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Your Feng Shui Advice for March 2010

by Ellen Whitehurst December 23, 2009 03:53 PM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for March 2010

Whether March comes in like a lion and sneaks out like a little lamb -- or vice versa -- the Spring Equinox traditionally falls on the 21st day of March, marking a time that acknowledges and honors all life now blooming with new growth. Shoots of flowers begin to peak through previously frozen earth, while eggs, an ancient symbol of fertility and new life, become decorations everywhere.

You can decorate wooden eggs, or even hollow out eggshells and fill them with symbols of springtime like fresh lavender, green grass, pansies or perfume. In fact, the incredibly edible egg is the symbol most associated with the Spring Equinox, according to legend and lore. It's believed that a randy rabbit -- is there any other kind? -- so wished to please Eostre (the German goddess of spring and the dawn) that he placed beautifully decorated eggs all around the land in her honor and celebration.

The 'Red Egg Rebirth,' a Feng Shui ritual taken from the wisdom and writings of His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, expels bad luck and banishes ill Chi, replacing each with abundance, opportunity, health, happiness, prosperity and positive energies. This cure can actually symbolize a type of spiritual rebirth, similar to the energies represented by the Spring Equinox. It is said that if you enact this cure, all sadness and negativity will be purged. Try performing the following adjustment during major anniversaries throughout the year.

Get a fresh carton of eggs at the store. Be very sure to not let anyone see them once purchased. On any day between the auspicious hours of 11-1, boil the eggs; doing this on the Spring Equinox adds oomph and importance. Do this completely alone. As the eggs boil, recite the all-important, magical mantra Feng Shui calls the 'Three Secrets Reinforcement' by chanting 'om mani padme hum.'

Now, in the palm of your hand, mix any red spice (paprika works well) with an equal number of drops of dark rum to your age, plus one. (So, if I'm 29, I add 30 drops to my palm.) Blend the mixture with your middle finger. Then, roll a hard-boiled egg in the palm of your hand before placing the now-red egg on a white napkin. Rub both your palms together until they are dry as you visualize all your bad luck and fortunes now leaving you. Only the good stuff stays!

Carry the egg outdoors and crack it lightly so you can gently and gingerly peel off the shell. Be sure to keep all of the shell's pieces in a paper bag, also taking care to not drop any of them. See the egg as being higher than table height, and envision the shell as you might envision an old cocoon being shed. As it sheds, so do your bad fortunes.

Now imagine that a new, healthy, happy and prosperous shell is forming around you, returning you to your original state of wonder and grace, like that of a new baby. You are reborn.

Eat a part of the yolk or the egg white -- or if you wish, eat the entire egg. Throw some of it to the four directions, visualizing the egg feeding the 'hungry ghosts' so they will go away delighted and satisfied. Crush the rest of the eggshells and scatter them to the four directions as well, all the while imagining that you are scattering your bad luck to be transformed. Now, being very careful to not step on any of the egg shells, chant that magical mantra nine more times. Then be on your very merry way!

Good luck and great fortunes are heading to you -- eggxactly what we wanted!


Certainly you yourself can benefit from wearin' a bit 'o the green all throughout this month -- after all, March is most widely associated with the same healing characteristics of that same color. See, according to the principles of Feng Shui, colors not only affect and widely impact your environment (both the inner and the outer), but can also handle the much bigger job of manipulating your destiny as well! (Wowza -- I said a colorful mouthful there, eh?)

So now, remember that whenever you choose to wear green you are thought to be embracing and imbibing the qualities of healing, peace, prosperity and new growth. In March, during these very early days of spring, it should also be noted that green is also the color most associated and accorded to the energies surrounding renewal, rebirth and fresh beginnings. Wearing a bit o' the green this month is also believed to bring healing and balance back to the body, while quietly calming nerves and nourishing depleted Chi. (Wowza, redux.)

Want to inspire much more than just a little envy? How about some Health, Happiness and Pro$perity? I think you now know what you have to wear in order to do just that. Sport any shade of green during any day this month and hue'll be in the pink!


According to masters and yoga gurus who have handed down their expertise and secrets through the ages, there is a Master Breath associated with each of the zodiacal signs. If practiced regularly during the same time of year as when the sun travels through a specific sign, this Master Breath will bring the whole body back to health and bright balance.

There is such a breath associated with early spring and the sign of Aries, the first sun sign of the astrological zodiac. Since Aries is a sign associated with the head, neck and shoulders, this breath intends to clear and cleanse all accumulated clutter in those specific areas of the body, while bringing an overall sense of well-being and enthusiasm to all your days and nights.

Standing erect, with your heels together (very Pilates!), place your toes at an angle of 30-35 degrees. Extend your arms so they are level with your shoulders. Your palms should face upward, and your body from the waist should be thrown slightly forward. Clasp your hands tightly so your muscles are rigid; at the same time, tense the muscles of your entire body.

Now, lift your arms slowly upward until your hands meet over your head. Relax your muscles and return to your original position. Inhale as you bring your arms up; exhale as you bring them down. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions (or 8-10 minutes).

During this exercise, let your mind center on your head as your picture your breath feeding not only your brain, but also all the cells of that part of your body. Visualize this breath as spring sunshine penetrating your head and bringing an inner glow to your neck and shoulder area, before traveling down to illuminate the entire inside of your body with glowing, golden life force and essence. This will increase the circulation in those areas, helping the flow of nerve force and bringing a sense of peace, hope and health.

