the best shopping buddy. Because of your excellent taste, off-the-rack is usually not quite good enough. Friends and family know to come to you during a fashion crisis, if they have the time to wait for you to make up your mind. Standing in front of your closet in the morning is a case of so many choices, so little time. You know everything in there works — the trick is to decide which one works best today. When your paycheck comes, you go shopping, and pity any price tag that gets in your way. You're a trendsetter when it comes to spicing up a classical look. Always tailored and impeccable, you still manage to keep up with the hottest trends in your own way. There's no throwing on an outfit in the morning; rather, you put yourself together so you're in sync from head to toe.

There are no extraneous piercings on your body — if you have an earring in your right ear, there's one in your left as well. Everything you wear is balanced, from your choice of color to the distance between the pinstripes on your suit. Your makeup is so impeccable, it almost looks like you're not wearing any. Jewelry, too, only serves to highlight your best features. The rich shade of the sapphire works best with your desire for comfortable blue tones. Libra loves to shop, and it shows.

Fave Label: Giorgio Armani
Would Look Good On: Gwyneth Paltrow

The always sexy Scorpion is hard to categorize. One day you could be sleek in the latest look; the next you're kicking back in something flowing and romantic. Whatever you're wearing, and for whatever reason, you've probably got some ulterior motive. When you go out on the town in something short and skimpy, you're probably on the prowl for a partner who'll offer some fun in the wee hours. You'll put on a pricey power suit if that's what it takes to score a high-level corporate job. You follow trends as long as they suit you, but you're no slave to fashion — if everyone went around with partially shaven eyebrows, you’d probably refrain. On the other hand, you may have been first in line for the best retro styles.

You're bound to either wear lots of jewelry, or no jewelry at all. Your hair might be long and luscious, or short at spiky. You could wear wigs and costume paint, as long as how you look matches your changeable inner nature on that particular day. As a Scorpio, you’re a master of disguise: You could wear makeup like a mask, or take it all off so those around you think you're revealing the bare truth. Your hidden — or perhaps unhidden — passion is silky, sensual undergarments in black or red.

Fave Label: Miu Miu
Would Look Good On: Winona Ryder

The Archer is usually more at home under the stars than indoors, but even the illustrious explorer needs to wear clothing. Not big on fashion, and not really caring about making a statement, you dress in comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement and can handle the rugged nature of your existence. Clothing made from hemp or other natural fibers suits you best, and long skirts, ponchos and loose fitting jeans suit you perfectly. You may look out of place during dressy occasions, but you're not so concerned about what others think of your looks, instead hoping people see the inner levels of your knowledge.

Hiking boots or sandals adorn your feet on most days; going barefoot is not uncommon, either. Cosmetics are a pain, and jewelry just gets in the way, broken or lost, so you simply don't wear any. Strong colors, particularly navy blue, lift your spirits, but you rarely bother to match your clothing. Sagittarius men have no problem with scraggly beards, and a woman's hair is something to turn into natural dreadlocks, shave off or throw back in a ponytail. Your colorful clothing causes smiles as you unassumingly go on your way.

Fave Label: None
Would Look Good On: Katie Holmes

The Goat is more comfortable in business suits and no-nonsense heels than sweats and sandals. You are reasonable enough to want the best, but not to expect to get it on your frugal budget. There's no snob in your nature to stop you from checking what the bargain rack has to offer. All your clothing is practical, and while it may not be the latest cut, it still looks good enough to let your business associates know you're serious about your career. If the price is right, you’ll go so far as to get your clothing tailored, as long as it retains its timeless style. For relaxation, you might wear pedal pushers, and leg warmers are a must at the gym.

What you save on clothes, you splurge on accessories. Your jewelry is simple, but expensive. You can be classy without being gaudy, and other than an amethyst here or there, you prefers browns, beiges and khaki. Your hair is not a big issue, as long as it's short, attractive and can be styled in less than five minutes. Combining adornment with use, Capricorn was one of the first to wear calculator watches, though a PDA is now the chief adornment to your pockets or purses.

Fave Label: Donna Karan
Would Look Good On: Christy Turlington

You'll never see a Water Bearer shopping in one of those big, corporate fashion dens that make their profit from monopolies and sweatshops. Thrift stores suit you much better, where you can get the most interesting clothes at the least damage to your pocketbook. You keep up with trends in your own way, by avoiding the new retro fashions and instead finding clothing from the original time being copied today. Colorful clothing made from hemp — or anything with shock value, for that matter — is scattered about your wardrobe. Among the mismatched, eclectic, daring garments in your possession, there's probably at least one gown or suit that is perfectly tailored, perfectly elegant and definitely expensive.

Ankles are your Sign's favorite body part, so indulge in this by wearing anklets, strappy sandals and t-length skirts. Your hair is constantly changing — first you dyed it green to shock your parents, and later just kept changing the color to catch the attention of the rest of the world. Henna is useful for this scheme. The makeup you wear is bright, fun and completely cruelty-free, but if you don't feel like it, though, you won't wear any at all. Adorning your body and clothing with turquoise is a good bet for adding beauty to your life.

Fave Label: Anna Sui
Would Look Good On: Christina Ricci

The Fish likes to be able to flow in and out of clothing with ease. At home while barefoot and in long, flowing skirts, you are at peace with the world around you when your clothing is comfortable to the point of nonexistence. Clothes are, in fact, a social construct. You know you can't wander about naked, though, so you visit bargain stores and thrift shops to get yours. If you had it your way, you would probably go about in a bathing suit all day, throwing on a plastic bag or two when it gets cold. You're flexible, though, and if you buy a power suit and wear it like you mean it, you'll eventually grow into it. Once you get past the hang-up of having something on your feet, you're prone to buying tons of shoes, so at least your toes can have some variety in their prison.

Moonstones are a good bet to adorn your body in strange places. Belly chains, anklets and, especially, toe rings cast a fantastical glimmer over whatever you're wearing. Hair that is long and tangled quickly becomes hair that is long and braided when the Fish needs a quick fix. When left in your natural state, you don't give much thought to clothing. Pisces is a chameleon, however, so wherever you go and whatever you do, you never need to worry about fitting in.

Fave Label: Stella McCartney
Would Look Good On: Drew Barrymore
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