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Your Child's Natural Essence

by November 06, 2009 06:08 PM EST
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Okay, they're past the terrible twos -- now how’s your child going to behave? Astrology can serve as a handy guide to better understand children’s newfound quirks and behaviors as their personalities develop. While the Cancer child is likely to be a homebody, the Sag kid will want to be out exploring. True to their Sun sign, it's the Leo child who will clamor for the spotlight, while the Pisces tyke will be happiest in a dream world all their own. Read on to explore your child’s natural essence.

The Aries child is a junior dynamo, whizzing from here to there in a constant blur of activity. Pioneering by nature, this is a child who loves to explore and possesses tremendous energy. After-school activities are a must for your little one, so think Boy or Girl Scouts, or perhaps the soccer club. Sports are actually a good choice for the Aries child, as this youngster is quite competitive by nature. Impulsive as well, Aries children will be scolded by the teacher for not raising their hands before speaking -- and what a mouthful it'll be once this kid gets going. Eager to try something new, and courageous to boot, the irrepressible Aries tyke will have scuffed-up knees from climbing a tree in some death-defying feat. It's also important to let an Aries child feel a sense of independence, as these kids definitely want to feel like they're on their own. Lastly, the Aries child doesn't know the meaning of 'slow down,' so get used to some quick moves. Watching this child's sugar intake is a wise (and relaxing) idea.

The Taurus child is steady and stable, taking their time with things and not rushing about. This is a kid who will understand and appreciate process from the get-go. This youngster will also enjoy thinking about things, and will generally appear consistent in their approach. A practical mind is a large part of the make-up here: When explaining things to a Taurus child, simply saying 'This is how it is' won't do -- this child needs to understand the 'why' behind the rules, or they simply won't be able to live with them. Sound like a little more work? Perhaps, but the result is a well-adjusted kid. Another thing to keep in mind with this child is their need for affection. You can never hug the Taurus pup enough! This child is also quite domestic, and you may well have a 'Mother's Little Helper' in your midst, someone eager to mimic and learn from Mom. As the Taurus child is probably a future gourmet, expect this kid to spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen, both cooking and eating. They're stubborn as well, making it difficult to sway them once they get an idea in their head. The flip side to this characteristic, however, is patience and persistence, something that renders the Taurus child a good student and an eager reader.

The Gemini child is quick as a whip, although most of the movement here is going on upstairs. Talk about activity! This is a child who revels in doing three things at once, and is likely to do them all quite well. Suffice to say that the Gemini child is a clever sort who will always be full of surprises. Cheeky as well, this is the kid who will bring a frog into the house with a bow around its neck and present it as a 'gift' to Mom. What the Gemini child loathes is boredom, so be sure this youngster's schedule is jam-packed -- sports, book clubs, you name it. In keeping with all this activity, it's a sure bet the Gemini child will have plenty of friends. This kid will also enjoy being the class clown, making faces and telling goofy jokes for a laugh. And funny they will be, as the Gemini child is possessed of a great sense of humor. That rapid-fire mind craves stimulation as well, so be sure that this child always has plenty of good reading material. Besides reading, the Gemini child also loves to talk, make jokes and engage in sports -- and they want to do it all now. Sit back and enjoy the action!

The Cancer child is the homebody of the zodiac, a shy and sensitive sort who would rather play in their room than face the brave new world. Emotional as well, this child will cry easily if things aren't going their way or if something upsetting is going on within the family. A peaceful place is what this kid craves. Staying close to home, the Cancer child can be expected to tug on Mom's apron strings regularly. This can be a good thing, however, as this child loves to be helpful. Maternal in nature, the Cancer child is also a good candidate for looking after the younger kids in the family. These children are natural babysitters and can keep the neighborhood kids happy for hours with games and other domestic pursuits. As the Cancer child is possessed of an excellent memory, studying and test-taking will come easily to them. Occasionally be moody, it's best to give the Cancer child room when they're feeling blue. While they might at times feel sorry for themselves and even become lazy, it won't last long. Most of all, the Cancer child appreciates family, so expect this youngster to revel in family reunions and adventures.

More than anything else, the Leo child loves to be onstage. If you're looking for a lead for the school play, look no further than this precocious tyke. This is a child who is extremely creative as well, putting on their version of the 'Fireside Theater' for family and friends, and coming up with devilishly fun characters all the while. Certainly the leader of the group, the Leo child has many friends -- or are they followers? After all, there's no mistaking who's in charge here. Generous as well, the Leo child will enjoy sharing the spoils of success with their pals. The Leo child's best qualities include optimism and a sunny disposition. This kid genuinely believes that life is good and that things will go their way. The Leo child dislikes criticism, and simply won't have it. Proud, too, the Leo child will always be intent on having an audience and performing well for that group. The good show continues on to school, where this youngster will get good grades, if only to show that they're the best. Popular and a real charmer, the Leo child can be counted on for hours of fun.


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The Virgo child is an industrious sort, so you can bet a lot will get done when they're around. This is a kid who can make play look like work -- and vice versa -- so you may not be sure exactly what's going on. Worry not, though, as the Virgo child is surely content with the task at hand, whether it's straightening up the bedroom or playing chess. Scientific and methodical, the Virgo child is likely to be drawn to more involved projects such as plotting stars or planting a vegetable garden. And those plants will flourish, for Virgo is a perfectionist who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'failure.' Along with this quest for excellence comes a penchant for pickiness, so the Virgo child's best intentions may often be misinterpreted. This child wants to eat those peas; it's just that they have to be the tastiest peas around! (A nervous stomach may also be part of this child's makeup.) Forever tidy, the Virgo kid will not only have a neat room, they'll also straighten up the rest of the house and arrange things as they see fit. Could be worse, right? At the end of the day, though, what the Virgo child wants most are simple things -- vanilla ice cream, no nuts -- orderly surroundings and the pleasure of a job well done.

