November 6: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

November 6: Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Meeting Dionysus, Day 2

With the moon in Pisces hanging around Neptune, the watery grand trine slips and slides into all sorts of fun or mischief. Imaginations and intuitions are ripe, even though our thinking isn’t clear and grounded. Both compassion and passion are potentially full blast, but so is deception and escapism.

Escapism is, of course, a vital function, and the fantasy of books, movies, and games are healthy ways to de-stress. But just as Jupiter is encouraging us to let loose, Saturn is also promising a damper or limit to our flights of fancy. His sextile to Neptune perfects in two days, right on the heels of whatever excess or emotion we may be indulging in now.

Be careful, that bill comes due very quickly—by this Thursday or Friday! Maybe it’s the inhalation of Bacchanalian joy before the exhalation of cleaning up the aftermath, but it may also be a flood of emotion that could lead to regrets… or finding the magic hidden in plain sight.