November 20: Mercury Goes Direct

November 20: Mercury Goes Direct

The Art of Seduction

At 11:11 a.m. on the west coast, Mercury turns direct and promises a breakthrough, or shift, in how we’re handling or communicating about our emotions, financial dealings, and relationships. Those who’ve felted tortured of late will hopefully find positive momentum, or at least some relief.

Other indications point at a resurgence in the ability to win others over to our cause, or to being won over by others with their own agendas. “Everyone has an element of duplicity and deception,” Alan Watts once said. We may have some mojo working for us, but will it be used to help and uplift, or to take advantage and benefit primarily ourselves? To what depths are we willing to use others for our own enjoyment and gain, or to being used by someone who covets us?

Whatever you do, get your work done this week, so you can enjoy the warmth of company, art, travel, and pleasure this weekend. For now, simmer in truth and prepare for rebirth.