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Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2011

by Ellen Whitehurst May 01, 2011 02:00 AM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2011

We may know it as May Day, but it's long been held that the first day of this mystical month is filled with a powerful magic all its own! Known also as Beltane and/or Walpurgisnacht, May Day is a springtime celebration dedicated to fertility, flowers and the returning of the Sun -- not necessarily in that order.

In olden times, townspeople gathered and danced around a Maypole crowned with wildflowers and multi-colored ribbons woven and plaited around the pole. As they danced, festivalgoers intertwined the ribbons while singing seasonal songs in honor of the union of the Goddess and her consort -- a joining that would eventually birth a third saving grace and entity.

Faeries are also said to be predisposed to sharing positive energy during May Day festivities. One way to gain faeries' favor is to leave a little sip of wine, as well as a small plate of some delicacy, outside overnight for their own feasting and celebrating. In fact, it's believed that if you leave a bouquet of primroses on your doorstep or threshold for fairies to enjoy on May Day night, they will in turn bless your home with joy, great fortunes and much abundance and prosperity!

Happy May Day, indeed!


Since vintage is making such a comeback in this spring's fashion shows -- especially when it comes to shoes, either with a thick heel or an ordinary pointed-toe kitten pump -- it bears reminding that whenever you buy an item that's truly vintage (ie. something previously worn by someone else), you'll need to remove what Feng Shui calls "predecessor energy" from the piece ... whether the heel stacks up or not!

The easiest way to do this is to "smoke" the item in question. Now, I'm not suggesting we return to a time when having a cigarette holder dangling from your hand was almost as important as the logo on your purse. Rather, I'm simply advising that you remove these stale energies by lighting a stick of incense and wafting it around the shoes, bag or clothes that, once upon a time, adorned someone else's curves.

You can also ring a small brass bell, or even use a singing bowl for these same efforts. For my money (and yours), however, the smoke from cedar or sage incense does a far finer job of clearing old energies than anything else.

So go forth and wear your new spring couture in good health -- and wear it free of anyone else's imprint!


May is "National Hepatitis Awareness Month," and between that and having a dear friend recently pass from this silent killer do I want to offer an alternative remedy that might aid in traditional allopathic treatments.

"Hepatitis" is a word of Latin origin that means "inflamed liver." This disease is characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ; it can be caused by certain viruses, or even excessive alcohol or drug abuse. If you take in more toxins than your liver can handle, organ cells are destroyed, liver function can decline and all those air pollutants, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, pesticides and Friday night drinks can cause liver injury.

This is why everyone should know about the marvelous -- and sometimes miraculous -- seeds of a special plant commonly called milk thistle. This herb is Mother Nature's age-old answer to living.

Milk thistle is a weed that's jam-packed with powerful pharmacological benefits for an overly stressed liver. Pliny the Elder, the famous first century Roman naturalist, recommended it, as have doctors down through the centuries; in fact, recent German research has validated milk thistle's reputation as an effective hepatic alternative medicine. This efficacy extends to the belief that milk thistle can help speed recovery in cases of hepatitis caused by virus or alcohol consumption, although studies are still in progress over how effective the herb can be in treating Hepatitis C.

Of course, always seek qualified professional treatment for any and all illnesses.

If liver issues are on your health chart, you may want to investigate adding milk thistle from dear old Mother Nature in order to take advantage of the earth's own pharmacy.


If you've read this month's empowering Feng Shui tip, you already know that May is a magical month steeped in faerie energy and lore. Following this tradition, I'm suggesting here a wonderful breakfast you might want to share with them!

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See, faeries can be your best friends and biggest allies ... if you welcome them into your home, garden or yard. Many credible sources maintain that faeries do indeed live among us in trees, plants and flowers, and especially in overgrown or wild areas. They appeal to our own child-like, frolicsome side, while also reminding us of the need to have playtime in our lives.

Naturally, faeries love the sweet and joyful things in life, so the following dish might just be the perfect tasty treat to appeal to their jubilant side!

Serves 4

12 egg yolks or 6 whole eggs
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
8 slices of thick-sliced bread, preferably French
3 tablespoons of salted butter
Brown sugar
Wild rose jam

1. Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl large enough to dip the bread slices into. Add the sugar and cinnamon, then beat lightly.

2. Heat the butter in a saute pan or skillet.

3. Remove the crust from the thick-sliced French bread, then dip the slices in the egg mix, turning to thoroughly coat each slice. Fry until browned on both sides, turning carefully and adding more butter, if necessary.

4. Transfer to a serving platter and serve with a sprinkle of brown sugar on top and generous dollops of wild rose jam.


So, last month I began looking at Feng Shui tips aimed at overcoming obstacles while traveling north -- especially if you find yourself flying some not-so-friendly skies, or if your plane, train or even automobile has other plans afoot. Some of the southbound "travel Shui" advice I'm offering this month comes from age-old text given by the Buddha Manjushuri to one of the great Indian pundits, Nagarjuna. These Buddhist masters offered myriad methods for traveling that would guarantee a reversal of any bad luck caused by commencing a journey at an inauspicious astrological time.

According to one tenet of travel Shui, you can create protection for yourself and your fellow travelers while traveling south by filling a container with water, then tossing the liquid in a southerly direction three times. If you'd like to redouble your efforts, you can invoke a specific mantra to control the elements and overcome illness or bad luck. Do this by reciting "Ma ma, come come, yeh so har" nine, 27 or, ideally, 108 times after throwing water in a southerly direction. With the recitation of these powerful words, you should find that only fortunate and lucky events occur during your journey!

In this case, it actually is about the destination, as well as how you get there: happy, whole and making the most of your time away from home. After all, you certainly don't want your travel energies heading south -- unless of course you're heading that way as well!


School's out for summer -- and in some college cases, school's out forever! Still, it's a mom's schedule (and sanity!) that suffers most from having kids hanging around the house all day. Time for a happy home kitchen blend that promises to fill the whole house with harmony, calm, peace and positive vibes!

Simply simmer some water in a small saucepan, then add a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon and six whole cloves. Allow the brew to bring an aura of tranquility and summer fun to the home.

This concoction is sure to take the edge off those last-minute rides to the rec center or beach when that other mom swore she'd be doing all the driving!
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