April 25: The moon enters Gemini, and Pluto goes retrograde

April 25: The moon enters Gemini, and Pluto goes retrograde

Transformative workings



The moon enters Gemini at 12:20 a.m., and Mercury is square Pluto at 12:36 a.m.


The earthy lunar forces of the past few days shift, becoming more active and livelier as the moon moves into curious and spirited Gemini. It often can be felt as an activation of social urges, as we crave a little more connection and interaction now.


This stimulating energy may get off to a bit of an edgy start overnight, however, as the ruler of Gemini, Mercury in individualistic Aries, forms a challenging square with Pluto in practical Capricorn. This can symbolize a current felt in us personally, and collectively, that impulsive emotional tendencies in communications are bristling against the sober realities of our times. There may be a restless and anxious streak that runs through the feeling of the day as it continues.  


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The moon is trine Saturn 3:47 a.m., and Pluto goes retrograde at 11:54 a.m.


The swift Gemini moon forms a supportive sextile with Saturn in objective Aquarius a few hours later, bringing the inquisitive and chatty lunar vibes of the moment in phase with the commitments and duties of our times. It may support clear ideas, and an ability to put space between ourselves and our reactions while we tackle current problems. 


Meanwhile, chthonic Pluto in persevering Capricorn grinds to a halt, and stations retrograde from now until October 4. Running in the backdrop of our more pressing daily duties is a pause in some mysterious inner transformative workings. It could represent a retreading over the same psychological ground to be more thorough over the next few months. It could even represent setbacks and delays in certain matters that we at first thought we were making progress on. This aspect calls on us all to continue to be patient, present, and aware.



Mercury is square Jupiter at 9:31 p.m.


Speedy Mercury in primal Aries forms a sextile aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn by nightfall, stimulating conversations and problem-solving in regards to what we are trying to grow and expand in our lives at the moment. Mercury in Aries supports bold communications, and impulsive expressions, that may feel like “eureka” style realizations. These realizations are likely to be surprisingly constructive and may at first feel hard to trust having just come out of the blue, yet they could represent topics we have been pondering for a while that have finally formed as breakthroughs tonight. 


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.