While you perform this exercise, you may want to repeat an affirmative statement or chant that will increase both the power and the effectiveness of this routine:

"This breathing benefits me and my entire circulatory system. The blood flows well in my brain and all throughout my head. All impurities are eliminated. The nerve force finds new vitality as obstructions are blown away. My head is clear. Every cell vibrates with youthfulness and health."

Heady stuff! Amen to that! Amen to Aries!


The Spring Equinox is a time when all new life is honored. We celebrate new growth and the whole 'clean slate' idea of getting past the old and cold of winter, while moving into a longer season of light. Foods associated with this Equinox include everything that might be aligned or associated with fertility: milk, eggs, hot cross buns, leafy green vegetables and -- finally -- honey!

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All throughout the Middle Ages, honey cakes were left in gardens during early spring to please fairy visitors, who have long been known to enjoy not only sweet things, but a hair o' the dog as well. The legend and lore associated with fairies details their love of honey in particular -- anything made with honey has always been considered a big treat in fairydom.

Honey is actually an elixir for all nature devas, and is said to be included with every dish they enjoy. Fairies are believed by those who study them to be quite active at the Spring Equinox, and are frequently out and about looking for anyone who will leave them any sort of special treat. Those in the know who leave something made with honey for fairies on this date will find their own lives filled with huge sweetness during the next few seasons of sun and light.


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup sweet white wine (such as Riesling or Sauterne)
1 large egg
2/3 cup flour
1/8 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt
2 tablespoons refined sugar
1 cup clover honey
1/8 teaspoon powdered nutmeg

Beat the wine and egg together in a small mixing bowl. In another bowl, mix the flour, cinnamon, salt and sugar. Add this mix to the egg/wine mix and blend well, then let stand for a half-hour until it becomes a batter.

Combine the clover honey and the nutmeg in yet another small bowl.

Finally, heat the oil in a skillet until hot, then drop the batter into the hot skillet one tablespoon at a time. Fry until golden brown, then drain before serving warm.

Serve with a small bowl of honey for dipping. (Or, at least leave a small bowl of honey outside with a plate of these cakes for the fairy folk!)


This month's travel advice is taken directly from a writer by the name of John George Hohman, who once upon a time wrote a book called 'Pow-Wows, Or Long Lost Friend.' Hohman lived in the early 1800s among farmers and gypsies in the northeastern part of the United States. What he found among these farmers were essentially old wives tales and gypsy remedies that dated back as far as humans have been walking the planet. And although many of his remedies would be scoffed at and deemed invalid today, the legend and lore that surrounds them have withstood the test of time. So, with allegiance and powerful effectiveness (since I've tried this travel one myself), I offer John George Hohman's own advice on traveling free of obstacles and challenges.

The following, according to Hohman, is a morning prayer to be spoken before setting out on a journey. Much like the 'Om Ah Kani Ni Kani, Ah Ghila Mandala, Manda Yeh So Har' mantra I've shared for easy and successful travel in the past, this prayer from 'Pow Wow' will save the traveler from all and any mishaps:

"I, (name of traveler), will go on a journey today; I will walk upon God's way, and walk where God himself did walk, and our dear Lord Jesus Christ and his dearest Virgin with her dear little babe with her seven rings and her true things. Oh thou, my dear Lord Jesus Christ, I am thine own, that no dog may bite me, no wolf bite me, and no murderer secretly approach me; save me, o my God, from sudden death. I am in God's hands, and there I will bind myself. In God's hands, I am by our Lord Jesus' five wounds, that any gun or other arms may not do me any more harm than the virginity of our Holy Virgin Mary was injured by the favor of her beloved Jesus."

After reciting this prayer, say three Lord's prayers, the Ave Maria and your own act of faith.

Understanding that these remedies and cures Hohman wrote about were symbolic and non-denominational, you may choose to use this prayer as your own companion or travel insurance policy -- or not. I'm just the interested messenger. But, I also understand there are powerful words and phrases passed down through the ages that I couldn't begin to understand, other than they are considered almost magical in their mystical effects. This is a one such of those.

Godspeed, good traveler! I hope this makes all your journeys easier.


I seem to be fixated on working with the color green during the month associated with all the shades of that color. From the 'Wearin O' the Green' to the first days of spring that remind us of rebirth, growth, abundance and joy, green seems to be everywhere in March. And now, it will be in a special and magical bath, too!

If you have a special opportunity or occasion for which you'd like to be especially charming, take this bath the night before to ensure that all negative energies and nerves go down the drain -- while only success, super self-confidence and a strong sense of worth remain. Here's how.

Steep in a bath a bowlful of leaves from three, four or even five of these: marigold, celery, mint, grass, nasturtium, parsley, fennel and/or watercress. When the bath water is green and the steam smells sweet, immerse yourself. Try repeating something affirmative and enthusiastic that makes you feel as green and strong as the herbs you're soaking in. Ask this special and magical bath to make you a favorite and bring you fame, while drawing recognition, reward and honor to your name. Whatever you are affirming, be sure to do it three times.

Then, as you rise out of this empowering bath, know that you are now awash in all those same virtues you have powerfully called forth. Look, it might not be easy bein' green -- but in this case, it sure will be success-full!
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