November 28: Moon Conjunct Venus in Capricorn

November 28: Moon Conjunct Venus in Capricorn

Thanksgiving and the Very, Very Thankful Day

On a tremendously Jupiterian Jupiter day, we multiply all that is good in our worlds with the generosity of spirit dropped in a cocktail of gratitude and ginger ale. The scientific evidence for the benefits of gratitude is remarkable, also a useful habit to slowly replace older ones. Many have acquired habits of frustration and stress because of exposure to negative individuals, but this looks to be a glorious day for appreciating ourselves and others, even as some restless underlies it all.

The winter of Jupiter in tropical Capricorn is coming, and we’ll soon find some of Jupiter’s most nourishing aspects less available, while teaching us the humility of finding our way while discovering the strength to take care of business.

Over the first half of the day, the moon moves deftly from Jupiter in the final degree of Sagittarius to Venus in Capricorn, in trine to Uranus. Something powerfully uplifting is carried toward our new direction, where we welcome support and work hard to attain freedom.