A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures -- Part 1: Getting "Jack" out of the Box

by Jo-Anne Penn-Kast May 24, 2010 06:17 PM EST
A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures -- Part 1: Getting "Jack" out of the Box
Welcome to my new and twisted series of tarot lessons!

Part 1: An Intro and Forewarning

Now while I'm certainly proud of the online tarot work I've done over the years, I often find myself in a state of frustration over the contradiction between how I actually use tarot myself, what I believe it can (and can't) do, how I hope you'll to be able to use it -- and the necessarily specific, consistent, Hierophant-like online format, or "box" I have to step in while trying to convey an "out of the box" experience. And even though we've set the highest standard and have pioneered innovative, virtually genuine, real time tarot interactivity, I'm still, by the very nature of the beast, leashed to fixed, positional -- let's, call them what they are, unfolding linear spreads.

Not that there's anything wrong with that but --

It would be my greatest pleasure and my greatest tarot success if I could communicate enough insight and information so that over time and with enough exposure and practice you all wouldn't even want my readings or interpretations. That's right -- you'd be able to do it automatically for yourselves.

In point of fact, and strangely enough, my "anytime tarot for everyday people" concept supports the ongoing evolution of a user-friendly Personal Power tarot system that would enhance confidence and enable you to fly solo, as it were.

While it might seem a contradiction to "good business sense", this has always been my dedicated goal -- to make my online tarot so accessible, genuine, and empowering that you won't require any reader to do the "heavy lifting" for you. It can be done. I'm living proof.

In fact, I'm personally at the point now where in my own life I rarely use any actual cards or spreads -- they're fully programmed and integrated into my system. And frankly, I can't seem to have a moment's peace from them -- that's something you deserve to know upfront before deciding to do tarot for yourself, or for anybody else for that matter.

Everything, I mean everything and everyone, I experience, see, touch, think about, feel, etc. is informed by, processed, or expressed internally in terms of the cards and their ever swirling, interconnected and unfolding multi-dimensional life cycling patterns.

This awareness of indivisibility  gets to be quite burdensome (10 of Wands, 9 of Swords) -- and also takes the surprise out of a lot of stuff, but that's the price for honing predictive, empathic abilities. And when this constant entourage gets to be too much, that's when I hunger for the more effortless, nearly blissfully ignorant state of simply being and not knowing better -- hence recently needing to call upon my Spring Fool for relief.

Did you know: That when we find ourselves in a rut or at a standstill it is often because in the background or subconsciously we're experiencing this confusing "entourage" phenomenon and simply don't know what our next move ought to be or which direction to take -- a case of too many potential options or "if/thens" so that a clear starting point becomes elusive and we remain stuck or afraid of taking a next step.

Tarot can help by highlighting a point of departure or by being a reference for affirming what we really want out of a considered decision or relationship, and it can aid in breaking through a fear of change. But truth be told, sometimes it's best not to look too far ahead and to just keep it simple.

Experiment for yourself: Next time you feel the chaos and frustration of uncertainty or have had enough of going nowhere fast, give yourself permission to pull the Fool card, as it were, then pick a card, listen to the first, unedited words of advice that pop into your head regarding that card, then hang on and let go as you experience a taste of your own personal power!

Next time in A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures Series Lesson 1: 78 Flavors, Endless Possibilities

Meanwhile, don't forget to check out my updated online tarot readings subscription offer under the tarot section here or the latest version of our itarot apps for iphone and the ipad over at the itunes store.

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