The Libra child is a born diplomat, a peace-loving sort who wants everyone to get along. The mediator of the playground has arrived. Along with this skill comes a certain refinement and panache, which helps this kid pull things off. The Libra child makes it awfully hard for you to argue with them, as persuasive as they are. Cooperative and even-tempered as well, you can expect this child to have plenty of friends and live in a world of harmonious relationships. Spending time with their pals is something the Libra child loves to do, as this sociable youngster prefers to play in a crowd. That said, it's individual sports that this child will prefer, so encourage their love of golf or tennis. School won't be much of a problem for the Libra child, either, and they're bound to get straight A's. The Libra child can be fickle and indecisive at times, so if this is the case, feel free to make decisions for them –- just be prepared for their tendency to see all sides of an issue. Lastly, since this youngster can be a bit unfocused, be sure to keep them on a steady track.

The Scorpio child is penetrating and intense, something which might lead other kids to misunderstand them. These youngsters aren't necessarily trying to be nosy. Rather, they just have an intense desire to know what's what. They might be a little less than subtle in their approach with their schoolmates, but at least they're candid. Motivated as they are to get to the bottom of things, once the Scorpio child gets something in their mind, that's it. Trying to sway these pups is like moving the rock of Gibraltar. Resourceful as well, the Scorpio child will do well on a fact-finding mission, whether it's looking for a good matinee or seizing the best deal on a new bike. This child's mind is also geared toward scientific and investigative pursuits, so encourage their love affair with their chemistry set. As they can be quite mysterious as well, it will be hard to tell exactly what the Scorpio child is feeling, something that may make it hard for this sprite to attract friends. This child can also be a bit jealous of others, making for some ruffled feathers at the playground. Even so, those kids who do bring the Scorpio child into their circle will grow to appreciate their passionate and all-knowing friend.

The Sagittarius child is the class clown, a happy-go-lucky kid who's sure the glass is half-full –- or possibly even spilling over. This is a child who needs room to roam and can't imagine a world without freedom. And roam the Sag will, for this kid loves to travel and explore. Expect this pup to be the first one to sign up for the class camping trip or a weekend by the sea. This energy and enthusiasm make sports a natural for the Sagittarius child. Broad-minded as well, the Sag child will have an easy time grasping diverse concepts, and is also likely to have a varied group of friends. This is also in keeping with their positive outlook, one that speaks to a world where everyone is treated equally. Yes, you can expect the Sag child to be amply fair and just, as these kids are truth-seekers from an early age. Talkative as well, their candor is the kind of thing that could get them into trouble -- especially if they start blurting out Mom's secrets! Even so, the Sag child's joy of life is likely to be what allows others to overlook these minor transgressions. Happy with life, this kid can't wait to get more.

The Capricorn child is that kid who looks and acts like an adult from an early age. The stock-market whiz of the family? Pretty much. Entrepreneurial from early on, the Cap child has a plan, and that's to be king of the hill and top of the heap. And you can bet that this plan will be mapped out in great detail. What can you expect from this Cap youngster? Well, for starters, business schemes. It's the Cap child who would set up a lemonade stand and hire "employees" to run it for them. Fear not, though; the Cap kid is fair, so those other pups helping out will be well taken care of. Cautious and responsible, the Capricorn child is not likely to attempt anything that doesn't have a good chance of succeeding. This kid will leave mountain climbing to someone else while they keep their feet firmly planted on the ground (Capricorn is an Earth sign, after all). It's the Cap child who should be the likely choice when finding someone to look after others. These kids have a way with their peers and will surely keep everyone in ship-shape. The perfectionist in the Cap child ensures that this is someone who will work hard for that allowance, too. No goofball here -- this is a serious child with big aspirations.

The Aquarius child can be expected to march to a different drummer, but then that's part of their charm. Independent and free-spirited, expect this child to do the unexpected. Fly a kite in the dead of winter? Why not? Creative as well, this is the child who will always be working with gadgets and gizmos and will be plugged into the Internet from early on. New technologies captivate the Aquarius child, so you can bet they'll be able to program that newfangled computer. It also wouldn't be beyond this kid to build a computer on their own, inventors that they are. Exceedingly intellectual, the Aquarius child should always have plenty of books around. These kids will do extremely well in school, even if their study habits seem a bit unconventional. They might write book reports between innings of a baseball game, as this may just be when their thinking is clearest. While some may find the Aquarius child a bit aloof, it's simply that they are fixed by nature and have their own way of doing things. Truth be told, this child enjoys the company of many friends. Lastly, the Aquarius child has a rebellious streak that's incompatible with stringent rules. Discipline them at your own risk!

The Pisces child will often be found living in their own world, a dreamscape of ideas, adventures and imaginary friends. Would that we all lived in such a blissful state! Yes, this is a youngster who often feels misunderstood and wonders why everyone doesn't feel (and live) as they do. For this reason, the Pisces child is likely to require more of your attention than children born under other signs. Artistic and musical by nature, the Pisces child will love to create things that make others happy. This will be doubly enjoyable for them if done in the comforting company of a parent. Compassionate as well, the Pisces child offers a good shoulder to cry on. That said, these are very emotional kids, so they may be doing a fair bit of crying of their own. It's part of their caring and sympathetic nature, a sensibility that allows them to feel others' pain deeply. A bit shy and inwardly focused, the Pisces child might be a good target for the class bully, so stay aware of their activities to be sure everything's on track. As befits the dreamy state of this sprite, the Pisces child loves to procrastinate -- don't send them to the store for a gallon of milk if you need it any time soon. A better task for this sometimes-impractical dreamer would be to let them bring beauty into the world.
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