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Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2012

by Ellen Whitehurst May 01, 2012 02:00 AM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2012

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when the door of the yellow school bus opened to take your child to his or her first day of school? And now? College graduation!

For every parent and loved one who's getting set to help send their grad out into the real world, why not give them an energetic edge -- while at the same time offering them wings to fly? Follow the Feng Shui rituals and gifts detailed below, and watch your lucky graduate's fortunes soar!

It's long been acknowledged that if you want to bring angels and other invisible guides along through the new grad's life away from campus housing, then your soon-to-be-former student should first find a statue on campus for this fun little ritual. At some point immediately prior to their graduation ceremony, they should rub the nose (or some other part) of that statue. If they do, the fortune and luck gathered from this act will see to it that their post-academic dreams come true!

As for graduation day fashion, your young adult should wear specific colors under their cap and gown that are well-suited to entertaining advantageous energies! White, for example, is said to signify respect for the arts, while gold recognizes the tremendous value of the sciences. Brown, meanwhile, brings stability and grounding -- qualities that any new graduate can use in spades. Using all (or any combination of) these colors represents panoramic academic achievement. There's even a graduation fashion notion that suggests wearing flat shoes to symbolize a steady step into the next phase of life.

Lastly, it's a worldly idea for the graduate to place a globe in the "fame" area of their room; if possible, this globe should be lit in some way. If your globe doesn't light from the inside, simply buy a small spotlight from any home improvement store, then shine it on the globe to illuminate opportunities beckoning from every corner of the world!

In today's job market, a little energetic advantage can go a long way -- as will your grad if you embrace this excellent Feng Shui advice!


Magical traditions say that if you gather dew from plants, flowers and grass at dawn on May Day, you can then bathe your face in it and be looked upon as the fairest in the land. Even your mirror will say so!

But just in case you'd like to be perfectly sure that you're the most beautiful of all, you can always take a cue from this supermodel-making mantra, courtesy of Taoist Feng Shui:

"Om padme padmaksi padma-subhage phuh padme / Padme aksi-padme subhage phuh svaha."

It's believed that if you recite this mantra seven times over your washing water, you'll find that everyone around you will be delighted with your beautiful and blessed countenance! And if you're feeling extra-ambitious, you can recite this mantra 108 times over make-up powder for an even more effervescent effect!

Have a truly beautiful May!


Whether it's pre-wedding month jitters or anxiety over final exams, May seems rife with reasons for restlessness. One way to quell these concerns is to breathe deeply, keep a cool head ... and take an all-natural flower essence specifically designed to cure problems associated with stress-inducing emotions.

See, the use of flowers for healing purposes actually dates back to ancient times. Later, in the twentieth century, flower remedies were rediscovered by English homeopathist Dr. Edward Bach, a bacteriologist practicing in the 1920s and '30s. Bach found that the remedy for a host of mental issues could be gathered from nature, and so began his efforts to promote essential floral extracts as such.

By far the most popular of all Bach's flower essence remedies -- and certainly the easiest to obtain, as these days you can find it in nearly every grocery store -- is something called the Bach Rescue Remedy. It's simply a mixture of five individual floral essences. and when combined, they work to restore equilibrium to body, mind and spirit. Bach Rescue Remedy exerts a powerful and positive influence on emotions and attitude as it helps allay troublesome anxieties and fears.

While all those April showers may have brought May flowers, these particular May flowers provide a positive mental shift, peace and calm. And who couldn't use some of that -- any time of year?


Ah, May Day -- a sometimes-lusty celebration dedicated to fertility and the return of the sizzling sun! On this date, May 1, certain cultures celebrate by braiding multicolored ribbons and wildflowers around a maypole before frolicking around it as they weave their own ribbons and energies into the mix. This dance is said to symbolize the union of male and female -- the joining of the two to create a third.

Faeries are known to be active during this mystical mating time and can be encouraged to lend their energies to all your personal pursuits! One way to entice these fabulous little creatures is by offering them a small plate of wildflower faerie jam. Simply leave a bit of this delicious offering outside on the night of May 1, or even place some on a windowsill or ledge (leaving the window open, of course). If you do, you'll become the object of not only their gratitude, but their most fortunate blessings!

