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What's Your Relationship Deal-Breaker?

by D. Light October 04, 2009 02:01 AM EST
What's Your Relationship Deal-Breaker?
There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Stuff happens -- that's life. To forgive is divine.

But that doesn't mean you have to continue on the same way. Sometimes it's better for everyone involved if a relationship ends. Knowing what your personal deal-breakers are will help you quickly exit bad relationships and hold onto to the good ones.

So when do you say 'TTYN'?

ARIES: When he tries to mind-control you.
If you're a headstrong Aries, you know who you are and you're not going to change for anyone else. All personal developments have to be completely your choice because you're a self-created person. Any guy who manipulates you emotionally or intellectually for his own purposes isn't going to last long with you.

TAURUS: When he has too many secrets.
You're a down-to-earth kind of gal, and you don't understand why any honest person would need to hide things about themselves. If you frequently stumble upon information that he seems not to want you to know, it makes you wonder who he really is. You need to be able to trust your guy, and if you can't, you'll likely decide he's not worth your time.

GEMINI: When there's not a drop of humor left in the relationship.
Gemini is all about creating fresh fun on a daily basis. To Gemini, laughter, joy and discovery are the essence of life. Sure, things sometimes slow down or get a little dull after the initial shine has worn off in a relationship, and you actually like doing the work to keep things exciting. But if a guy is so serious that he can't join you in drumming up some silly excuse to crack each other up, then he’s probably not one for the long haul.

CANCER: When he cheats and lies about it.
You're compassionate and forgiving, and you're stronger than most. Sometimes you even come across as a tough chick who's impervious to emotional pain, but that’s just an act. The truth is, when you love, you love hard -- with all of your heart. Someone who is willing to risk losing your love by lying and cheating simply doesn't appreciate the gift. So you take it back.

LEO: When he creates drama in your family.
You wouldn't let your parents pick your boyfriend. Yet if they don't like him, it has an impact on your perception of him. Any person of character should be able to win those siblings and cousins over eventually, right? If you give him plenty of time to fit in and he can't seem to find a niche in the family tree -- or worse, he constantly criticizes them -- well, it's only a matter of time before the inevitable bye-bye.

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VIRGO: When he thinks you're his personal servant.
You're not going to break up just because he leaves his socks lying around, or because you're the only one who seems to stock his refrigerator. But if it's clear that not only does he not appreciate your domestic contributions, but he actually expects them from you, he's bound to eventually overstay his welcome in your heart.

LIBRA: When it's obvious you and he are from different worlds, and you can't make them meet.
Love isn't only about two people and the way they feel about one another. There are always circumstances around a relationship to consider as well. For instance, do the two of you want to live in the same city? Will your professional choices jive with your relationship? Will you feel comfortable with one another's family? If there is a great deal of conflict over these external factors, no matter how much you love each other, you'll probably part ways -- at least until your circumstances can support your love.

SCORPIO: When he wants to change you.
If he looks at you with adoring eyes and says, 'You'd be so much prettier if you'd change your wardrobe,' that's not going to fly with you. Furthermore, if he wants you to be a redhead instead of a brunette, or to speak French fluently because he has a fantasy about that -- it's just not happening. No matter how spectacularly gorgeous, smart, funny, talented or rich he is, he's got to like you for you -- that's a non-negotiable.

SAGITTARIUS: When he's intolerant of people who are unlike himself.
He may be sweet as Godivas to you, but if you catch him talking down to a service person or being nasty to someone from a different race and/or culture, you'll be so turned off you won't be able to continue. 'Viva la difference!' is your motto, and you need a guy who shares your healthy respect for all people.

CAPRICORN: When he's dishonest about money.
It's one of the things couples fight most about -- money. You don't want to be one of those people, and part of what keeps you in the clear is having similar morals around financial matters. If you find out that he lies about or steals money from you or anyone else, it's an ethical breach you're not likely to get past.

AQUARIUS: When he's headed for a future that doesn't appeal to you.
As the sign of the future, you always have one foot in Tomorrowland. For a relationship to work, you don't require that he commit to being with you forever; you just need to know that your future vision is a shared one. If you never want kids and he fantasizes about a full house, or if he sees himself carrying on a partying lifestyle when you see yourself growing a career, then the relationship just doesn't have legs.

PISCES: When he's just a drag to be around all the time.
For Pisces, it's not usually one thing that breaks a relationship. Instead, it's an overall feeling that things simply aren't working. You may still like him or even love him, but if you don't feel good about yourself or life in general when you're around him, you won't want to be around him much longer. The bottom line is that you need a guy who brings energy to the relationship, not a guy who drains you.
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