November 11: Mercury Conjunct Sun in Scorpio

November 11: Mercury Conjunct Sun in Scorpio

A Dapper Fellow Tips His Cap

This day represents the most profound resetting of our cycles with Mercury until the next transit of Mercury across the face of the sun in 2032. This is a new Mercury cycle on a grand scale, and whether or not chaos is apparent in the news, we have to recognize this new beginning if we’re to honor it and sanctify this new journey with auspicious humility and surrender.

Pull in the insights and information you need to begin the first leg of a long journey, and share your best gifts and words with others to bless this turning point with an experience of generosity. Give thanks for your abundance by allowing it to flow through.

Perhaps there is disappointment today, and if so, discover the trust that affirms that all that has come to you is there to strengthen you and mold you with golden hands into another form. Change shape if you need to, remember you didn’t come here to hold on to yourself.