November 12: Full Moon in Taurus

November 12: Full Moon in Taurus

The Past is in the Dust. It’s Go Time!

Yesterday, a major new beginning happened whether overtly or subtly, but somehow we’ve set off on a quest for personal, interpersonal, or esoteric insight—a journey of self-knowledge. And just as on any journey, we hope and expect to learn along the way.

The full moon means business, and hopefully calls in a less volatile, though perhaps not less emotional, frequency. Perhaps its fixed quality will see us attempting to ground things today, or perhaps pushing through with great determination in the face of the range of emotional, spiritual, and sensual experiences connected with its—thankfully—grand exaltation.

Venus in Sagittarius widens our perspectives, interpersonally or through travel and exploration, though she moves toward a square with Neptune, warning us of the extravagance of our rose-colored glasses or inability to stop once the good times are rolling…

It’s the sort of day where a great burst of energy could lead to momentum that pays dividends for weeks, or better yet, lifetimes to come.