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Your Child's Real Needs

by Kosmic Kelly July 17, 2011 02:17 AM EST
Your Child's Real Needs
“You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.”

-- Philosopher Kahlil Gibran

Managing children can be tricky as they have their own opinions, needs and wants, some of which are vastly different than yours. Realizing and honoring your child’s true needs can help minimize the amount of tension in your home. The secret to their often unspoken needs lies in the element of their zodiac sign.

Fire-Sign Kids: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
These powerhouses have high energy and need lots of physical activity. They benefit from playing sports and being active from a young age. Their approach to life is to seek and meet challenges, which gives them a competitive edge. They don’t like to lose and are totally okay with tension.

A little sparring is normal for Fire-sign kids – it’s how they develop their sense of self. While you don’t want a war zone in your home, allowing your Fire-sign child to express a little assertiveness helps them gain confidence they’ll keep for life. Help them in learning how to lead, how to deal with their peers and take care of responsibilities around the home, and you’ll find that any aggressive tendencies will settle down.

Fire-sign kids are easiest to parent if you’re an Air or Fire sign.

Earth-Sign Kids: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Earth-sign kids are typically reserved and can appear shy. They need routine and order to feel safe, so consistency, especially around daily routines, is a must. They are practical kids who like to be hands on -- they’ll learn best when you take them through a process rather than just tell them about it. Earth-sign children are tactile, so getting them involved with cooking, pets or gardening will ensure they help out and stay happy.

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These earthy kids can get attached to things, and will be particularly protective of their favorite toys and clothes, as well as younger siblings. Sharing might be tricky as, from a young age, they have a strong sense of ownership. Soothe your Earth-sign child when they’re upset through lots of cuddles and touch. These youngsters work hard and are ambitious, but can sometimes put pressure on themselves to be successful. Let them know they’re loved regardless of their achievements.

Earth-sign kids are easiest to parent if you are an Earth or Water sign.

Air-Sign Kids: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air-sign children are curious and talkative. Reading and discussion are some of their favorite past times. They love information and sharing what they know. It’s never quiet with an Air-sign child around! Keep their mind busy with puzzles and lots of social or play time with other kids. They’ll always want to know more about current topics, so be prepared with plenty of answers and thought-provoking questions. Involving them in conversations and family decisions helps them feel loved and included.

Air-sign kids are good thinkers and happily spend time contemplating and reflecting. They love being up high, and will enjoy swings and climbing. Books, strategy toys and jungle gyms help keep them occupied. Using their hands is fun for them too. Air-sign kids can be easily distracted, so helping them stay focussed is key.

Air-sign kids are easiest to parent if you are an Air or Fire sign.

Water Sign Kids: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Water-sign child is sensitive and intuitive. They easily pick up on family member’s moods and feelings without anything being said. They love cuddles and quality time with loved ones. Baths, swimming and being near the water are soothing for them. They can be creative and dreamy, and will need a fairly relaxed schedule. Being able to say how they feel -- and have others listen -- is key. Their moods can dictate their levels of motivation, so try to build flexibility into their days whenever possible.

Water-sign kids have a great imagination so creative play is important. They’ll make friends slowly, but when they do they’ll want to spend lots of time with their best buddies. They also need special time with their parents, so taking time to connect and catch up together each day will help them feel safe and loved.

Water-sign kids are easiest to parent if you are a Water or Earth sign.
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