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A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures Lesson 1; 78 Flavors, Endless Possibilities (Part 3 & 4)

by Jo-Anne Penn-Kast February 24, 2011 05:09 PM EST
A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures  Lesson 1; 78 Flavors, Endless Possibilities (Part 3 & 4) Jo-Anne Penn-Kast

Part 3: Turn the Page (Cont. from Parts 1 & 2

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Below we'll look at a random section of writing that delves into our Page of Swords as under the influence or viewed from the Cups/relationships/motive perspective. (Tip: outwardly it often displays a conspicuous absence of Cups, or refers to Wands and Pentacles with Sword-like language.)  This perspective can reveal insight into the state of conflict that often informs this phase of the Page of Swords.  


You might also notice that once our Page gets Cup-ish; questions, insecurities, demands, and doubts often swirl and cloud our hero's Judgment, lead to outbursts, and are often best described by others as selfish, over the top, "baby-ish", stubborn, unreasonable, vindicating, or even manipulative behaviors.  The Page doesn't usually see it that way at all.


These contradictory perceptions can escalate the potential for misunderstandings and conflict and leave our Page even more starved for validation or redeeming value of some kind.  This also makes our Page more susceptible to flattery, fault seeking, and cruelty and can expose him/her to epic disappointments as well as overblown promises and lingering scores to settle.  It's also where s/he learns to play (or refuses to play) the Hanged Man card.



Part 4: Reading Between the Lines


Let's take a look at that Page of Swords, of Cups writing sample now… (shown with implied, supporting cards)


"…This method sometimes went hand in hand with manipulating perceptions (Magician/Page of Wands) of fault by artfully showing "them" his sweet skills (Temperance/Page of Cups/Page of Swords/Magician) or turning on a charming helplessness (to Queen of Cups/Page of Wands) indifferently or selfishly designed for attracting broader attention and allegiance. (4 Pents/Chariot/Emperor/World) This he unknowingly equated with accumulating immunity (Ace of Cups/6 Cups) against further rejection (Fool, reversed) -- the price to pay to be held as proof (Page of Pentacles) that he was loveable (Page of Cups/Empress) or deserving of commitment because he’d earned it. (Magician/Lover/Emperor/Ace of Pentacles/Page of Pentacles/Page of Swords/2 of Swords/Queen of Swords to Ace of Swords)…"


Notice how some of the highlighted words themselves become less clear cut, or "Sword-ish", yet still retain Sword-like properties or concepts? They also seem to hint that, naturally, this Page of Swords of Cups could be lacking, thinking, and/or pursuing measured Pentacles for his Wands in the hopes of filling his Cup (of life, love, knowledge, truth, revenge, whatever), including his perceptions about where he stands, or right and wrong, good and bad, acceptance/rejection. 


This tendency to substitute or trade off can make our Page of Swords from the Cup flavored perspective/influence quite vulnerable and volatile because this is also the place where soliloquies, last stands, first moves, or prequels to a final solution are born.  And why, contrary to outward appearances or one-dimensional assumptions, the Page of Swords often has a tremendous capacity for love and for suffering gut-wrenching, though usually silent anguish -- for it is ultimately the Cup that informs or motivates his decision.  And therefore, the Page of Swords, of Cups resolve and trust is often Fool directed, measured, impetuous, fickle, genuinely heartfelt at the time, but sometimes irrevocable or too big for his britches.



The writing segment goes on…


"…However, such crowd pleasing approval (Chariot/6 of Wands/Ace Wand) (or “bad Page” rejection thereof) (Page of Swords, reversed/8 of Cups/Hanged Man, reversed) was really only a stand in, or substitute for that first, other loss he was incapable of reconciling no matter what he did to prove how “good” he was. (2 of Cups, reversed/Hanged Man, reversed/Page of Swords/Knight of Cups/Ace of Pentacles) Yet certainly if "they" did admire or think him good and appealing, he thought secretly, (2 of Wands/Knight of Wands/Chariot/7 of Pentacles) perhaps the One who left or forced him to fend for himself (Page of Swords/Magician/King of Pentacles/Emperor/Fool) might return to vindicate and redeem (Ace/Page Swords/Justice/ Judgment) his original sacrifice. (Fool, reversed/Death, reversed/Hanged Man/King of Wands) Then all could be restored (ta da!) to the rosy, hazy "before" state. (Sun/Page of Swords/Fool/Page of Cups/Empress/10 of Cups/Ace of Cups)…"



Well, there’s more, but this is a lot to marinate in, so I’ll leave it here for now. But I hope you’re starting to get to know the Page of Swords a bit better. And by extension, how to begin to predict some of the inextricable, often sublime flavors and naturally embedded relationships contained and revealed within the tarot.


Next time however, we’ll take a brief Carnivalesque interlude to suspend the status quo and reverse some of the madness.


(My apologies for the lack of card name highlighting - on principle alone I have made the executive decision to refuse to keep trying to defeat this Drupal blog entry system, which strips away all formatting, among other bad behaviors.  So there it is.)



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