December 1: Jupiter at 29 degrees Sagittarius

December 1: Jupiter at 29 degrees Sagittarius


Jupiter enjoys his final day in tropical Sagittarius, the eve of a profound shift in our human cosmos. Meanwhile, critical relationships are enduring a rite of release, whether transforming profoundly or coming under the microscope.

In some powerful respect, this is our last day to pull from the inspirational potential of Jupiter in Sagittarius, or celebrate a certain kind of freedom. If there are critical moves or conversations to be had in business or relationships, consider making them now while the urge to do the right thing is at a pinnacle. When Jupiter goes into Capricorn, moral and ethical shortcuts and omissions may begin to look more appealing.

Be grateful for opportunities to empower yourself and combine your strength and sensitivity, but keep the focus on internal development. Eclipse season is quietly here, with the upcoming solar eclipse on Christmas day, so be wary of fool’s gold for at least another month and remain very cautious about any new situations or opportunities arising in December.