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Your Relationship Sign: How Do You Two Match Up?

by Kosmic Kelly January 21, 2010 06:19 PM EST
Your Relationship Sign: How Do You Two Match Up?
Everything has a moment in time when it begins -- including your relationship. This means that, just the same way you have a Sun sign, your relationship has one as well. Your relationship sign, which is determined by your anniversary date, shows the true nature of your partnership and reveals what works -- and what doesn't.

Certain relationship signs are better for long-distance love, while others are suited to a more traditional style of domestic romance. Along those same lines, some couples are built for commitment; others simply for casual flings.

Where does your relationship fit in? Instead of trying to force it to be something it's not, use the wisdom of your relationship sign to help make the most of what you and your partner have to offer one another!

Aries (March 21 - April 21)
Pros: Together, you possess a great deal of confidence, as well as a sense of purpose. You give each other pep talks and encouragement. You're an unstoppable duo once you have a goal in sight. Your sexual chemistry is strong, and plenty of energy between the two of you keeps the passion glowing.
Cons: Too much selfishness and not enough compromise disrupts your love. Avoid pushy, inconsiderate behavior.
Ideal Date: A challenging hike that works up a sweat for later! Tuesday is your best day for romance.

Taurus (April 22 - May 21)
Pros: Loyalty and commitment. Yours is a sensual and loving relationship that craves the finer side of life. Chemistry is more sensual than sexual. Indulge all your senses -- think feathers, scented oils and long massages.
Cons: Big credit card bills as you try to out-spoil one another. Stubbornness means you avoid much-needed change. A lack of flexibility can lead to separation.
Ideal Date: A day spa visit followed by a decadent meal, on a Friday. Don't forget the bubbly.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)
Pros: You're playful, flirty, mischievous and always together. Your chemistry is mental rather than physical. You have an excellent way of studying and teaching together.
Cons: Too much talk and not enough emotion. Avoid tendencies to over-analyze your relationship and individual feelings.
Ideal Date: Spend hours in a bookstore or attend a lecture on a joint interest; follow either one with a detailed debrief. Wednesday is your choice date night.

Cancer (June 22 - July 21)
Pros: Domestic bliss is your goal -- you're on an express train to setting up a home together. Kids are a must. Telling each other how deeply in love you are is your biggest turn-on.
Cons: Too much domestic planning can lead to a dead social life. A constricting connection to your past makes it difficult to plan for your future.
Ideal Date: Anything, as long as it's together. Share a home-cooked meal over which you can talk about great times to come. Monday is your perfect date night.

Leo (July 22 - August 23)
Pros: You inspire creativity and imagination in each other. You adore decadence and generosity. Lots of sex talk keeps you both feeling hot.
Cons: Too much ego can kill the romance. Share the spotlight at all times. Compromise needs to happen equally.
Ideal Date: Dine at the finest restaurant in the city before returning to your five-star hotel for a truly luxurious Sunday night.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

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Pros: Both of you are health- and money-conscious. A mutual tendency toward routine means you plan well together for the future. Strong sensual energy ensures that you take time to discover each other's favorite pleasures.
Cons: Unrealistic expectations of perfection. Obsessive-compulsive qualities could have adverse effects on the amount of time you want to spend with one another.
Ideal Date: Spend the day at your local organic food markets, or take a macrobiotic cooking class together. Wednesday is your strongest day for romance.

Libra (September 24 - October 24)
Pros: Equality and true partnership. A love of discussion ensures you always know what the other is thinking. Cheeky comments build desire; suggestive sex talk is a shared pastime. You also share a mutual interest in the arts.
Cons: Too much deliberation and not enough action.
Ideal Date: A play that explores relationship themes, or an art exhibition on the human body. Friday is your best date night.

Scorpio (October 25 - November 22)
Pros: No secrets allowed. The two of you want to know absolutely everything about one another ... and in turn, you'll share your deepest feelings. Loyalty, trust and commitment are dealmakers (or dealbreakers) -- without them, your relationship wouldn't survive. Together, you're keen to explore taboo topics and fulfill your wildest fantasies.
Cons: Obsessive or controlling behavior. Power struggles can be a problem.
Ideal Date: A weekend workshop on Tantra and eroticism. Tuesday is your best day for passion.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)
Pros: You're on a journey together on which you want to learn as much about the world -- and your places in it -- as you possibly can. Your relationship is well-suited for long-distance love or bridging a cross-cultural divide. An adventurous spirit ensures your sex life is never dull.
Cons: Too much focus on the future leaves you struggling in the present. As a couple, you seem to know everything about everything -- to the detriment of how you sometimes appear to others.
Ideal Date: A trekking holiday through a foreign land that exposes you to local spiritual practices. Thursday is your top day for romance.

Capricorn (December 23 - January 20)
Pros: Together, you'll work hard to fulfill your life goals. Commitment is important to both of you, and you achieve many things together. A mystical and sensual quality has you exploring ancient love rituals. Sexual compatibility improves as you release long-held inhibitions.
Cons: Fear can be a barrier to great love. Too strong an adherence to so-called relationship rules hinders your ability to have fun.
Ideal Date: A function held in your honor to celebrate something you've achieved together. Saturday is your best day for love.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)
Pros: Yours is a unique relationship that abides by no real rules. You each hold onto your own identity even as you form a strong partnership. Kinky sex-play keeps both of you interested and stimulated.
Cons: Excessive experimentation can leave you feeling as if nothing is normal any longer.
Ideal Date: A lecture on a complex subject, such as astrology, quantum physics or technology. Mental stimulation is a must. Saturday is your best day to tune into each other.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)
Pros: There's plenty of room to feel love for one another as you eliminate all boundaries between the two of you. Joint spiritual beliefs tie you together. You respond to each other's sexual needs intuitively.
Cons: Unpaid bills and too much weight loss as you forget about the real world. You're so swept up in each other that it's hard to keep the rest of your lives functioning as they should.
Ideal Date: A transcendental meditation workshop helps you connect in otherworldly realms. Thursday is your best day for love.
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