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Which Country Suits You?

by Marjorie Orr October 27, 2009 03:32 PM EST
Which Country Suits You?
We all love to explore our Sun signs to get a better handle on ourselves. But did you know countries have Sun signs as well? Every nation has a symbolic moment of birth, just like people, that help describe their character.

What else could the family-oriented United States be other than a Cancer? Born on July 4, 1776, America adores home comforts. And the stiff-upper-lipped United Kingdom is, of course, a cool Capricorn. It started life on January 1, 1801, so no wonder it's so serious and traditional!

If you choose your holiday location based on your Sun sign as it matches to certain countries, you're bound to find the perfect setting -- and energy -- to which your spirit is drawn.

An energetic type always looking for adventure, you'll thrill to heroic Greece, where there are plenty of water sports, local wines and chance romances. Next stop could be Thailand, with its exotic, sexy ambience, wild countryside and hot city nightclubs. Or perhaps some big-game trekking in South Africa would suit your fancy!

A little natural scenery -- but not too rustic -- is what you desire. Your Taurus soul mate countries begin with seaside Portugal; alternately, you could head for sunny Israel, land of agriculture and fresh food. If you're a real explorer, Brazil provides another port of call, while the less adventurous will enjoy Ireland's Guinness-filled pubs.

Curious and fleet of foot, you like to dip in and move on. Germany may seem stodgy to some, but you'll know exactly where to find fun there. The Scandinavian countries offer plenty of activities to keep your Gemini self engaged, while both South Africa and Morocco, at opposite ends of Africa, are hot and exotic destinations. Last but not least, you'll resonate with Argentina, with its lively locals and rolling fiestas!

In need of home comforts, elegance and the distinctly feminine touch, you prefer holiday spots with mothering tendencies. Head for Cancerian countries like the United States or Italy. Oddly, being ruled by the Moon, you still appreciate lots of sun, so the Bahamas or Seychelles will offer both island warmth and a chance to mix.

You're flamboyant and enjoy living the five-star life -- with a dash of the exotic thrown in. Your Leo countries start with Jamaica, land of carnivals, blue skies, lush foliage, wealthy tourists and carefree lifestyles. India calls to you as well, with its fabulous hotels. Switzerland may seem rather dull to some, but you know it's where the money is -- and you love that!

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You'll surely do well in France, a fellow Virgo where the mood is sexy and the food is amazing. Malta, a small island off the Greek mainland, provides a unique combination of exotica and efficiency. But if you really want to let down your hair, head for either Mexico or Trinidad and Tobago, each featuring ancient culture, wonderful people and varied terrain.

Sociable, inquiring and harmonious, you like to vacation in style. China is a Libra country, so consider visiting for its wonderful gardens and old palaces. Belgium, with its sophisticated feel and peaceful pace, would also suit you equally well. Portugal's slightly restrained Libra temperament, excellent food and tradition of service, will also make you feel pampered.

Emotionally intense, you need a holiday spot with passion. Your prime Scorpio soul mate country is Spain, with wild flamenco dancers and sexy bullfighters; another magnet may be edgy (and slightly dangerous!) Turkey. For the fainter of heart, St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean possesses a sultry feel. Back in Eurpoe, Poland and the Czech Republic both offer magnificent architecture, and you're certain to connect with each country's dramatic denizens!

Sporty and intellectual, your holiday needs to satisfy a number of yearnings. Your Sagittarius countries start with Puerto Rico, with its sunny climate, warm people and intriguing history. Barbados offers much the same, but more quiet and lush. Sitting still is not your style, so cooler holiday spots like Iceland, Finland or Sweden will tempt your taste for the alternative.

You're rather traditional, so the grandeur of fellow goat Russia may suit you -- its vastness holds appeal, as do its grand cities, passionate citizenry and rich history. For all its chaos, India is also one of yours, a country of immense scale, wonderful scenery and plenty to tempt your palate. If you prefer English-speaking countries, then the UK, Australia or New Zealand will surely offer a home away from home.

Endlessly curious about different cultures, your holiday destination has to challenge you. The first port of call on your Aquarian country tour would be Greece, with its ancient cultural sites to whet your intellectual appetite. Next would be Japan, with its contradictory mix of high-tech culture and ancient history. Another possibility is Sri Lanka, again with a touch of modernity married to the historical.

Pisces is the sign of the great explorers, so it's no surprise that you like to venture far afield. You would adore mystical Egypt, with the majesty of its Pyramids and the churning chaos of Cairo. While you're there, take a drift down the Nile on a dhow -- a very Pisces thing to do! Nepal, an ancient kingdom with a colorful history, is also an ideal destination for the Fish. Finally, Italy will hold much appeal with its emotional sensitivity to anything creative, cultural or spiritual.
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