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Your Feng Shui Advice for September 2011

by Ellen Whitehurst September 01, 2011 02:00 AM EST
Your Feng Shui Advice for September 2011

I always feel as if September is one of the most pivotal months of the year, as watching the kids head back to school signals -- for me, anyway -- a time to get back down to business. And so, each September I set about taking stock of my own Feng Shui business basics!

That particular stock is in my office Shui, and it exponentially rises whenever my interest and energies around business efforts are heightened. I shine and clear my crystal ball before placing it once again in the upper right side of my desk (upper left for men), for this empowering Shui act ensures I will be just as clear about proactively putting my intentions for success into play. This crystal ball can even predict business success when properly positioned.

I refresh (or even replace) the nine red candles I use to heat up the "fame" area of my home, always remembering to light them whenever negotiations and other opportunities arise; this way, I can add fire to an elemental area whose supportive energies are triggered by heat!

I have my fish amulet hanging in my "career" area, reminding me how it will help new and outstanding business opportunities to not only flow forth, but go swimmingly. And of course, I clear any and all chaotic clutter that may have piled up over the long summer.

And speaking of summer, hanging ten might have meant surfing between June and August ... but come September, it relates to yet another finance-oriented Shui cure for me: I hang ten faux Chinese coins on a red ribbon, string or thread, then place them directly behind me on my desk chair to bring a big boost to my bottom line!

Finally, as the yellow bus leaves again each weekday morning this month, I see only black both in my finances and front entryway, where that color symbolizes water that will create positive career energies to leave me awash in an attitude of gratitude!

So, these little lessons from the school of Shui should put you back in good stead now, as getting back to business is the order of the month!


It's back-to-school student fashionista Shui this month -- with an accent on the littlest scholars just starting out on the elementary educational path!

You see, there's a reason that so many toys and kid's room decor comes in a rainbow of bright, primary colors. Feng Shui says that those same colors offer young children all the virtues represented by the Five Elements, and when kids have Feng Shui's Five Elements supporting them, they're believed to possess a strong foundation for a successful life.

So how to dress your young ones for the school days ahead? Primary colors should be the first fashion choice for those starting primary school this fall ... unless you've got a kid with an attention deficit. Then, you'll want to dress him or her in a propensity of browns and blacks as a means to quiet and calm.

Go ahead and give the red apple to the teacher, but unless your child is hyperactive or has trouble focusing, be sure to dress him or her in fire engine red.

And then there's yellow, the color that will support every child's honor, honesty and even loyalty.

So if you follow the above advice to bring out and balance your child's Chi by dressing them in Feng Shui colors, you'll surely advance to the head of the parenting class yourself!


If it's September -- and back-to-school time -- then it must also be time for strep throat in kids, a condition caused by a specific bacteria that can cause much more serious conditions if left untreated. The trouble with sore throats in little ones is that it's difficult to tell if they're strep-related or not, so they should always be professionally checked.

Still, one rule of thumb in identifying whether your child's condition is strep throat -- or simply part of seasonal allergies or a cold -- is if there is coughing, sneezing or a runny or stuffy nose involved. If so, chances are that the sore throat is simply that, as strep usually comes complete with a sudden (and severe) sore throat, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, fever, pain while swallowing and sometimes even white or yellow spots in the back of a really red throat. Again, if any of these symptoms are keeping a sore throat company, then proper diagnosis by a doctor, as well as antibiotics, are immediate and necessary.

If, however, your child has a sore throat without a fever, then follow this next super-effective remedy for quick relief!

Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup of warm water. Have your child gargle a mouthful and spit it out before swallowing another mouthful; continue this pattern until the concoction has been used up entirely.

If you do this every four hours, it's very likely that after the first three gargles/swallows, the sore throat will be relieved. And even if you find this cure hard to swallow, simply try it -- you'll probably be singing my praises before long!


This month, we experience another change of season as the wheels of the year continue to turn 'round and 'round. In fact, the Autumn Equinox begins a season that encourages each of us to go within ourselves and spend time on personal introspection and self-evaluation.

