Breaking Up by Text Message... by the Signs

Breaking up is never easy, but, let�s face it, sometimes it is much easier to do by text message. Also, instead of messy emotional confrontations, you can turn off the person you are trying to ditch through the careful balance of avoidance and carefully worded texts. Here are some hints for unhitching yourself from that certain Sun sign in 140 characters or less.

Aries is a highly independent sign. While Leos often get a bad rap, it is the Aries that truly demands to be the center of attention. If you want to ditch an Aries, you don�t even need to send a text message, just ignore them, or let them know that you put your needs first. Aries are also impatient, and often expect those around them to jump when they say jump, but they don't like people crowding them. Reply to their texts late and talk about yourself without mentioning them, and you will soon be free.

Sorry didn�t get back to u about lunch 3 days ago. So busy! Boss really happy w/ my work & millions of friends to see : ) Text me ASAP!

Taurus hates high-maintenance. While there are some glamorous Taurus' out there, a la George Clooney, they tend towards pragmatic, conservative sophistication. They rarely shell out for trendy gaudiness. If you want to cut the Bull, be spontaneous, frivolous and flashy.

When r u taking me 2 [email protected] new restaurant by realityTV chef, expensive$$$ & the place 2 be seen! Fun 2splurge w/o thinking of budget: )

Geminis are a cerebral bunch and extremely uncomfortable in the realm of emotions. They are also sarcastic, independent and fun-loving. This sign already has to spend a lifetime as a Twin, and can�t deal with another co-dependent. If all you are offering is a pity-party, remember that the Gem isn�t one to dwell on things, including you.

Feeling so sad today : ( Can u meet 2 talk&explore my emotions? Bring the Kleenex. Can�t get over how my mom used 2 call me fat. Need u!!!

Cancers are super emotional. This sign is the poster-child of couple-bubble neediness. They love cozy, romantic dinners and walks on the beach -- and any other Crab on the horizon is a threat that leads to pangs of jealousy. This sign most prefers entertaining at home with a core group of friends, or, better yet, just the two of you. Talk up group activities out on the town with a constant stream of new faces and watch the Crab scurry off sideways.

Going out w/ friends from school 2nite. happyhour w/ workmates 2morrow�c u nite after? Lets go clubbing w/cool people I met @ coffee bar!!!

Leos love glamour, so the easiest way to distance yourself from a Lion is to create a perfect storm of references to mundane activities and casual sportswear. No need for a messy break-up text, the following will have them running for the hills.

Just bought new #Birkenstocks � super comfy : ) Want 2 go shopping @Home Depot this Sat? Then maybe a burger at local diner � dutch treat?

Virgos are above all else a cleanly sign and one that is fairly frugal and health conscious, so be a calorie-unconscious slob. If they feel they need to wear a hazmat suit just to hang out and chill at your place, they are sure to turn their attention elsewhere.

Haven�t cleaned house in 2 wks!!! Think mold is growing in sink, 2 afraid 2 look, lol!!! Want 2 come over? Will order pizza w/ everything!!!

Libras love to talk and be out on the town surrounded by witty people and bright lights. Silence and sedentariness drives them mad. Ruled by Venus, aesthetics, fashion and art are also important. If you want to ditch a Libra, choose solitary activities or gritty environments.

Up 4 some camping this weekend? No need 4 a cabin, just u, me and a tent! May rain, so be ready 4 some invigorating hikes in the mud : )

This is the sign of the stalker. If a Scorpio is into you, it is extremely difficult to shake them, in part due to their masochistic tendencies. The mantra for ridding yourself of a scorpion is: The opposite of love is not hate, it�s indifference. Only by being completely devoid of any type of emotional passion will the Scorpio feel unfulfilled and move on. This penny-pinching sign loves to brood and loves claustrophobic co-dependence. So be superficial and social. Never show fear to a Scorpio, instead if you make them feel foolish, they will slither off.

Out w/ friends, spending mega $$$ & laughing, ha ha ha!!! Why r u texting me 20x a day? Cray cray!!! everyone says so! U so intense, lol!

Sagittarius is pretty much up for anything. They're also pretty laid back and tolerant, so it can take a lot to turn them off. Sags often love new experiences and new people, including new lovers, so they are one of the signs that are harder to hold onto than get rid of. If a Sag is more into you than you are to them, it can be hard to get rid of them because they put up with anything, and give more than they get. While Sags shrug off things personally, they will stand up for others, and hate phonies. Try to stir things up by asking them to tell lies and do your dirty work, as they are irredeemably honest. It may take a few text messages like to following to work the trick, but with patience and time, they should soon be off to sunnier, less negative, pastures.

Can u call Celine & tell her she cant go to yr bday party? She is my BFF but its just so much nicer w/o her around. Make up some excuse xoxo

This sign loves premium, high-end elegance. Extremely conservative and traditional, they seek out top-dollar, branded goods -- and significant others -- who confer status and an elevated social position. To ditch a Capricorn, be edgy and downtown. Don�t care what others think. Hate the status quo and all it represents. Make them embarrassed to be seen with you.

Checkout punk band [email protected] club? Will wear kewl new outfit: undiscovered designer on etsy�makes clothes in her house w/ found trash

Aquarians are a pretty detached bunch, it is harder to get them to stick than get rid of them, as they tend to float off on their own accord. They really love freedom, so the worst thing you can do is henpeck them. They are also extremely unreliable, so use this flaw against them. Barrage them with text messages and hold them accountable for missing appointments; they will be sure to never bother you again.

Why do u never call? Been texting u every hour all day & no response. Where r u? Flaking out again? U ditched me Sat, the same 2nite? Call me!!!

Pisces is an extremely emotional sign, and operates on a level of pure feeling more than any other sign of the zodiac. They breathe connectivity and need to be whisked away into romance. They need to feel a relationship transports them to a realm of higher meaning. If you concentrate on the nitty gritties of the duties of relationships, it will forever kill the spark for the Pisces.

Do we have a future 2gether? Less $$$ on dates Need 2 create budget. If we lived 2gether who would clean+who takes out garbage?Need 2 ta
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