April 13: The moon is trine Uranus

April 13: The moon is trine Uranus

Deepest wounds coming to light


The moon is trine Uranus at 3:36 a.m.

The Capricorn moon comes into an earth trine aspect with Uranus in Taurus very early this morning, blending the stoic emotional mood with the radical, and erratic occurrences of our times. It could be an opportunity to see the material troubles of the moment, in regard to our finances, food, and security, through a logical and measured lens. Reality is tough to grapple with, and accept, but if we can stay calm and realistic, we can better manage any idealistic expectations and be more present to adapt to the changes upon us all.


The moon is square Chiron at 4:42 a.m.

The insular, grounded, contemplative lunar mood of the moment is somewhat challenged by the moon’s square aspect to Chiron in Aries very early this morning. This is a fleeting exchange between the moon and the asteroid of healing, yet could amplify an awareness around our deepest wounds coming to light. Chiron presides over the wounds that never heal, per se, but that we live with, and tend to, and may remind some of us of an ongoing inner struggle. Chiron in Aries symbolizes a wounding around confidence and personal authority, a dynamic that many of us may hide under false confidence. The moon in Capricorn tries to guard emotions and makes it difficult to show vulnerability, so a tug of war may ensue for those who are aware of this passage today.


The moon is inconjunct Venus at 8:10 am

The moon in earthy Capricorn forms an inconjunct “aspect of no aspect” today with Venus in airy Gemini. The stoic lunar mood does not mix easily with the blithe and active Venusian expression of the season. It’s a morning of perhaps feeling reluctant to open up, or to let down our guard—yet Venus in curious Gemini sets a restless undertone in relational matters for the rest of the month. Today, at least for the morning, it will feel like a bit of a puzzle to reconcile these two very different energies.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.