November 22: Sun Enters Sagittarius

November 22: Sun Enters Sagittarius

The Spirit of Love

Venus and Jupiter are nearing one another in Sagittarius in both zodiacs (tropical & sidereal), joined today by the sun as the spotlight shifts from the depths of Scorpio to the fire of the archer, philosopher, and seeker of truth. Passion and the search for joy are peaking together, with Uranus lighting up Mars’ electrical circuits, and Venus offering a gift of tenderness or adventure back to the generous.

It’s an ideal time to enjoy some R&R, sports and competitions, bold teachings, and real adventures. For many, the holiday spirit will arrive, and with a pleasant reminder of the real reason for the season. The daily paradox seems to be the great positivity, along with a powerful opportunity for some kind of loving sacrifice. The kind of day that might earn some folks another feather in their angel wings.

The promise of love, joy, and happiness is a reward unto itself. And with the right alignment to one’s true self, maybe even more than a promise.