November 26: New Moon in Sagittarius

November 26: New Moon in Sagittarius

Let’s Get Professional

We’re all in Venus school, and today we learn something about love. Unconditional love, unattached love, experiences that create the possibility of liberating freedom.

The new moon in Sagittarius seeds us with a moment of cardinal, initiatory power for the goddess of love as she commits to getting the job done in tropical Capricorn. Whether it’s work or relationships, putting in extra time and energy seems a productive way to pass the time, and this will be a positive theme for the next couple of weeks.

The opposition of Mars and Uranus will also be echoing, lighting up the dark places and forcing powerful karmas to unfold and transform. A range of experiences around love is highlighted now, and some of it with dignity and positive expression for Venus matters, though whatever begins now will have to pass through trials over the coming weeks as Venus transits the rougher planets currently inhabiting Capricorn and we continue to watch our fantasies go up in flames.