December 15: Moon in Leo trine Mercury in Sagittarius

December 15: Moon in Leo trine Mercury in Sagittarius


It’s a beautiful day to write or create something that’s yearning for release from your wind-swept soul, so utilize the trine between the moon in Leo and Mercury in Sagittarius that peaks shortly after noon on the west coast to fully express this creative potential in the first half of the day. As Jupiter and Uranus perfect their harmonious angle, brilliant or stark truths demand expression, especially when they challenge conventional thinking or can lead to a more productive environment and mentality.

In sidereal or Vedic astrology, Venus enters Capricorn today and becomes connected to Mars in sidereal Libra, showing a shift toward both passion and conflict in relationships. As the heat rises and energy wants to flow toward all sorts of human relationships, including business contacts, we can be mindful that it is only through a profound release and letting go of the past, along with the emotional work required, that we can enjoy all of the fun and promise of our new connections and opportunities.

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