I Need a Hero

I Need a Hero

The astrology of November 4, 2019.

Today represents the beginning of a dramatic turnaround, even as some intense problems are now coming to a head (Mars square Pluto). The recent astrology has been bringing intense emotional matters to light and testing us around how we are communicating and dealing with those heavy forces.

Jupiter enters sidereal Sagittarius today, joining Saturn and Ketu (the south node), and this is the first time we’ve seen Jupiter and Saturn in the same Vedic sign since the early aughts! Late March of 2019 began the journey of Saturn with Ketu in sidereal Sagittarius, highlighting our need for a greater spiritual perspective to help us navigate through our intense lessons and major life changes.

Now we may feel the hand of grace, or some benevolent help, which gives us an inkling of a brighter future. Quietly tune in and ask your higher self where all of this is headed. Open your intuition and remember the message that comes to you now. It could be your ticket out of this mess.