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Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2013

by Ellen Whitehurst May 01, 2013 02:00 AM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for May 2013

In the realm of Feng Shui, the flower most associated with the month of May is the beautiful blossoming magnolia!

According to ancient wisdom, the white magnolia is considered a great symbol of purity. A single magnolia tree planted in a home's front garden is believed to attract love, happiness, and a sense of completion and contentment.

If grown in the back yard of a home, the magnolia is said to represent hidden gems and jewels, as well as the gradual accumulation of great wealth.

And since spring is always a popular season for nuptials, it's worth noting how Feng Shui masters have long believed that including magnolia blooms in a bridal bouquet will ensure a long and happy marriage!


Looking for a quick, yet time-trusted springtime beauty cure that will not only add to your overall flair, but also lighten and brighten your face? Of course you are!

Feng Shui dictates that for your countenance to be considered more glowing this month, you'll want to walk outside in the early morning hours of May Day (May 1). Once in the great outdoors, gather dew from grass, plants, and other foliage, then rub this magical elixir on your face. It's that simple!

May you now be the fairest of them all!


As we approach another Mother's Day, this Feng Shui health tip is for women who hope to become mothers, but may be experiencing some fertility issues. Feng Shui, of course, goes hand in hand with fertility, since this is a modality that's all about bringing balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Feng Shui's philosophy suggests that any woman trying to get pregnant should sleep on green sheets. After all, green is considered the most healing color in the rainbow, as well as the hue that best promotes strong regenerative organs and a healthy endocrine system.

Another helpful fertility tip is to paint the wall behind your bed a soft and light yellow, a design touch that's believed to enhance conception efforts. You can also display Feng Shui fertility symbols such as pomegranates or even small plush animals in your bedroom.

Indeed, these age-old adjustments are positively pregnant with potential!


This month's Cinco de Mayo (May 5) holiday begs us to bring a bit of spice -- and a magically delicious (and easy!) tomatillo/jicama salad -- to the table!

(Serves 4)

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Ingredients for salad:
1 cup of julienned jicama
1 cup of sliced tomatillos
8 slivers of fresh pineapple
One head of butter or Bibb lettuce

Ingredients for lime vinaigrette:
1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup of lime juice
3 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of mustard
Sea salt and pepper to taste

Arrange the salad. Combine vinaigrette ingredients in covered container; shake to blend. Pour vinaigrette over salad and enjoy!


If you'll be traveling by car during this month's Memorial Day weekend, you may benefit from a couple of Feng Shui cures that will promise to make the trip comfortable and easy!

In order to protect yourself and your fellow travelers from aggressors and accidents alike, be sure to keep six peacock feathers in the glove compartment of the car in which you'll be traveling.

And by placing a laughing Buddha on your dashboard, you'll be able to allay any unforeseen anxieties and fears associated with road-tripping.

Happy trails!


Now that May has arrived, many students will be taking their final exams. What better time to share a pair of Feng Shui cures that will help bring focus and poise to the end of the spring term?

Firstly, in the likely event you keep your notes or papers in a binder, insert pieces of red construction paper on the inside of both the front and back of it. Once you've done this, affix nine small, rounded mirrors to the two pieces of paper (again, both front and back), secure in the knowledge that Feng Shui has now got your own academic back!

This month's second cure suggests that you place a small seven- or nine-tiered pagoda in the "Knowledge" area of your home, which is found in the far corner along the same wall as the entry door. If you're unable to place a tiny statue here, simply use an image of a pagoda in its place.

Now, best of luck cruising to those easy "A"s!
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