April 9: The moon is trine Neptune

April 9: The moon is trine Neptune

Healing, trust, and meditative awareness


The moon is trine Neptune at 8:32 p.m.

 Yesterday’s extremely active cosmic weather was a lot to process, so it may be good news to hear that today’s skies are much calmer, giving us some space to reflect and digest.

Come nightfall, we have a moody and dreamy trine aspect occurring between the intuitive Scorpio moon and the illusory Neptune in Pisces. This supportive melding of emotive and empathic forces may help us drop into a sense of healing, trust, and meditative awareness. The beginning of April has been loaded with active transits, likely symbolizing momentous changes and rapid developments for us all, so today’s soulful water trine may open some powerful divinatory currents for us to tap into to gain insight and perspective. Neptune is connected to the mysterious unfolding of our universe, and the moon’s engagement here plugs us into the language of dreams and collective symbolism. Our visualizations may be very potent, and our dreamscapes may present visions emerging from our souls, that only our intuition can decode.

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The moon is inconjunct the sun at 10:32 p.m.

 Late night, an interesting inconjunct occurs between the Scorpio moon and the Aries sun. This is the aspect of “no aspect” where planets are in signs that do not relate through element, or mode, yet it can highlight the in-between spaces in our awareness. The moon/sun inconjunct between the Virgo moon and the Aries sun may have felt like more of a puzzle, but the inconjunct between the Scorpio moon and the Aries sun has one key unifying factor: both signs are ruled by Mars. Scorpio is the nocturnal home of Mars, where Aries is the diurnal, or day home of Mars, so the two luminaries are integrated by a marital relationship. Our inner contemplations may be just as potent as our outward initiative at this time, and with Mars ruling both signs from Aquarius, the energies of both placements are potentially channeled toward clear, objective action.


All the aspects mentioned are calculated in Standard Pacific Time, for greater accuracy please adjust to your own location.