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Your Natural Beauty -- Revealed

by May 02, 2012 08:06 PM EST
Your Natural Beauty -- Revealed
We can all agree that true beauty comes from within. Each of us possesses a unique, wonderful beauty that doesn't require concealer or powders to be noticed. By looking at your Sun sign, you can discover which of your natural qualities shine most brightly.

Aries prefers to set the trends, not follow them. You like to get things started, but you're not so keen on finishing. This short attention span holds true for you when it comes to your beauty routine. You buy every new product that comes out, and then quickly grow bored with it. Last season's discarded colors and half-used lotions pile up beneath your sink and clutter up your vanity. Although the lotions and potions you love certainly help you shine, your true beauty comes from your spontaneity and willingness to experiment. You glow with a radiant and confident energy that's its own natural blush.

Even though the symbol of Taurus is the very male bull, this Earth sign is all about potent femininity, the kind of natural, earthy beauty that changes lives and moves mountains. Taurus women radiate a simple, but powerful beauty, and it's this subtlety that is a Taurus woman's greatest charm. You probably own very few cosmetic products, but what you do own is the very best, and you stick with a tried-and-true. You adore the small, sensual pleasures of beauty -- sensual fabrics, natural, revitalizing skin creams and perfume with a woodsy, balsamic scent. You prefer your hair flowing naturally over your shoulder or a loose tendril falling across your forehead. It's through these tiny but generous gestures of understated femininity that you as a Taurus assert your beauty.

Blessed with all the wit and charm you could need to make it through life on guile alone, you don't interest yourself much with the day-to-day trappings of a beauty routine. You've got more important things on your mind -- be it world peace, spiritual fulfillment or planning the perfect vacation for your family. Your stimulating mind, expressive hands and beautiful voice demand attention. Others unfailingly watch your mouth for the next witticism, so any lip color had better have staying power for the likes of you. But your true beauty comes from your animated intellect, your zest for interaction and your flexible attitude. Be sure to calm that brilliant mind of yours with frequent, lavender-tinged baths.

You love to care for the downtrodden, and in the process, you often overlook your own needs. Your beauty routine is likely minimal, if anything. Luckily, Cancers have physical features that stand out: emotive eyes, chiseled bone structure and good proportions. Your beauty is of the librarian-letting-her-hair-down variety. You present yourself as a sensible caregiver, but underneath you're an emotional and sexual woman. When you allow yourself a decadent moment, you love to luxuriate in a bubble bath and loofah yourself into oblivion. Your beauty comes from your generosity, your sympathetic nature and your honest self-image. And when you open your arms to give the world a warm hug, you become an absolute knockout.

As a Le
o, you are confidence in a beautiful bottle, self-assuredness in concentrated form. You may seem to be a chaser of spotlights and seeker of approval, but deep down you're just a good-hearted (albeit proud) kitten. Your mane, your eyes and your shoulders are your crowning achievements, and you spare no expense caring for them. You'd walk miles and pay big for the right products, and you'd work hours to get your look just right. You're not afraid to take cosmetic risks to get your point across (is it any surprise Madonna's a Leo?), but you're not all flash. Rather, your true beauty comes from your readiness to share your gifts, your generous affection and your loyal, pure heart.


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Lurking behind your perfection is ... even more perfection! You carry yourself with such dignity, it's no wonder your fellow Virgo, Sophia Loren, still looks so amazing. You have an incredibly well-regimented beauty routine, and your natural dedication to small details keeps you looking so stunning. You pride yourself on keeping up appearances, and delight in cosmetics that withstand the test of time and trends. You are motivated to present the ideal female image, and your beauty comes from your reverence of perfection and beauty itself, as well as your pure-minded yet realistic attitude toward life.

You know that the world wants beauty, and you always deliver. Feminine but strong, charming but never coy, you have a knack for looking fabulous with minimal effort. Perhaps it's your inherently captivating quality, or maybe it's the way you yearn for harmony at all costs. Maybe it's your Libran need for companionship that influences you to always look your best. Whatever 'it' is, it imbues you with a healthful glow, a strong and luminous life force that allows you to step out without making yourself up. Libras seem blessed somehow -- you were likely an adorable baby. Since you move through life with the purpose of balance and harmony, the lack of stress shows in your ageless skin. Your beauty comes from your movie star poise, your grace and your subtly persuasive nature. You're at your most beautiful, though, when you're in love.

When it comes to beauty, you wrap your sensuality around you like a long, silken robe -- it envelopes your every move. While it seems as if you can't help but exude sexual energy, there's a softer side to you. You can be emotional, and a loyal friend. You delight in disguise and in dramatic makeovers. Hiding behind other personas stimulates you, and you shine when you can be a bit clever. The power of your beauty lies within this cunning; all of your expressions of beauty possess a hidden, deeper meaning, a subtext of desire, an ulterior motive. You are at your most beautiful when you channel your sly charm to energize those around you.

When it comes to your beauty routine, you travel light and are always ready for the next adventure. Cosmetics that don't fit in your bag get left behind; all you really need is sunscreen and lip balm to protect you from the elements, and perhaps a personalized essential oil to keep you fresh during your travels. If you do decide to pretty yourself up for the evening, call attention to your honest, intelligent eyes and your graceful gait. You move purposefully, and you're comfortable mingling in a crowd. Your beauty comes from your spontaneous, open mind, your endless ideas and thirst for adventure, and your intelligent sense of humor. You are at your most beautiful when you grab life with both hands, your spirit flush with a vibrant life force that shines through and invigorates those around you.

You've always been told that you're a hardworking go-getter, but what's often overlooked in Capricorn is the beauty beneath your diligent, conservative exterior. Doing right by your health and your body just comes naturally to you. Your common-sense approach to the everyday routine of self-maintenance is the key, and you instinctively know how to present yourself. It's not that you're necessarily conservative; rather, you're adept at weeding out fads and identifying quality. Your elegance also shows in the confident way you carry yourself. Power is essential to Capricorns, and you glow when you have it. Your beauty comes from your resourcefulness and your ambition toward high-quality living.

When it comes to beauty, you like to keep it natural and cruelty-free, but you do love a little flair here and there. Underneath the socially progressive exterior of Aquarius lurks a technology fetishist -- you have a weakness for gadgets, and you love any product touted as revolutionary or new, especially if it's all-natural. Since you bore so easily, you're always looking for the next great moisturizer, hair color or cuticle treatment. Although you have the utmost respect for yourself, you have a tendency to worry that you don't look good enough. Trust that your beauty comes from your ability to accept yourself, and make the best of the gifts you've been given. You set your own beauty standards, and this independence raises your beauty to a transcendent level.

Within each Pisces, there lies a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and fertile imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life. When it comes to physical beauty, you are unconventional, a risk-taker motivated by subconscious visions and ethereal longings. You strike out on your own in defense of your independent spirit. When you decide to pamper yourself, pedicures are definitely in order -- they're a deserved indulgence that draws attention to your beautiful feet. Light, refreshing scents keep you in a romantic mood. Your beauty comes from your open heart, your belief in the goodness of others, your sympathetic nature and the way you never shy away from saying how you feel.
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