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Your Feng Shui Advice for March 2012

by Ellen Whitehurst March 01, 2012 01:00 AM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for March 2012

Ah, springtime and all its young love and yellow daffodils and feeling of rebirth in the air. And there's no better way to prepare for all this freshness than by doing a clean sweep of your own! After all, there's a very good reason why it's called "spring cleaning," you know!

Feng Shui says that springtime is the season of renewal. As such, it's the optimum time of year to assess and address your clutter, and to get rid of all that "stuff" you've been holding on to. And since we're entering an astrological period of awakening, it's truly time to undergo a clutter-cleanse that will be critical to your health, happiness and prosperity!

So, take a look at the following list to learn how you can stand to put some spring back into your steps!

1. If something no longer possesses meaning, value or positive emotion, get rid of it.
2. If it's outworn, outdated, outmoded or just plain really old, get rid of it!
3. If something makes you unhappy, uneasy or just plain sad, what are you waiting for? Get rid of it -- pronto!
4. If it's broken, replace it!
5. If it's something that could appear to be potentially embarrassing after you pass on, please get rid of it. Now.

Start your spring cleaning with these intentional actions and your very own rebirth will come quickly -- and without any labor pains at all!

Happy spring!


During the lucky month of March, of course I can't help but comment on the wearin' o' the green!

Actually, since we're on the cusp of another new spring season, any hue of green is the best color with which to welcome warmer weather and say goodbye to winter's blues and blahs. Apart from this, green apparel also projects growth, intelligence, wisdom and development, making it the perfect shade to wear when learning anything new, or even taking tests or exams.

And since it's the color of growth and development, green is also good to wear when you're feeling tired, listless or down. It will bring you right back up and put a beautiful bloom back in your cheeks!

Spring into action whenever you need a little boost -- and some big luck. After all, isn't that what the wearin' o' the green is really all about? Forget what Kermit the Frog says -- if you're a student, or just in the trenches of learning something new, it really is easy being green!


Two words: Spring break! Three more words: St. Patrick's Day! And just in time for March's party holidays, here are some handy hangover remedies handed straight down from the world of Chinese medicine.

For starters, drinking a cup of ginger tea the morning after will help quell any nausea and/or vomiting. At the very least, any sort of ginger (be it capsule or ale) will also help settle an upset stomach.

To relieve brain pain -- and eye, ear, mouth and nose pain as well! -- apply slight pressure to the fleshy part of your hands between the thumb and index fingers. If your brain pain is pounding, massage each thumb just below the knuckle to call in a quick cure. Drink plenty of tomato juice and water as well to replace lost nutrients and fluids, then try to down a banana and some milk, as this will replenish depleted magnesium.

Of course, you can try to bypass the hangover altogether by simply eating a handful of raw almonds before imbibing. It might sound nuts, but it really does work! An alternate idea is to eat cabbage before a big day or night out, or even sprinkle a bit of nutmeg into a glass of milk before any alcohol passes through your lips.

And finally, there's the sure cure for the morning after: oxygen. If you really need a rapid recovery, find a doctor, dentist or hospital that will allow you a few snorts in order to eliminate the alcohol from your system. This last remedy is the hardest to procure ... but the easiest alcohol eradicator around.

Now, how to get rid of all that green beer is an entirely different story!


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Even though we're still a few weeks away from Easter -- and all things incredible about that edible egg -- spring is on the way. So, a beautiful basil egg dish seems like just the thing to wash away the winter blahs! Besides, basil is known to bring money, something that should put a sunny-side-up smile on your face -- alongside the one these spring basil puffs will put there, of course!

Serves 4

6 egg whites, lightly beaten
1/2 cup of skim milk
1/2 cup of unbleached flour
2 teaspoons of Canola oil
2 teaspoons of salted butter
1 teaspoon of dried basil
A pinch of black pepper
4 teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese
Fresh dill to garnish

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and place baking rack in center.

2. Whisk egg whites, milk, flour, oil, basil and pepper together until just combined.

3. Place four small souffle dishes (or custard cups) in oven to heat. Remove after two minutes, add one-half teaspoon of butter to each heated cup and return to oven rack. Continue heating for another two minutes.

4. Quickly divide batter evenly among the four cups and sprinkle one teaspoon of grated cheese on top. Bake 18-20 minutes or until puffy and browned.

5. Garnish with fresh dill and enjoy!


This edition is for anyone who'll be taking time off to head somewhere sunny and warm for spring break this year. If this means piling into a car to reach the best beach, just be sure to add some auspicious -- and Feng Shui-related -- protection!

Feng Shui dictates that keeping six peacock feathers in the car's glove compartment will keep that same vehicle (and its occupants) free from any and all harm. Hanging a replica of any auspicious bird -- rooster, phoenix, peacock or magpie -- promises that same overall protection as well.

Some Feng Shui masters maintain that keeping a small statue of a laughing Buddha on your car's dashboard will enlist the aid of this invisible sacred being as an invaluable co-pilot. So, move over dashboard Jesus -- there's a new other driver in town!

And finally, any symbol or image of longevity -- bamboo, pine, cranes -- tucked away anywhere inside your car will keep your passengers safe from potentially harmful energies. Think of it as "car insurance" of the cosmic kind!


Remember "With a Little Bit of Luck" from the popular musical My Fair Lady? It goes, "With a little bit of luck / With a little bit of luck / With a little bit of luck ... you'll never work!" Well, during a month that heralds all sorts of superstitions, legends and lore about luck, I'm going to exercise some creative license (with sincere apologies to My Fair Lady songwriters Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner) and change that lyric to, "Weefuh little bit of luck ... you'll never have to work again!"

A weefuh is an ancient Chinese talisman featuring five bats in a circle, and it represents the five great sources of happiness in life: luck, wealth, longevity, health and peace. If you're hoping to enjoy some outstanding fortune and luck -- and if you never want to work again -- try placing an image of the weefuh flying out of a large, open vase positioned in the fame area of your living space. This is believed to bring happiness that knows no bounds.

And then? Just you wait. Just you wait!
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