Makes four cups

2 cups of water
2 cups of pink or yellow (or both) fresh rose petals, with the white base removed from each.

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2 1/2 cups of super-fine sugar
1/3 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tablespoons of rose water (recipe found easily online)

1. In a large saucepan, bring the water to a boil, then decrease heat so it simply simmers. Add the rose petals and simmer an additional five minutes.

2. Add the sugar and orange juice, then return to a rolling boil.

3. Reduce heat once again to low; simmer for 30 minutes.

4. Gently stir until the sugar dissolves and the mix begins to thicken. Add the rose water and let stand.

5. To test for doneness, place a spoonful of the jam on a small plate and let cool. If it gels and wrinkles, it's ready.

6. Allow all jam to cool, then refrigerate in Mason jars for up to one month.


What exactly makes May such a happy month? Well, there's the opportunity to enjoy a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo, and to spread a little love on Mother's Day. And let's not forget the unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day weekend.

So whether you're hitting a local cocina, going home to make Mom's day or heading out of town on the three-day weekend near the end of the month, you'll surely want to follow some Feng Shui travel advice before hitting the road!

Firstly, and most importantly, clear all clutter from your car. After all, it's a basic Feng Shui precept that scattered stuff not only distracts, but collects negative energy. So, if you've been collecting empty coffee cups or food bags, it's time to clean it all out before you even back out of your driveway. While you're at it, vacuum the interior and give the windows a good washing!

For safety purposes, keep a clear quartz crystal somewhere in the front of the car; your best bet is to hang it from the rearview mirror using red string, yarn or thread. If you'll be taking a longer ride, it's always advisable to bring a bit of peppermint essential oil. Place a few drops on a sterilized cotton ball, then when those inevitable sleepy moments arrive, simply inhale to feel instantly refreshed.

And finally, if you can neatly stash six peacock feathers in the glove compartment of your car, you'll be keeping everyone in the vehicle safe from things that go bump in the road, while also offering a big bubble of protective energy. Feather your rolling nest with safety and security before you turn that key!

Now you're free to enjoy tons of fat fun driving all around this month!


It makes perfect sense that, on the eve of another summer in the Northern Hemisphere, May plays host to not only National Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, but also Ultraviolet Awareness Month. So, of course, you can probably predict the one word I'll use to address these good-health agendas, right?


Use sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30 if you want to do everything you can to remain skin cancer-free for the rest of your days. If you have any doubts about how likely you are to be sunburned, simply take a look at your shadow. If it's shorter than your height -- indicating the sun's arc in the sky -- take precaution, because your skin is ripe to be roasted.

Always aim to apply sunscreen a half-hour before going outside so it can sink into your skin and keep you perfectly protected. And don't forget to reapply, reapply, reapply, especially if you engage in activities (even swimming) that make you sweat. Perhaps most importantly, never use sunscreen on infants younger than six months, as its chemicals could be too harsh for baby's delicate skin. Instead, be sure to outfit little ones in proper protective-wear such as hats and long sleeves.

Now then, if you've already been overly exposed to the sun's harmful rays over the years and now boast a lovely leathery look, try the following age-old beauty mask to reverse the damage done:

First, mix two tablespoons of raw honey with two tablespoons of flour, then add enough whole milk to create a paste. Be sure the areas of your body to be addressed are clean, then smooth the paste over the affected areas. Leave the paste in place for a half-hour before you rinse off with tepid water and pat the areas dry.

Then, boil the juice of two cucumbers and bottle it before refrigerating. Twice daily, add one teaspoon of the cucumber juice to two teaspoons of tepid water, then gently dab the remedy on the affected areas. Allow your skin to air dry.

Lastly, coat the same areas with a light film of either cold-pressed olive, sweet almond or even a bit of sticky castor oil. If you use olive oil, it will absorb the quickest; it's also considered the most heart-healthy of the bunch.

I use this cure myself and love it. And I know you will, too!
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