April 16: A day with no astrological aspects

April 16: A day with no astrological aspects

A day to pause and reflect


The last two days have been packed with eventful and momentous aspects, so it may be good news to hear that there are no major aspects today as the moon prepares to go “void of course” tomorrow, providing some time to breathe, contemplate, and digest. 


The void of course moon is a period of lunar inactivity when the moon makes no major aspects for a while until she changes signs again, and is traditionally best spent by tending to routine tasks and tying up loose ends. This lunar period of inactivity symbolizes that any new project or important action will be ineffective, and unable to take root, so our energy is better used for maintenance of whatever is already in motion, or to simply pause and recharge. 

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Our expectations are being massively reframed now, as our economy has gone on pause, and the typical productivity we feel compelled to produce isn’t actually possible right now. While we all hope to return to a normal routine sometime soon, it’s moments like this that the cosmic weather invites us to reevaluate who we are, and what we truly value in the face of the huge challenges and restructuring that is now occurring for the collective. 


Today can be an opportunity to tune deeply into the natural rhythms of nature, and the shifting face of the moon, to guide us into a new, yet ancient way of managing our energy and channeling our awareness. This period of cosmic inactivity and lunar void of course ends tomorrow just before noon, so make the most of the mental downtime for now as well as you can.

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All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.