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Your Moon's Psychic Power

by Kay Taylor September 12, 2009 04:08 PM EST
Your Moon's Psychic Power
There are interesting clues about your psychic power in your astrology chart. Like all other facets of who you are, your psychic potential is a combination of the entire chart as well as your consciousness -- how many lifetimes you've lived and how hard you've worked on healing and evolving yourself in this life.

However, your Moon sign tells a lot about how you are emotionally wired for psychic and intuitive development. The Moon indicates your emotional nature, how you respond subconsciously, as well as what you are drawn to for security, a sense of belonging and caring or love. Emotional response is a critical ingredient in the way you respond to subtle energies and the psychic receptors you'll use most easily.

(If you don't know your Moon sign you can find it for free by using the drop down menu on the astrology.com home page 'All About You' and choosing 'Moon Sign'). Remember there can be other planets aspecting the moon to moderate its pure influence. If what I say doesn't sound true for your Moon, maybe learning about that combination of energies would be helpful to you. You might also find the following information relevant to your sun sign characteristics. The difference is the sun represents the energies of your identity and the moon represents your emotional character.

Moon in Aries
You are a gut feel kind of intuitive. You just know inside when things feel right and whether to act or not. You might miss some of the more subtle clues because you feel things rapidly. And, you might not be right and might jump into something you wish you hadn't jumped into (usually a fire!). You're learning emotional courage and direct honesty and you'll use every lesson for your soul's growth.

Moon in Taurus
You feel slowly and steadily and want the energies to be grounded and secure. You might not trust intuitive impulses unless you feel them in your body and have tested them many times to be sure. You can benefit from physical props, like dowsing or kinesiology (muscle testing) to have more direct physical validation.

Moon in Gemini
You are emotionally fulfilled through your curious nature, new information and input. When you begin developing your psychic skills you might question each piece of information, developing inner conversations that distract you. Meditation and learning to calm the mind will help you more than anything else so that when your guides speak to you, you can hear clearly. 

Moon in Cancer
Your intuitive nature is strongly sensitive and tends to be empathic. You feel other people's feelings more clearly than your own sometimes. When you open up to your intuitive gifts you are likely to feel the emotional truths most clearly without effort. It is important that you separate all the feelings, yours and another person's, from the information coming through to you so that your intuition is crystal clear. 

Moon in Leo
Your emotional intuition is creative and expressive. You can develop through creative processes such as emotional process painting, beautiful tarot cards and guided visualization exercises. Learning to receive the information with humility and use it for the benefit of others will be beneficial.

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Moon in Virgo
Your natural inclination towards details and specifics can sometimes slow the flow of the intuitive process. When your spirit guide gives you a message, trust the words and energy you get and surrender to it rather than analyzing or becoming anxious about whether you're doing it right. Often I find my Virgoan students getting fantastic information yet doubting and questioning.

Moon in Libra
Your emotional nature is creative and your intuitive development would benefit from beautiful tarot cards where you can interpret symbols. As your mind seeks balance, often seeing the opposite or even the whole picture at once, you might hear the message and yet double check and triple check, going back and forth until you are feeling confused. Listen to the first message and trust. This simple tactic will help you deepen your intuition.

Moon in Scorpio
Your psychic skills are penetrating and deep. You get the information clearly and go deeper for more. Trust can be an issue for you too, so developing a definite relationship with one spirit guide that you know and trust implicitly will be helpful, as will shamanic practices and other well tested spiritual disciplines, especially those with a deep and powerful spiritual lineage.

Moon in Sagittarius
You've probably read lots of spiritual and self-help books and have a lot of great advice for everyone. Your challenge is to listen simply to the information coming through on an intuitive level without turning it into an encouraging and optimistic lecture to yourself or others. The simple, accurate and compassionate basic truth will be truly inspirational.

Moon in Capricorn
You're willing to work hard to achieve your goals and you're likely to stick with the intuitive training program from the beginning through the advanced levels. You'll generally want to be sure the information you're receiving is realistic and can be tested in practical situations. Sometimes I find Capricorn individuals initially feel a bit blocked, yet there is a fine intuitional talent your energy that is deep and purposeful.

Moon in Aquarius
Yours is the ultimate channeling sign, and you might find so much information and energy is coming through you from so many different characters -- spirit guides, angels, ET's -- that staying grounded with a clear message from a reliable source is the deepest challenge. I encourage you to find one spirit guide and stay with that one until your connection is deep and true and then allow yourself to be introduced to the next guide when you're ready. This helps ensure the quality and integrity of the spirits you're associating with.

Moon in Pisces
Psychic development is not usually required for the Pisces, home of the cosmos and psychic attunement. Psychic un-development is more like it! Learning how to turn the tsunami wave of information that washes through you all day long into a manageable river or stream is the challenge here. When you create boundaries and learn to ground your energies you refine your natural talent and feel less overwhelmed.

I'm offering teleclasses in October called 'Intuition and Heart' that can help you develop your natural psychic and intuitive skills as well as learn to stay more firmly centered in heart energy. Weekly teleclasses on various metaphysical, spiritual and astrological subjects soon to follow (email me or check my personal website for details!).  Yours in Spirit!Kay Taylor
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