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What's Your Pet's Personality?

by February 05, 2011 07:53 PM EST
What's Your Pet's Personality?

Astrology isn't just for two-legged creatures, you know. Whether it's your cat or dog, fish or horse, all beings are influenced by the stars. Track down your pet's birth date and get the real lowdown on their behavior. Armed with this newfound knowledge, you and your brood will be the envy of the animal kingdom.

Ready for a workout? That's exactly what you'll get from your Aries pet, since this is a most energetic animal that's sure to keep you fit. The Aries pet will do whatever it wants and make plenty of noise while it's at it, but this pet is such a pal that you're bound to overlook its lack of good manners.

Friendly and sweet, your Aries pet will be in heaven when company comes over, the better to show off its favorite tricks. This is also an assertive animal, so canines in particular can be expected to be staunch protectors of the home. While your Aries pet may appear a bit compulsive at times, it's only because these animals are so action-oriented and revel in a frisky, fun-filled day of play. The Aries kitty needs room to roam as well, so be sure not to lock them up.

Competitive, your Aries pet will want to be the pride of the neighborhood, running farther and faster just to show their owner how special they are. Keep showing this pup new games (hopefully with new toys!) and their love will be boundless. As Aries rules the head, eyes and ears, be mindful of these areas on your pet.

No fast moves for the Taurus pet; this is a lethargic, even lazy animal that would much rather sleep than run around. Therefore, be sure your pet's bed is comfortable, with a super-soft blanket thrown in for good measure. These animals love to eat, so see to it that Fido's food is fresh and tasty and that kitty's bowl is swimming in fish. The Taurus pet is also fond of physical touch, which is why you should pat them regularly and brush their coat slowly and lovingly.

Not much for exercise, though, you shouldn't expect your Taurus pet to run over the hill and through the woods -- they may not even want to run around the yard. Lounging around is the name of their game. These animals can be persistent and stubborn as well, and if they could talk, they'd probably be arguing more often than not. That said, they do appreciate the comforts of home and are loyal to their masters for this very reason; a Taurus pet is highly unlikely to run away.

Since they like to eat so much, keep an eye on your Taurus pet to ensure they don't get too fat. This tolerant and gentle pet makes for a great companion for kids.

The Gemini pet is so noisy and yappy that you might start to think they're talking after a while. Rest assured, there's nothing they'd rather do. Communicators in their own way, the Gemini pet is interactive and craves variety and freedom -- no humdrum routines for this pet. Your Fido will want a walk in the park today, followed by a hike in the woods tomorrow and a swim at the beach after that.

The Gemini pet is also bright and amusing and loves to learn new tricks, so be sure you have a few up your sleeve. Everything happens fast for the Gemini pet -- these animals eat fast, walk fast, and continually move from one thing to the next. The picture of the sleeping kitty goes right out the window if your feline is a Gemini.

Innovative, too, it's the Gemini pet that comes up with the kind of original stunts and precocious moves that make its master swoon. The Gemini pet's zest for life and a good time ensure that this animal will seem young even in old age. It's safe to say your Gemini pet will never cease to amaze you and will provide countless hours of fun. Finally, pay particular attention to your pet's paws or legs, as these areas may be weak spots for them.

That pet that sticks close to home and loves being part of the family is bound to be a Cancer. These are the kind of animals that don't feel a need to go out and explore. Rather, everything they need is right at home. For that reason, be sure that they don't get locked out at night and that there is always food in their bowl. The Cancer pet is prone to stomach and digestive problems, so feed them the same diet like clockwork and try to minimize any emotional distress.

Intuitive and sensitive, the Cancer pet will sense any family upsets (even raised voices) and not do well as a result. Adoring of the family, your Cancer pet will enjoy playing with the kids and is sure to jump up on your lap if it senses you're feeling blue. How's that for a winning companion?

Even so, these animals can be a bit moody and aloof at times, so give them some space if they're having a bad day. The Cancer pet can be possessive of its things, and of family members as well. They'll get particularly unsettled when the clan is heading out on a trip, for they know they'll be left alone -- and that's no fun in this animal's kingdom. Forever loyal, the Cancer pet is sure to keep the home fires burning bright.

That pampered pet that rules the roost is surely a Leo. And yet these animals manage to throw their weight around in the most charming way. No doubt spoiled rotten, the Leo pet wouldn't imagine living any other way, and as a result can be quite lazy.

Their favorite meals are only a start: This pet will expect to be washed and groomed regularly and to be the focus of the family's attention at all times. Are you up to the task? Your reward for this will be kitty's undying love, and the Leo pet does understand loyalty -- as long as they get what they want. The Leo pet will be popular with the family, neighbors, and other animals in the neighborhood, as these animals have a penchant for being the center of attention. They will add a lot to the family as well, although they might take over if you're not careful.

It's their demanding, almost entitled nature which keeps their master continually catering to their needs, but the flip side of all this is that the Leo pet is also courageous and strong. Would they rescue a lost child? You bet. (But perhaps it's because they know it will make them a star.) Finally, be sure your Leo pet gets enough exercise -- these pups need to watch their heart.

You need to have a fair bit of patience with a Virgo pet, because these animals can be very picky. Finicky is their middle name, and it only begins at mealtime. Be sure to feed them simple food and to do it at the same time, every time.

The Virgo pet is also prone to hypochondria, so they'll forever be wincing or yelping about this or that; that said, it can be easy to care for this pet if you simply implement a stable routine. The Virgo pet will enjoy being walked at the same time every day and will appreciate its usual route, thank you very much.

