November 29: Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

November 29: Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Eat, Drink, and Be Feeling

The emphasized Jupiter in Sagittarius contrasts with the moon’s transit over Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but the day should provide enough stability to act as a container for our complicated emotional process. A recurring theme in 2019: facing the truth while making the big changes, and now ample opportunity is provided to see where our fears and walls have gone too far and caused us harm.

This could also appear as a triumphant bit of focus to allow us to take care of matters at home, making sure our physical lives are in order.

Attuned to a higher octave, this is a day for amplifying abundance, bringing light, and healing ourselves and others with healthy food and self-care. Perhaps we’re looking for the balance between our deeper inner work and our opportunities for fun or expansion, so let’s remind ourselves that the inner work comes first, getting right with ourselves and others creates the white canvas upon which we paint a new tomorrow.