April 8: The moon enters Scorpio

April 8: The moon enters Scorpio

Between a rock, and a hard place


The moon is square both Pluto at 5:17 a.m., and Jupiter at 5:50 a.m.

 Early this morning, the moon in peaceable Libra comes into a friction-causing square aspect with Pluto and Jupiter, both in stoic Capricorn. The moon represents our emotions that we are aspiring to keep balanced and equanimous at this time, but it could be these aspirations are challenged today by having to face some of the continuing realities and difficulties that are emerging. The global shifts and events of this year are causing great changes in many areas of life, which of course are impacting us all on a personal level—and today, we may be feeling the emotional toll it is taking. We could be sitting with an overwhelming feeling brought by the heavy challenges coming from all sides. It’s important to breathe deeply, and work on what we can, one step at a time.


The moon enters Scorpio at 1:17 p.m.

 The early morning emotional friction gives way to a potentially deeply pensive mood as the moon enters brooding Scorpio this afternoon. All of the ups and downs of recent events may have us retreating into our thoughts, sitting with our feelings, and looking for some privacy and solitude. The moon is said to be in its fall in Scorpio, meaning its typically nurturing and soothing energies become very fixed, solid, and somewhat murky. This placement, however, is a good opportunity to retreat from peacekeeping, and people-pleasing, to hone our intuition and focus on what is in our own shadow that we can improve and evolve.


The moon is square Saturn at 3:03 p.m., opposite Uranus at 10:09 p.m., and square Mars at 11:41 p.m.

 The late afternoon bleeds into the night with a series of challenging and potentially deeply difficult transits. The moon moves quickly, so though heavy, these aspects are fleeting. It will be important to keep this in mind as we wade into some weedy emotional territory that may try to ensnare us. All of these aspects are happening between fixed signs, so it may be difficult to find flexibility and needed compromise now.

First, the moon in Scorpio forms a hard square aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, causing some painful emotional friction as we navigate psychic and relational boundaries. Then, the moon in Scorpio forms an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, heightening somber feeling in light of sudden developments. The night ends with the moon forming another hard square, this time with confrontational Mars in Aquarius. This may signify a blow out of some kind, likely exacerbated by the tensions of the times. We are all facing tough choices, putting us between a rock, and a hard place, but we can try not to go to bed angry. We look forward to a new day, tomorrow.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.