These animals are also neat and clean, so see to it that kitty's box is as clean as your own bathroom. If not, this pet may soon be trading places! Other than the basics, the Virgo pet doesn't require much. This animal will not expect new toys, being much more fond of its well-worn staples. They also have a great attention to detail, something which makes them good guard animals.

While the Virgo pet can seem demanding at times, it's only because these animals know what they want and are counting on you to give it to them. Keep things simple and consistent, and you'll both be happy.

What your Libra pet wants, above all, are friends. This is an animal that doesn't want to be left alone. Companionable to the max, your Libra pet could easily act as social director for all the other animals in the neighborhood, being the most playful pup in the park. If this pet's social circle is too small, it could easily start to whine or even cry.

Your Libra pet wants to live in a happy world, so harmony at home is quite important -- this animal can pick up on bad vibes. They also realize that living in a beautiful world is important, which is why you should brush kitty regularly or take your pooch to the groomer and have him leave with a big red bow around his neck. In keeping with this penchant for the good life, your Libra pet also wants to eat well, so be sure the food you feed them is both fresh and tasty.

Your Libra pet travels like a champ and loves to hit the road, so be sure that you bring this pet along whenever possible. Even if it's just a quick walk to the corner store for a pint of milk, they want to make the journey. This is a pet that's very eager to please, and if you're nice to your Libra, they'll give you plenty in return.

The lone ranger of the animal kingdom has arrived! The Scorpio pet is more independent than most, but along with that self-sufficiency comes a strong-willed, almost stubborn demeanor. Still, this animal will grow extremely loyal once it becomes comfortable in the family.

Mysterious as well, the Scorpio pet could wander off for days in search of adventure -- yet it will always return. The Scorpio pet is also emotional, intuitive and can easily sense when things aren't right. If their master is upset, they will surely stay close, the better to comfort in their own way.

This is the kind of pet that needs to know what's going on, whether it's family dynamics or the contents of the neighborhood garbage cans. Beware of what this pet might bring in the door! It could be a prize for Mom and Dad, or something more original to eat. This is one unfussy animal that just wants to find a place to call home.

This is the happy-go-lucky pet of the zodiac, always playful and jumping around and letting you know just how delighted they are to be a part of your home. Extremely energetic, this is a pet who would much rather be out of doors, catching a Frisbee in the park or playing with the birds in the trees. Bring your Sag pet with you when you hit the hiking trails or set off on a camping trip, as they are sure to enhance the experience.

As Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, be sure your pet has plenty of room to roam -- these animals love to wander off. That said, they will always remember that they're part of a family unit, so you needn't worry that they won't return from those nocturnal adventures. The Sag pet is also terrific with kids, so when it's time for that summer vacation, be sure to bring them along.

More serious and deliberate than most, it's likely the Capricorn pet will live to a ripe old age. Why? For one, there's no risk-taking behavior going on with this pup. The Capricorn pet will plod along, amusing itself by watching other animals play to their hearts' content.

What keeps this animal happy is helping out and working hard. Need that paper fetched? The Cap dog will do it daily. Need those barnyard animals to stay in line? The Cap horse will see to it that everyone stays together. Stable and serene, the Cap pet will appreciate a comfortable home and a happy family. These animals won't need much exercise, either -- for them, work is exercise!

This is an animal that really loves to feel needed, so don't be reluctant to dole out those chores. Very self-controlled, the Cap pet is easy to house-train and will know the importance of following the family rules. Self-reliant as well, this is a pet that will do just fine back home while Mom, Dad, and the kids take a family trip.

While the Cap pet doesn't need much touch or love, it does like to be neat and clean, so brush this pet regularly. Watch their bones and teeth, too, as these areas may require special attention.

Considered almost eccentric by some, the Aquarius pet is a bit quirky, often traveling in a world of its own. Unusual and a bit finicky, this is a pet that needs plenty of freedom to express itself. That freedom extends to the physical, too, so no closed quarters (or leashes) for this animal.

The Aquarius pet also loves to socialize and mixes easily with people and other animals. It's the Aquarius pet that would also take well to vegetarian food, if only because it's novel. Individualistic and at times a bit aloof, don't expect your Aquarian kitty to be a lap cat -- it just won't happen. While not cuddly, these pets will be good companions nonetheless; it's just that it will be on their own terms.

Looking a bit shy and lost at first, the Aquarian pet will soon be showing off in their own unmatchable way. Smart as a whip, too, these animals learn their lessons fast, and well. Ready for a rebel in the family? The Aquarian pet is up to the task.

You may start to wonder if your Pisces pet is really here with you. These animals are great at creating a world of their own. This can often seem like laziness -- which it often is, since life for the Pisces pet is a blissful state of dreams and make-believe. As a result, you shouldn't expect much from this sweet animal.

What you will get from your pet, however, is a caring and sympathetic friend who will sense when you're upset and do what they can to make you feel better. When you're feeling down, a Piscean pup will hop up on your lap and lavish you with affection. You can think of the Pisces pet as your shadow -- they're inclined to follow you around and land wherever you do.

While generally not too needy, your Pisces pet won't want to be left alone all the time; there's great comfort for this animal in knowing you're near. Nighttime is a fun time for the Pisces pet, as they'll be dreaming up a storm -- but rest assured they're having a ball. A rule to remember: Be sure to keep your Pisces kitty away from catnip, for she could go crazy on it.

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