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Your Optimum Diet: Feed Your Vitality

by Marjorie Orr April 16, 2012 08:42 PM EST
Your Optimum Diet: Feed Your Vitality
All astrological signs have varying approaches to life and different energy needs. Know yourself and your body, and your vitality will rise to its optimum level!

(Please note: Consult your doctor to confirm what's best for you.)

Always a vital sign with a super-abundance of energy, you usually radiate good health -- although oddly, your dynamic approach can be a problem if you burn down your reserves of stamina. Your diet will benefit from honey, nuts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, celery, grapefruit, parsley, salmon and cabbage. Good seasonings are basil, borage and comfrey, with elderberry or bergamot tea.

As a sensual, earthy sign, you adore the pleasures of the flesh, so your consumption of rich and sweet food is usually considerable. Borage, parsley and thyme will keep your kidneys in order; black currant tea and sage are good for your throat. Less high-cholesterol foods -- creams, dairy produce, butter, potatoes -- and more lean meat, poultry and seafood with brown rice (for vegetable protein) will help streamline your usually solid frame.

As a restless
air sign, you need to regain contact with your earthier side and calm your highly strung nervous system, which tends to soak up your vitality. Your diet needs to be balanced, with more fruits and vegetables. Seafood will keep you on a calmer track; lettuce, oranges, celery and nuts will boost your mental energy without making your body jiggle. Garlic is especially good for you.

Cancer rules the stomach, so you need to eat more sensibly than others. When emotionally stressed, you tend to comfort-eat, heading for foods that are fattening and slow you down. Aim for soothing and easily digestible foods: Watercress and watermelon are excellent, as well as fish, potatoes, moderate dairy foods, parsley, rhubarb, oats and kidney beans. Fennel, lovage and caraway are good seasonings for you.

Being a proactive fire sign, you have a tendency to over-push yourself, so eating high-octane food is a must. Aim for plenty of protein to provide fuel, some whole wheat to keep you grounded, and fresh fruit and vegetables to give you zing. Calming foods such lettuce, cucumber and melon will help lower tension. Sunflower seeds, salmon, parsley, broccoli, avocado and turkey are all high in vitamin E, which keeps your circulation flowing smoothly -- vital for Leos. Rosemary and garlic are perfect for you.

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Quite a hypochondriac and more highly strung than you let on, you know that your digestive system is your weak spot. Aim for unrefined foods -- your ideal diet for maximum energy includes brown rice, whole wheat bread, less fatty meats, salmon, tuna, sardines, and root vegetables like carrots, jacket potatoes and beetroot. Calming green or other herbal teas will make you purr, as will less caffeine. For seasoning, sage or fennel work well for you.

An air sign, you tend to live in your head and not in your body. If your life is out of balance, you seek solace in comforting -- though always elegant -- food. Your dietary weak spots are rich foods heavy on cream and potatoes. Aim instead for seafood, soybean products, Swiss cheese, lettuce and celery, with thyme, parsley or horseradish for seasoning. The kidneys are the body areas associated with Libra, so drink plenty of water to cleanse your body on a daily basis.

What can one say for the most emotionally intense sign in the zodiac? You need super-charged sustenance, but it's recommended you avoid too many highly spiced foods or stimulants like caffeine. Your ideal diet might be caviar in quantity; as a cheaper alternative, try tuna fish, salmon, lean beef, game meat, strawberries, bananas, asparagus, potatoes, watercress, celery, parsley, prunes, rhubarb and carrots -- with sage and lovage as seasonings and kelp as a vitamin.

Restless and fiery, you often don't slow down long enough to hear what your body needs. Your temptation is always to eat exotic, foreign dishes to remind you of where you would like to be ... but indulgences can be a problem. Your ideal diet requires low amounts of fat, moderate alcohol intake and liver-purifying foods, which can include poultry (especially turkey), salmon, carrots and spinach. For seasonings, rosemary, thyme, bay and borage are your best bets.

Despite your reputation as a workaholic, you can be thoroughly indulgent when temptation beckons. Your Sun sign's related body areas are the knees and teeth, so you need to avoid a high-protein diet -- too much red meat and alcohol will make your joints creak. Your diet needs to be high in calcium and digestible protein, so be sure to include milk, cheese, non-fatty meat and brown rice. Blackberries -- even elderberries -- are a good way to clear up your skin, while chamomile tea is sure to soothe.

Inhabiting your body is always tricky, since you live so much up in your head; as a result, your eating habits often leave a good deal to be desired. Your diet needs to contain seafood, cheese and tofu for energy and mental stimulation. Try lettuce, celery and watercress to soothe your nervous system. Rosemary and borage are appropriate seasonings for you, along with bergamot tea to combat insomnia.

A highly sensitive emotional sign short on practical sense at times, you can be attracted to cranky diets -- or go wild on obsessive indulgences. Try to avoid escapist eating and drinking habits, perennial weak spots for you. Liver, tuna fish, potatoes, bananas, cucumber and melon are all especially good choices, plus lots of water to flush out your system. Kelp helps you, as does elderberry or bergamot tea.
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