Naturally, the notion of eating seasonally prompts us to eat foods this month that are grown underground, in order to support self-explorations taking place so resonantly. So, meditate and reflect ... then make some parsley and potato soup to soothe your reflective soul!


4 russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
Vegetable broth
1/4 stick of butter
1 red onion, coarsely chopped

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One bunch of watercress (stems only), coarsely chopped
1/3 cup of chopped parsley
1 cup of heavy whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste

1. In a large saucepan, melt half the butter over medium heat.

2. Add the chopped onion and saute, then cook until tender. Follow the same process with the watercress and parsley.

3. Add the potatoes and enough broth to cover everything.

4. Season with salt and pepper to taste, then cook for 45 minutes (or until the potatoes are soft).

5. Pour the entire mixture into a blender and puree. Return the resulting puree to the pan, then boil briskly for three minutes, stirring constantly.

6. Add the remaining butter along with heavy whipping cream, then simmer for an additional three minutes.

7. Remove soup from heat and check for consistency; if it's too thick, add more broth to thin it out.

Pour into a bowl and enjoy!


You know, when you hear or say the word "travel," it often conjures images of relaxing sojourns -- breaks from the everyday wear-and-tear of life. Alternately, "travel" can also indicate an upcoming trip for business or even educational purposes. Rarely, however, do we link "travel" with potential danger ... at least I didn't, until lately.

See, I happen to live in an area of the country where servicemen from almost every branch of the armed forces are stationed. (In fact, I'm a proud resident supporter of our local Navy Seal Team Six.) Unsurprisingly, these days when I hear of someone packing up to head out of town, it's usually with a duffle bag in tow, en route to some war-torn country far from home.

At times like this, it's especially important to invoke a powerful Feng Shui travel cure -- one that promises protection, prosperity and good fortune on the road. And although it requires a wee bit of work, the cure I'm spotlighting this month evokes the protective power of walking on a magic red carpet, a ritual that in turn imbues the traveler with positive energies as they embark on their journey!

This cure requires a piece of red cloth six feet long and three feet wide -- easily found at any fabric store. The brighter red you can find, the better!

Now, lay the cloth across the threshold of your front door just before leaving to embark on your excursion. Place three feet of the cloth inside your home, and stretch the other three feet outside.

Pick up your packed suitcase and walk out the door along the red cloth. As you walk slowly and with intent, recite the "Six True Words" mantra:

Om mani padre hum

Repeat this mantra nine times as you visualize both a safe departure and problem-free trip; while you walk, also visualize your safe return home.

If at all possible, roll up the cloth and tote it along with you on your trip. If you must leave the cloth behind, imagine at the end of your journey that you're using this same Shui travel cure to help ensure your safe, sound return!


The Autumn Equinox that officially ushers in the fall season occurs on September 23 this year, marking the commencement of another season of abundance as the time of the second harvest begins. Along with the rest of nature, our souls and spirits are now moving into the darkness before the dawn, and this time of year offers an invitation to travel down to our roots, where we find nourishment as we gather strength.

If, like me, you find it difficult to quiet the inner chatter and external noise of daily life, you might benefit greatly from this next meditative technique. Try it in a bathtub or in bed before falling off to sleep.

Recline and close your eyes while taking care to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Inhale for a slow count of four, and also exhale for a slow count of four, making a slight "whooshing" sound as you do so.

After a minute or two of this rhythmic breathing, place your left hand on the center of your chest, around the approximate location of your heart. Locate your heartbeat, then bring your conscious attention to this "master drummer" that sets both the pace and rhythm for your entire body.

After another few minutes, bring your right hand to just below your belly button and try to feel your heartbeat there as well. As you imagine yourself aligning with your master drummer's rhythm, let it help your entire self continue to decelerate.

Finally, tap the fingers of your right hand lightly on your lower belly as you bring all your awareness to this area of your body. Feel yourself relax further as you do this for about ten minutes.

This entire meditative technique is an ancient and powerful Shamanic method for quieting your entire being: body, mind and spirit.
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