November 14: Moon in Gemini Opposite Venus in Sagittarius

November 14: Moon in Gemini Opposite Venus in Sagittarius

Keep Pausing, Keep Breathing, and Flow

Jupiter has entered a feisty portion of his sojourn through sidereal Sagittarius, and we may see the worst aspects of fundamentalist thinking now, perhaps a shocking display of it. Many will become much too invested in their own perspectives, broadcasting their intellectual or emotional blind spots on a full and dramatic, vivid, colorful display.

We see some emotional train wreck potential today—Moon opposite Venus—so family and relationships are under water, both squaring Neptune, which leaves us a few options. Immerse ourselves in art or imagination (yep, this astrologer is writing you a note granting extra Netflix privileges), stretch your limbs outdoors in nature to keep the energy moving, or get passionate about your spiritual practice.

It’s a curious blend of the weird and the exuberant, while our feelings are still amplified by the full moon. Using whatever wind is at our backs, the focus must remain towards positive growth potential within us—not the endless consumption of whatever we’re using to fill a temporary void.