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Will LL Cool J Be a Hit or Miss as Grammys Host?

by Kiki T. January 19, 2012 12:36 AM EST
Will LL Cool J Be a Hit or Miss as Grammys Host?
The Grammy’s have announced LL Cool J as host of the 25th award show! While he is one of the coolest picks, he definitely goes against convention. It’s been seven years since the Grammy’s have had a host, and typically they usually tap a comedian for the job. So will he be a hit or a miss?

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LL is a Capricorn with a Virgo Rising, which means nothing shakes him. He’ll have nerves of steel going into this role. Plus, with Mars (ambition) in his natal First House (identity) pushing him to try new forms of expression, he does have luck on his side. The surprise twist in this is that LL’s midheaven (aspiration point in his natal chart) is in Gemini -- the sign of the host-with-the-most. In other words, LL is gonna knock everyone out!
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