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Your Feng Shui Advice for April 2010

by Ellen Whitehurst January 28, 2010 12:02 PM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for April 2010

Well, well, well ... you've come to eggsactly the right place to find some magical ways to wangle everlasting beauty, personal protection and a whole lot of powerful cleansing. And you can accomplish this by simply using the incredible and -- if you feel like it -- edible egg!

Let's start with how the egg can help you come out of your shell in order to show the world how absolutely gorgeous you really are.

Get yourself a half dozen eggs and hard boil them. Once they're all cooked and ready to be eaten, do whatever you want with them. You can go the saintly route and decorate them for a fun hunt, or you can bedevil them with a bit of mayonnaise, salt and paprika instead.

But before you either don your bonnet or bring your devilish dish to your neighbor's brunch, you have to look your best -- literally. So, you're going to use that same water in which you boiled those eggs, because it's now considered both magical and powerful. Let the water cool, then bathe in it for at least 20 minutes, being sure to splash some of it over your face as well. This bath is believed to bring youth, vigor, vim and -- what else -- beauty!

Now, if all that irresistible beauty gets you a stalker, then let's go ahead and crack the code of using eggs for personal protection. For this effort, you'll need to carefully poke a hole in the top of a hard-boiled egg, draining the inside before cleaning it well. Make sure the egg is completely dry before adding enough blades of fresh green grass to fill the inside. Seal it closed with either red plastic wrap or even red wax, then leave the stuffed egg anywhere inside your kitchen for either nine, 27 or 49 days. This is an ancient recipe for ridding yourself of any bad luck, unfortunate circumstances and/or unwanted events.

So now that you're looking ab fab and nothing can do you any harm, let's use some eggs to cleanse your space, in order to allow all the wonderful and new to come in. Place as many eggs as there are people living in your home in a bowl of spring water under your bed. Leave them there for one week. If they develop a foul odor before the week is up, remove and replace them with new egg(s) immediately.

Do not eat these eggs -- or even crack their shells -- while they're still inside your home. Since ancient times, eggs have been known to be highly absorbent and capable of removing any and all negativity from a space, so they must be treated with kid gloves upon their removal. Simply place them in a brown paper bag and discard them somewhere outside your home.

Now you're pretty, protected and filled with optimism, opportunity and potential! So go on now -- just try these cures. Don't be a chicken! It's time to feather your nest with the three great blessings of Feng Shui: Health, Happiness and Prosperity!


April holds a few different celebrations that signal the fresh energies associated with springtime. And one that caught my eye was the fact that April is a month that heralds the founding of the fun, frivolous and frolicking women who are members of the Red Hat Society. Talk about donning some super-stylish Easter bonnets! These women -- part of a society started by artist Sue Ellen Cooper in Fullerton, California in 1997 -- endorse wearing those red (and pink) bonnets all year long in order to represent the bond they bring.

The Red Hat Society began when Cooper, following the dictates of an old poem by an unknown author, gifted a good friend with a red fedora. An excerpt of the poem reads:

"When I am an old woman / I shall wear purple
With a red hat / That doesn't go and doesn't suit me."

With that, Cooper -- the "Exalted Queen Mother" of the organization -- founded her organization's first chapter. The Society is dedicated to offering women approaching (or who have exceeded) the milestone of 50 years of age a way to maintain their sense of humor ... and a savvy sense of style.

What Cooper may not have known when she was helping women feel so special is that, according to Feng Shui, wearing the color red is believed to garner you tons and tons of welcome attention. And wearing purple is believed to bring princely sums -- and the power of emperors as well!

Certainly Sue Ellen Cooper seems to have tapped into a collective need for women who prefer to wear their hearts on their head, rather than their sleeves. Here's to the Red Hat Society! Long may they frolic!


There's spring fever, then there are the other, unwanted kinds. If you've got the latter, let's get rid of it with some fast and easy holistic tricks that'll bring down the heat and get you back up on your feet!

But first, let's all remember that fevers, as uncomfortable as they might be, are actually a good thing. They're nature's way of finding and rapidly burning out the enemy. In fact, Matthew Kluger, one of the leading researchers of all things fever, recommends that a fever be allowed to run its course in order to shorten the duration of whatever illness you're coping with. Of course, that's only if your fever is below 103-104 degrees. If you have a fever that high, then more aggressive intervention is immediately called for!

