December 20: Venus enters Aquarius

December 20: Venus enters Aquarius


This wacky week takes a lightning-like turn as Venus enters Aquarius and begins to feel the grind of her square to Uranus in Taurus. It’s an escape valve releasing pressure, as long as we allow ourselves the freedom to mix things up, widen our social circles, or even walk away from situations that no longer support our growth and development.

However, this looks like a complicated affair, much murkier than we’d normally expect from such an aspect, so themes of freedom and bondage clash, and we may see this play out in relationships of unequal interest—at least temporarily. Perhaps it’s a moment of choice, or a mere challenge: where is the balance between surrender and individuation?

The upcoming eclipse (December 25) energy has everyone on edge with some drama or worry, so every opportunity to rise above lower frequencies is a precious gift. Today, we have a powerful window of opportunity to raise our heart vibrations up to more universal frequencies to connect with others through a friendly heart.