Are You a Confronter or an Avoider?

When there is a conflict or problem, or your lover has acted unfairly, are you a confronter or an avoider?

You always have a refreshing directness, and you won�t hesitate to leap into a situation. You�ll speak your mind no matter the consequences. Often you can sort out misunderstandings when more timid souls might stand back -- though you can also admittedly make it worse by being too honest.

You're usually slow to react. You like to mull over difficult situations. Overall, you're grounded steady, so you often allow trivial irritations slide off your back. That said, you�ll also allow a complicated situation go on to the point where you get furious and suddenly explode like a volcano.

Words are never in short supply when you�re around, but you tend to waver when you hit an obstacle. Taking the long way around is often more attractive to you. Being an Air sign, you have a long fuse. You�ll stand back, reflect and when you do decide to speak your truth, there's no doubt as to what you mean.

Your first reaction to complicated situations is to retreat into your shell. You tend to sulk and are the champion of passive resistance. You protect your integrity, but rarely with a face-to-face argument. Like the your symbol, The Crab, you tend to move in sideways and then nip!

Your pride is easily dented, and you�ll certainly make your displeasure known if anyone criticizes you. You�re a Fixed sign, so you tend to take your time before reacting. You're also fundamentally honourable, so you'll put up the good fight on behalf of anyone who's being treated unfairly. You exert your natural authority to point out mistakes.

You have a reputation for being a critic, but you often pull back from confrontations since you�re not a warrior sign. You�re adaptable and tend to give way to others� assertiveness. But once the dam breaks and you start to voice your opinion, your sharp tongue gets to the point very quickly.

In a sticky situation, you�ll bend over backwards to see the other point of view and think through every option. You�ll worry, and often decide that it�s best to let sleeping dogs lie. But you also have a strong sense of justice and fairness, so if pushed too far, you'll pick your arguments and be coolly assertive.

You�ll simmer, brood and plot revenge -- but you�re not normally a fast reactor in tricky situations. You have a sting in your tail but you can also be manipulative rather than direct, going in sideways when least expected. You never forgive and forget, and it may be some time before you pounce but you�ll always make your displeasure known eventually.

Honest to a fault, impulsive and with an extensive vocabulary, you won�t hesitate for an instant. You will jump in recklessly sometimes to say what�s on your mind. Nothing stays unspoken for long with you around. You're adaptable, so you can be forgiving. That said, you�ve a strong sense of ideals and will always want to put wrongs right.

You normally dislike scenes since the potential for social or professional embarrassment is high. But you also dislike people acting badly or letting you down. You�re more likely to be confrontational at work since you always have your eye on your reputation. Personally, you can put up with a great deal before you�ll force yourself to speak out.

Being amazingly tolerant (most of the time) you often don�t notice when others act in a way you wouldn�t. You�ll puzzle over their behavior and can be slow to anger. But if it's something that affects your freedom you�ll be fast to react. You can also get worked up about your favorite cause and won�t hesitate to fight for what you believe in.

Your worst nightmare is having to face up directly to a difficult situation or individual. You really dislike confrontations and will turn into a shapeshifting chameleon to avoid a major disagreement. Then, creeping resentment will settle in. Getting a handle on your anger and finding the willpower to express it is a real challenge for you.

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