And would you believe there are current studies showing that fevers support antibiotic therapies? It's true! Researchers at Yale University have found that people who suffer from anything contagious are far more likely to spread their germs if they are suppressing their fevers with medications.

All that said, let's look at some ways you can fan the flames of healing and health:

1 - It's long been believed that placing an ice pack -- or anything super-cold -- either under the arm or on the area around the groin will make a fever sufferer's whole body feel really cool!
2 - Soaking wool socks in buttermilk, then placing them on the feet of a fever sufferer, has been known to migrate heat down from the head to the feet. (Once you remove the socks, though, you'll have to throw them away.)
3 - Sipping diluted white grape juice throughout the day, served at room temperature, will bring your fever down.

Should you use any or all of the above points of advice when your personal thermostat is up, you should soon see your temperature going down. Your prognosis for this spring looks chillin'!


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air! Mardi Gras sparks raucous celebrations, while Easter week ushers in a solemnity befitting the events it commemorates. And everywhere we look, buds are peeking through the previously cold and wet ground, while we're all busy bringing symbols of fertility and life to our tables.

One of these powerful symbols of new life is the egg. And this is the time of year we pull out our recipe for deviled eggs, a kind of antithetical response to the sacred soaking that pervades.

Now, since April is also the month heralding a day doused in foolishness, our recipes could use a bit of tomfoolery as well!

MOCK MAYONNAISE (no fooling -- it tastes just like the real thing!)

1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of dry mustard
1/4 teaspoon of dry tarragon
1/2 teaspoon of crushed celery seeds; alternately, mince 1/4 teaspoon of fresh celery tops
1 teaspoon of frozen apple juice concentrate (as sweetener)

Mix all ingredients together in your blender or food processor, and blend until smooth. Use on or with any foods for which you'd normally use regular mayonnaise. Makes 1 1/4 cups.


Do April showers really bring May flowers? Or do they just bring bad hair days?

Either way you look at it, April can be one of the rainiest months of the year, and it can cause anyone who has to travel -- whether to the office and back, or across the pond -- to carry an umbrella. But, what will happen if you open that umbrella inside?

Well, it should be noted that bad luck has been accorded to this as far back in time as ancient Egypt, although their early attempts at fashioning umbrellas were more to thwart the effects of the blistering sun than to protect against downpours. Early Egyptian umbrellas were constructed from papyrus paper and adorned with peacock feathers and religious symbols, in order to court favor from the heavens above. In fact, their man-made attempts at shielding the sun were also a prayer or outside ceremony to honor a goddess called Nut!

Since the umbrella in Egypt was only used above the heads of nobility, rather than those of commoners, carrying -- and opening -- one was considered a sacred act. This last fact made it sacrilege to open these papyrus appendages indoors.

Not buying that Nutty explanation? Then fast forward to 18th century London, where waterproof, metal-spoked umbrellas were all the rage. Because these early prototypes often featured clumsy spring mechanics as well as rigid spokes, opening one in any small space could potentially cause serious injury to anyone hovering nearby!

If all this weren't cause for caution where the utilitarian umbrella is concerned, then consider this: There is also a superstition that says if you carry an umbrella on days it's forecast to rain, it won't. And vice versa.

So, if you plan to travel this month, and those same showers that are set to bring a bloom to May flowers are in April's weather mix, just be sure to keep your umbrella closed when indoors. If you do, you'll be sure to fly higher than the weather!


Often called the most fertile full Moon of the year, the one that rises in April is also known by Native American elder or medicine traditions as the "Wind Moon," as it's believed to blow all your remaining winter woes away. Welcome this magical full Moon on the night of the 28th, and allow it to fill your heart and home with love, laughter and light, while also letting it bestow renewal and restoration!

Plant your choice of seeds in soil during any of the three days surrounding this full Moon. Be sure to nourish and nurture these seeds according to their individual instructions. While you're tending your new plant garden, acknowledge that everything you've planted in your personal garden of intentions will now also grow and bear fruit for the rest of this season.

Planting all your seeds at this specific time will bring growth to your most dearly held dreams and desires. In addition, if you really want to ensure April benefits and blessings, go ahead and wrap three coins individually in red tissue paper, then plant them one by one in potted soil. This is sure to bring you success, prosperity and recognition! In fact, you should see positive results from your frequent gardening well before summer begins to simmer.

It's an April full Moon that can truly light up your life!
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